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  • marumaruko
    Hey man! Great to hear you also enjoy Keep me in your heart. Did you hear the mastered version on the bootleg, too? It's fantastic 
    May 22
    • lastexitlondon
      No I didn't. It's very moving song. Especially when you lost someone
  • Kara3000
    Hey! Debbie Strozier said you wanted some bracelets?

    I'm based in the UK :)
    May 2
  • PJ Freak
    Hi there buddy, you wouldn't happen to have a link to the audio of the Stern show please, I would be really grateful 🙏 thanks 
    April 22
    • mcksexton00
      I heard it was on some app.. maybe look for stern app. I'll let you know. Thanks for reaching out! If needed I can email you my phone recording . :)