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Pearl Jam Headline Two Nights at BST Hyde Park 2021



  • whitepantswhitepants Posts: 651
    The Pfizer vaccine is making attending this concert in July a lot more probable now. I'm relieved. 
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  • BlueLedbetterBlueLedbetter Posts: 590
    edited November 11
    I'd say more possible than probable. Still a way to go before its all approved and rolled out. 

    Hopefully its done in time for the tour but its not certain 
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  • I still  cant see it. The uk only bought 40 mill vaccine doses thats 2 needed per person so 65 mill population  only 20 mil vaccinated and that takes 28 days from 1st dose until 2nd and immune.  Its not gonna be safe until way past june/july . Just my thoughts  on it though.
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