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  • rboszko

    It seems that I'm late to this thread. Very interested in knowing if any of the picks are available or where I can find an updated list. 
    November 10
  • Jeff_lal30
    Hi Chris, 
    @ElwayVedder ; told me that you might have some of these posters available:

    ... to complete my collection:

    N- Oct 1, 2004 (Got it!)
    E- Oct 2, 2004 (Got it!)

    O- Oct 3, 2004 (wanted)
    C- Oct 5, 2004 (wanted)
    O- Oct 6, 2004 (wanted)

    N- Oct 8, 2004 (Got it!)

    Thanks to let me know if you want to trade or sell these.
    October 30
  • tommy boy
    No, its my GRAIL.. I had posted and posted and the POSTED about wanting one bc I drove from Buffalo all the way down there and then drove back THEE same night with a friend and need for the wall.   I was sent an email by padausky or whateveer the last time there was that massive 98 blast and he/she emailed me before it all went down, so I thought for sure I was in for one, then I got ignored.  .. So No, I had no idea you had an extra one but its massive to me. I got the 98 shows I went to, Pitt, Barrie, and Cleveland (met ed on the skateboard in the parking lot ) but do not have the Merri.

    So, any help would be appreciated. Have much for trade and cash.  I'm basically about to give up on it until it magically just appears on my doorstep in a tube someday.. 

    ps, the best was driving from pitt to cleveland that night, crashing with a hotel, then meeting ed...not to mention, we got a flat on route 18 N taking a "shortcut" and a stranger stopped at like 123o in the morning to help us out... quite a trip 98 was..
    October 19