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  • zoasheim16
    Good morning Paul and best wishes to both you and your family. I know this last year or so has been tuff on a lot of families. I truly appreciate you reaching out and hooking me up with your friend Jon on my behalf. I’ve been tracking this print for sometime now and realized I haven’t been on the forum for sometime know soon I thought I’d give it a shot. I was able to track a Blackie a little over a year ago, however it wasn’t signed or numbered. I brought it to a friend of mine that has one and he assured me it was authentic, but I was still skeptical since they were all supposed to be signed and numbered. So I ended up trading it to a close friend of mine and I’ve been on the hunt ever since for a s/n copy. I also live in California, Los Angeles to be exact. If you don’t mind me asking what part of the state does your friend Jon live? My email is [email protected] or if your friend is comfortable my personal number is 6612891853, you can reach me on Facebook too Zach Oasheim if you want any collector references. Thanks again and please stay in touch and I can compensate you for your help. 
    Best Wishes 
    Zach Oasheim 
    March 19
  • zoasheim16
    Hey I appreciate you looking into seeing if your friend wouldn’t mind letting his go. I’d definitely compensate you for the assist. Cheers 
    March 18