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  • gobr0309
    Hey JeBurkhardt, I saw your message about getting tickets through the lottery and also being accepted for the verified fan sale tomorrow and was just curious if you were planning to use the code to get more tickets if possible? I'm sure you have gotten plenty of messages asking the same thing and I'm not even sure if someone other than the TM account holder can use the verified code but if you don't plan on using it and don't have other people who are interested in it I would love a chance to try for a ticket. I struck out on all the lotteries and verified fan from TM and thought I might be able to get one during the public sale but appears there isn't a public sale for any of the EV shows and only verified fans get a chance. Congrats on getting the lottery ticket and enjoy the show. Should be a great one
    December 2021
    • JeBurkhardt
      The email and text I got said that the code was only good if you are logged into the account it was sent for. If it was just a generic code that anyone could have used I would have offered it to someone on here for sure.