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  • NiktoNikto Melbourne, Australia Posts: 132
    Yep, $60 to ship to Australia.

    So to buy the exclusive red/black galaxy from the Ten Cub and ship it to Australia is US$111.

    To buy the non exclusive version locally in Australia is is approx US$69

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  • brianjonesbrianjones Posts: 234
    What’s the point in paying membership fees if they charge you Ticketmaster prices for shipping club exclusives ?

    never complained once about their top tier shipping fees…. But this one is abusive. 

    I know we have the right to buy it or not. And it’s not gonna put anyone on the streets; but coming from these guys it’s disappointing.   

    What’s next. A punch of cash grab packages for your tickets while those old boomer bands. 

    Come on Pearlam
  • Spiritual_ChaosSpiritual_Chaos Posts: 28,915
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    pdalowsky said:
    They’ve had some time to comment and to adjust
    I expect its still night time there 

    (I switched it around in my head. We got the single in the morning, so ofc we are ahead here)

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  • JeBurkhardtJeBurkhardt Posts: 4,479
    Amantria said:
    For $27.60 I expect overnight delivery at minimum.  This is regular shipping... 

    I put the 10c variant in my cart and happily pressed checkout.  Shocked that an already expensive $45 album costs more than 50% more to ship.   I can't pay this.   I'm willing to spend the $45 and a REASONABLE amount for shipping but this is excessive.   
    It is not even regular shipping, it is Mail Innovations, which means that the estimated delivery date is when UPS estimates it will deliver it to the USPS. After that it still takes a few days to a week to make it to me. They could send records USPS Media Mail and it would get there just as quickly or faster for much less.  
  • andyfarrimondandyfarrimond Posts: 1,957
    This is the cost for me (on the East Coast of the US) to ship a 2lb record mailer to Seattle.  There is no way that 10c are paying full retail cost for UPS Ground.  There is either an error or deliberate overcharging.

  • bazfromozbazfromoz Posts: 181
    $105 AUD for a single LP. Almost $70 USD. have mercy 
  • sheri zonasheri zona Makai Side Posts: 356
    This is super disappointing. I cant bring myself to pay $75 for a record. PJ has lost its way.
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  • kineticjamkineticjam Posts: 154
    Yeah, would love to get that 10 Club variant, but I refuse to pay these prices.  The shipping is ridiculous.  I'll just grab it on release day at my local record store.  At least I know I will get it on release day.
  • PJamminPJammin Posts: 568
    $28 to ship a record via Mail Innovations is straight up robbery. Absolutely no plausible explanation to justify that cost. None whatsoever. 
  • So excited about the new album, but these shipping prices are outrageous, egregious and preposterous!
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  • Fucking ridiculous. Will buy locally.
  • JR271857JR271857 Posts: 10
    I'm only getting an option for $61 shipping to VA - crazy!
  • drandodrando Posts: 65
    The shipping prices have to be an error.  I ordered it already.  I would think they will cancel all orders and have us re-order or adjust and refund the overage.
  • KK67764KK67764 Posts: 36
    I wonder if I can cancel my order.  Did not notice shipping until after I pressed order.  I wouldn't have thought to worry about that price....   Not acceptable
  • GS4566GS4566 Posts: 53
    For the first time, I passed.  Song sounds great, vinyl looks sweet, but not paying that kind of shipping.  Hoping it's an error.
  • JojoRiceJojoRice Kennesaw, GA Posts: 3,896
    Ya I'm sure Santos will fix it and let us know. I'm not worried. 
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  • on2legson2legs Standing in the Jersey rain… Posts: 14,413
    KK67764 said:
    I wonder if I can cancel my order.  Did not notice shipping until after I pressed order.  I wouldn't have thought to worry about that price....   Not acceptable
    You can definitely cancel.  Just send them an email with your order number. 
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  • pjl44pjl44 Posts: 8,020
    The lesson here I guess is launch the shop during business hours?
  • pjl44pjl44 Posts: 8,020
    As someone who gets regularly soaped by over promising software companies I can empathize with the possibility of PJ, inc. getting soaped by a software company 
  • PJamminPJammin Posts: 568
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    Go ahead and toss another vinyl in your cart. Shipping goes from $28 to $48. They hit you for another $20 for a 2nd LP.....GTFOH.
  • pjl44pjl44 Posts: 8,020

  • drandodrando Posts: 65
    The 7-inch shipped, 27 bucks. Definitely an error, someone fat fingered the shipping tables.
  • js87130js87130 Posts: 86
    $60 to ship to Chicago.  Insane.
    Mind was only $13 shipping. Relax people and just email shipping. Everything will be ok. If it’s too much then just buy locally. 
  • cbeitingcbeiting Posts: 71
    I just checked my order and it was $13.30 for the 10C variant vinyl to ship to Ohio. I'm debating on cancelling it for the RSD variant. 
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  • I've bought 100s of items from this band over 25+ years and never stopped when it was in my cart no matter how dumb the item was. however, I'm stopping this time. i'm not paying $27.60 for shipping for one vinyl. 

    Do better 10C and at least start by explaining this. 
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  • drandodrando Posts: 65
    Well if these are the correct lyrics for part of the new song.  This would be fitting for this error.

    "It's strange these days
    When everybody else pays
    For someone else's mistake
    This blame takes shape
    Still everybody else pays
    For someone else's mistake"
  • Kearn5yKearn5y Ireland Posts: 2,690
    Has to be some sort of glitch. I added the Gigaton vinyl and it was charging $27 for international shipping.
  • drfoxdrfox Posts: 1,062
    Hopefully they will fix it in a couple of hours when they wake up 
  • kramer73kramer73 Posts: 2,597
    Gary Clark Jr.’s new  album at the same price has shipping at $10.59.  
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