Ticket prices. This is not for you (the fans).



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    GC31608GC31608 GA Posts: 228

    Some vindication for those rightfully complaining ticket prices are extreme,
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    kaw753kaw753 Posts: 767
    Zod said:
    Yah.. and they're older so you can't really blame them for trying to earn more while working less.   I think many of us would do that.  Plus they've hit the age where I'm hoping to retire at one day, so I can't really be upset their working into years where I might not be :)
    They could semi-retire with a yearly residency in Seattle, NYC, and LA and barely miss sleeping in their own beds while still doing 20 shows per year and selling tons of merch. Especially since they have 100+ songs in the live catalog and won't be playing the same 20 songs every night like some of the bands out there.
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