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    The more I hear the song, the less it sounds “dancey”, cold or computerised & the more it sounds like a cool, funky, post-punk rock song. Think the Mach II vid helped even more with that today. 
    I would agree with you.  Sounds like Ed is just belting it out like he would have over a traditional rock track in some parts of the song.
  • Funny -- I just watched it with the new video and it somehow seemed made me think of some Yo La Tengo songs with a more rock vibe and some parts sung by a hardcore punk singer.

    <a href="http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge4jTSWckd4">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge4jTSWckd4</a>

    <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtOfYeJFq0k">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtOfYeJFq0k</a>

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    The more I listen the more my dick grows  :D
    That is so lovely. Man I needed to know this heading into the weekend. I am a bit racy too, but think of the kids. PJ moms and dads really do not need to explain how music makes your willy grow. You may want to put some cold cotton on your crown. You need a filter or a wife. We can just nod in agreement. No need to shake hands. I would say I am pulling your chain, but that will not work in this instance. 
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    this song is good.  listen to it and then go back and listen to a song like Alive.  same band?  
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    vaggar99 said:
    this song is good.  listen to it and then go back and listen to a song like Alive.  same band?  
    I hear you ..what a difference indeed!
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    This evening I was in a little country bar in small town America. The bar had an electronic jukebox so I went up to see if PJ was in their catalogue. In fact, it had 264 PJ songs (or so they said - I didn't count them all). I put $5 in and got 6 songs for the room, which was mostly older folks, so I sadly skipped past Leash. In the end I selected Release, Footsteps, Down, Smile, Garden...... and Dance of the Clairvoyants. It was already available! Nice to hear them all in a bar, even if I had to pay for the pleasure ;).
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    I love doing exactly  this .
    Well  done  indeed!
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  • Couple weeks in and still loving this tune!
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    Didn't realize Stone was playing bass. This song is so damn good!
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    Couple weeks in and still loving this tune!
    Ditto! Am now afraid of overplaying it before the album release. We all know that can happen. 
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    Ooh, yeah! All right!
    Were [Pearl] jammin
    I wanna [Pearl] jam it wid you.
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    And I hope you like [Pearl] jammin too.

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    TJ25487 said:
    Couple weeks in and still loving this tune!
    Ditto! Am now afraid of overplaying it before the album release. We all know that can happen. 
    Me too....
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    I'm not worried! I've listened to this song for more hours than I've slept.
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    Justin538 said:
    I have never waited so long to be punched in the face. What on earth was that!? It wasn’t music! 
    What an idiotic thing to say...
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  • vaggar99vaggar99 San Diego USA Posts: 3,425
    the video for this song is the best 
  • rgambsrgambs Posts: 13,576
    I think all the commentary about this song being so different and new is crazy...there are at least half a dozen songs that precede Dance directly.
    Obviously You Are is the closest relative, but there are shades of Army Reserve, Green Disease, Of the Girl, Sleight of Hand, and the chorus is reminiscent of practically every Pearl Jam song.
    The first twenty seconds are a little unique, but as soon as Eddie comes in, it's on, and when Mike comes in this song could be on Riot Act, Binaural, or Untitled without standing out at all.

    It's great.
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  • Pap said:
  • drakeheuer14drakeheuer14 Posts: 4,318
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    So fresh and so clean

    I want them to rip into You Are right after listening to this one. It’s killer
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    Signed up for a free trial to tidal and listened to the HD master.  There’s a lot of cool percussive stuff back there in the mix and the end especially is very cool. It’s vibe is representative of some PJs more recent influences as well as some older ones.  Spoon vibes in the guitar, the synth and drums wouldn’t sound out of place on a My Morning Jacket track.  It’s rich and layered and I love it!

    also: Im glad Stone got to do something that stands out on bass on account of his funkiness.
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    Heard the song on Sirius Alt Nation this morning...HA!
  • vaggar99 said:
    this song is good.  listen to it and then go back and listen to a song like Alive.  same band?  
    Yeah I have DOTC at the very end of the my "Pearl Jam studio" playlist, and when the song ends, it goes to the first song on the playlist ("Once", of course), and it is a strange transition for sure lol
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    YAKIMATSU said:
    Interesting. 1st listen, 80's groove. Will the whole album be just like this - NO. Getting the impression,  with all the time spent, that Gigaton will be a variety of different musical types.  Last time they did that, No Code, produced the most well rounded album of them all. Bring on No Code part deuce. 
    Agreed. Who You Are was no representation of No Code. The Fixer didnt represent BS and MYM didnt represent LB. Lighten up. This is a versatile band. That is one of their strenghts. They go from punkrock to power ballades. Relax or to semi quote someone: "Everyone needs a sendative right now."
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    pulling69 said:
    Well looks like we have our new standard opening song to replace Pendulum. Dance into a standard opener like Of the Girl or Release or Long Road? Yes please!
    I think Pendulum and then this song, before breaking into a punk rock = a good combo. More rarities in shows. In the last tour they always ended with Alive, another song and LB. I had never have seen that before in previous tours. Mix it even more up.  
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    My attempt at "transcribing" Stone, looks like there's a video that was posted since.  In short, he's pumped and I dont remember him speaking this much other than at the Rock Hall induction

    "This song started out with a Matt Cameron electronic drum beat.  Matt had been working with some drum machines and stuff and I came down and was messing around with bass so I was messing around and think I started busy and trying to do to much and both of us were sitting around saying 'well this is less than great'  at some point I just started giving up and saying ah crap whatever, and then I just started hammering on the bass and we both looked at each and said that sounds better than anything so far we just started kinda throwing it down and we came up with this a and b section for the song. A few weeks later, unbeknownst to me, Jeff Ament came in and uh threw on that arpeggiating keyboard line and I was like "oh my god thats great" and I think even a few weeks after that Mike McCready came in and put that guitar part over the top of it which was completely ...its an unbelievable guitar part in terms of the variety and melody he gets out of 3 notes and it was really at that point striking us as something that was exciting and really ... it wasnt much later than that that Ed put on the first rough vocal that had almost all of the elements that the final vocal...some of the words changed...but all the phrasing and alot of the energy was all there.  I guess thats the last element that kinda went down was in the end Matt uh decided and I think with the band's approval that he was gonna play his drum machine part so the drums that you hear on the track are real drums.  I think theres an electronic high hat still mixed in there, but all the beat thats a live Matt Cameron track with very dry drums so the fact that he was able to go back in and play that beat that was you know completely created in a drum machine and play it so convincingly to almost sound like a drum machine was really a tribute to how great he is.  Matt sort of inspired and wrote the initial part of the song and then we all individually came in and put an element on there and those elements lasted and survived  um intact is a little bit of why I think we're so excited about the song and sort of the magic of how that song couldnt have really been written by any individual in any other band and I think the words theyre just so compelling to me I listen to them and I have a different reaction to them each time.  So its a real exciting time for the band and Im really proud of it."
    Hey Father Hubbard, thanks for the transcription. Could you also paste it in my review thread? Try to collect all comments. Thanks.
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