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Wildlife Around Your Home (post pics if you've got 'em!)



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    brianlux said:

    this guy was in my apartment a few years ago.

    had one of a garter snake but can't find it anywhere
    Awesome!  Bats are so cool!  We've had a few in the shed at times.

    Love that frog.  Out cat Annie was desperately trying to get to something behind a bookshelf the other night.  I just figured it was another crane fly (which she sometimes eats!).  Turns out it was a little frog.  Thankfully I caught it and took it outside before she could mangle it.  This (and the fact the we have the occasional fox, coyote and racoon around here) is exactly why she is an indoor cat.  Other wise she would be a serial killer (birds, rabbits, lizards, frogs, etc) or victim to the fox, coyote or racoon.  She has a real kill or be killed nature... except with humans, and then she is sweet as can be!
    cool, where do you live again? 
    had another bat in my apartment.  Came home late last night and two things were knocked over on a really high shelf.  Thought it might have been my cat bit there was no way she could have gotten up there.  Went to bed and woke up around 5 for some reason and saw a bat flying around my apartment (which isn't too big by the way).  first thing i did was put my cat in the other room so she wouldn't be in the way.  then i opened up the door that leads into the building hallway and my porch door hoping it would fly out but no just kept on flying on circles pretty much.  Tried "shooing" it away with a box and accidentally hit twice.  second time i hit it, it fell on my chair.  i just grabbed some magazines and picked it up with them and tossed it out the porch door.  It wasn't injured, It flew away so glad i didn't hurt it too bad.
    and again this morning. That's like 4th or 5th bat i've had in apartment in the past 10 or so years. Cat woke me up around 5:30 or so and saw her staring at something. Then i heard flapping above my head and saw the bat. Opened up the door to the hallway of my apartment complex and also the screen door to my porch hoping it would fly out and it did after about 5 minutes or so. Sorry no pics. Do have video which i posted on facebook.
    Well another bat was in my apartment the past two nights. Thought it escaped the one night cause I didn’t see it. Woke up in the middle of the night and saw it flying around the room again. Opened up the hallway and back porch screen door and it flew out in the hallway. Came back from work today and he was sleeping upside down by my upstairs neighbors door. Maintenance came down and got him with a net and set him free.

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