• Kyle Crossman
    I have an extra if you are still looking. And some advice on parking. Hit me up 4155178771.
    May 25
  • e360727
    Got it!!!  I was in section 118 (great) but row 16 and thus I thought the 2nd row floor would be a nice change (I was in 118 row 9 last night).  
    Hope you’re still attending 
    Thanks again.  
    May 5
  • e360727
    so sorry. Had to get in car for a while. I’m ready if you are.  
    May 5
  • e360727
    2:16pm Vancouver time. I would be interested in your single 2nd row floor if no one has gotten it yet.  My name is John. 
    May 5
    there is a la tick availe section 1
    April 23