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    I like a good jigsaw
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    @Santos L. Halper
    any intel if the new Jeff vinyl comes with any of his custom guitar picks like Heaven & Hell did?  Asking for a friend :)
    Thank you and stay safe
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    at this point they should be contacting US
  • $14.50 shipping for a puzzle?
    You could ship it USPS Priority Mail for $8-10.
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    I’m in but ouch. 50$ for shipping to Canada. 
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    how many pieces in the puzzle?
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    how many pieces in the puzzle?
  • When will people understand that the jacked up shipping is to make an additional profit? I'm sure they are well aware that they could ship things cheaper. 
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    Puzzles are such a hard thing to buy. Some brands just plain suck and don't go together well
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    i wish 10 club would stop messing around. just maker the retail price greater and charge less for shipping.  everyone on earth knows what it takes/costs to ship items. 10 club, you are not fooling anyone with you postal price gauge. just be honest for once
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    $32.40 to ship $61.00 of merch from seattle to california...stupid.
  • retroretro Posts: 105
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    to Germany. 


    TotalUSD $68.75

    Taxe and 7$ DHL delivery fee

    No  :o
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    So if we email with questions about the singles, does it magically make it appear? Why not just email everyone whatever the reply would be? Lol. 

    Puzzles are cool! Not buying though.
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    musicsam3 said:
    $32.40 to ship $61.00 of merch from seattle to california...stupid.
    But somehow only $29 to ship to NJ. Still too much for me though
  • CantKeepmedownCantKeepmedown Portland, Maine Posts: 2,833
    $46 for a 500 piece puzzle is outrageous when you can get really good ones for less than $20.  Have to pass on these, unfortunately., And I love a good puzzle.  
  • brewdog123brewdog123 ATL Posts: 624
    So if we email with questions about the singles, does it magically make it appear? Why not just email everyone whatever the reply would be? Lol. 

    Puzzles are cool! Not buying though.
    10 club has officially asked the fans to do their job. it helps the bottom line
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    The buttons are pretty cool.

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    With these absurd postage charges maybe they can go back on the road as Postal Jam!!!
  • 1ThoughtKnown1ThoughtKnown Posts: 5,965
    retro said:
    to Germany. 


    TotalUSD $68.75

    No  :o
    $18 US to ship the record from Seattle to Calgary which is about a 12 hour drive. I’d like to say I said no, but I’m a vinyl guy. 
    I grabbed a signed copy of Brandi Carlile’s new record yesterday and it was the same exorbitant shipping costs.  Basically shipping is 75-80% of the cost of the item purchased. 

    This is the world we are now in. There will be a backlash coming, just doesn’t appear everyone (including myself) is there yet. 
  • BenzBenz Posts: 96

    Ehhh Hello!?

    Was going to buy both puzzles until I saw the shipping prices. Has to be a mistake right? The postage charges were wrong for the clear vinyl No Code when it was first put up for sale.
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    Am I the only one who finds myself either disappointed, frustrated or underwhelmed on the 10th of every month?
  • demetriosdemetrios Posts: 83,705
    To ship both puzzles to Canada it was $50.80. I wanted the buttons too so the total was

    All are shipped separately, with tracking, to Canada.
    4lb shipping weight per puzzle box, and the rise in shipping cost.
    I can't complain with the price. 

  • brewdog123brewdog123 ATL Posts: 624
    yes you can
  • PapPap Aspra Spitia, Greece Posts: 27,525
    Why is Standard International Shipping $77.50? :open_mouth:
    Ooh, yeah! All right!
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    $29 for shipping?  absurd
  • PP193448PP193448 Here Posts: 4,281
    Seems like lot of you are PUZZLED about the shipping costs… 😉
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    These shipping costs are a joke.  Not cool at all.
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