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*** Chicago, IL, Fanviews Here 8/18/18 ***

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Pearl Jam
Wrigley Field
Chicago, IL
Show One
Aug 18, 2018
Set List

Walk On Music: Aye Davanita (from Vitalogy album)

Band Onstage: 7:57
Band Offstage: 10:54
(Jeff is wearing a shirt that says  “Metaphor” and has Meta Phor on his two bass cabinets.  Likely referencing the Missoula poster art)
01. Wash
02. Low Light
03. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
04. Breakerfall
05. Corduroy
06. Hail, Hail
07. Animal
(Greets the audience and looks to see if anyone is on the roof. “Great to be back on hallowed ground and I don’t mean just Wrigley Field but Chicago.  Ed says  “I am thinking about those players out here in those uniforms and how hot they must be.  I am not even wearing underwear and I’m burning up out here.”  Ed lets the audience know they will be playing some songs they don’t play very often.  Ed is also grateful that the people in the neighborhood have allowed people to camp out while they wait to get inside)
08. Getaway
(Before we get too far into the show I just want to say that the Foo Fighters were here a little while ago and they had some issues. Ed wants to make sure that the men treat women with complete respect.)
09. Leaving Here-(Holland, Holland, Dozier)
10. Present Tense
11. Even Flow (while soloing Mike goes out and sits on the barricade and shreds to the delight of the audience)
“Here we are in the home of the Blues and Mike McCready brings it.  And this guy who was in some great bands between us and Soundgarden.  He is the best pitcher, catcher, first baseman, Mr. Matt Cameron”
12. Missing-(Cornell)
13. Garden
14. Not For You / Modern Girl-(Sleater Kinney) 2:00 min tag (Ed asks the audience to say hi to Joe Madden and gets them singing “Hey Joe” and “Pino, Pino”-Ed talks about coming here as a little kid on the El and counting the stops.  It was all so fucking simple and joyful and I sure found joy in this place”)
15. Can’t Deny Me
16. Wishlist
(I Wish Ernie Banks was still with us,  I wish Walter Payton was still with us…(he lists several more athletes and announcers.  Ed wants to tell the audience about the guitar he is holding. “I have never taken it onstage before.  It was given to me by Tom Petty.  I know he had a great time playing here last here.  I know the show was special.  I want you to know how important it was to Tom and the Heartbreakers…”  He asks the audience to light up their phones for
17. I Won't Back Down-(Lynne, Petty)-(played on a guitar gifted to Ed by Tom Petty.  First appearance on stage with Pearl Jam)
18. Porch-(Ed wears a Rizzo 44 jersey.  Looks like Ed gave the shirt to someone on the barricade)

Encore Break One
(Ed chats with the audience about hanging around and rain delays.  He checked the score and is a little mad at the Pirates although he likes the colors and mentions Roberto Clemente.  He knows a lot of hall of fame people and talks about meeting Laura who is in the LGBTQ Hall of Fame and she met her wife at the rain delay show)
19.  Just Breathe
(Ed doesn’t think a ukulele has ever been played at center field.  Can we get a ukulele?  Dennis Rodman brings out a uke for Ed.  He sits on Ed’s stool and thanks the Chicago audience who supported him when he was getting so much flak for traveling to North Korea.  He loves the place and swears he will be buried here.  Ed asks him to make sure to delay that day as long as possible)
20.  Sleeping By Myself
21.  Footsteps
22.  State Of Love And Trust
23.  Breath (Ed sings from the barricade)
(Mr. Stone Gossard on the guitar.  And we got a big man with a big heart and you know what the means!  Mr Boom Gasper.   Ed encourages the audience to vote.  No matter the size of the hands or the bank account we are all equal.  Everybody voting is the most important thing we can do.  Get the numbers higher than any of the bullshit they can come up with.  Ed slightly references possible vote tampering)
24. Know Your Rights-(Strummer, Jones)
25. Do The Evolution
(Would you like to hear one more we don’t usually play or should we keep going?)
26. Alone (Mike uses his vocal stand as a slide at the top of the solo)
27. Rearviermirror

Encore Break Two
(“Is everybody out there?  Fuck Yeah!  Can we talk Cubs for a second. Ed chats enthusiastically about the team and thanks Tom Rickets who was instrumental in getting the band to play after the rain delay.  Ed says there have been some changes since the last time we played.  Tom comes out and unveils the world championship trophy.  Ed has a video of David Bote hitting a home run played on the screens and the band plays.)

28. Rebel Rebel-(Bowie)
29. Better Man /Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) :30 second tag with outro jam
30. Alive 
31. Rockin' In The Free World-(Young)
32. Yellow Ledbetter

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Thank you!

Thank you, John for the set list & notes.

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  • A good one.
    "My brain's a good brain!"
  • PJWGIIIPJWGIII Chicago, ILPosts: 782
    Can't. Freaking. Wait. For. Night. Two.
    "Red Rover, Red Rover, Mike McCready – Take Over!!" - E.V.

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  • Good show. 

    Great sound (140 section). Not the most rocking crowd, but everyone around us was cool. 

    Ed sounded good all night. Rebel Rebel is not my favorite song, but Ed nailed the vocals. 

    My highlights: Missing, Know Your Rights, Getaway, Won’t Back Down sing-along. 

    Thank you PJ!
  • Great show.  Could it have been even better??? Of course... But still surreal.  What a night.  Ready for an arena show now.

    Boston get ready!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Gern BlanstenGern Blansten Your Mom'sPosts: 11,727
    Missing was great. Sound was very good from our section (31)...I wish they would have put the fucking nets down though .. That's my only complaint. 
    Remember the Thomas Nine!! (10/02/2018)

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  • DyzdyqDyzdyq Posts: 6
    This show was so damned solid. In 106, got my face melted on the McCready side. Would have loved some of the songs scratched off but I got more than I expected from the boys. 
  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 137,363
    Evil little  goat!!! 
    Will  be fun to listen that
    Thanks Sea
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  • SaravaSarava Naperville, ILPosts: 1,717
    Good show. Can't wait for Monday. Oh and during Wash, the crowd just wasn't in to it. I hope they open Monday's show with Release.
  • ehbaconehbacon Posts: 1,958
    Fantastic show! Section  216 representing, bummer about the Goat scratch but fuck it the show was great anyway. So pumped for night 2
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  • OnWis97OnWis97 St. Paul, MNPosts: 3,779
    My 22nd show and maybe the best.  Any complaints would be ridiculous nitpicks.
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  • pbultimatepbultimate Posts: 436
    Breakherfall.....if gods dice was next
  • Sarava said:
     Oh and during Wash, the crowd just wasn't in to it. 
    I had the same reaction. It’s a good opener, but better suited for an indoor show. 
  • Lumpy1661Lumpy1661 Posts: 213
    No riot or avocado 
  • jmug23jmug23 Posts: 768
    Pretty good. 
  • Lumpy1661Lumpy1661 Posts: 213
    Lumpy1661 said:
    No riot or avocado 

    Just an observation. Show was great
  • BSullyBSully IndianaPosts: 565
    Still sitting here replaying all of the fantastic moments in my head.
    Loved hearing Wash and Alone for the first time, as well as surprises Getaway and Breakerfall. This was also the best live version of Rearviewmirror that I have ever seen. ...and that moment with Petty guitar...

    The whole band was really at the top of their game tonight.

    Now I get one day to rest and get to do it all over again!!! :)
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  • BSullyBSully IndianaPosts: 565
    OnWis97 said:
      Any complaints would be ridiculous nitpicks.
    Noblesville, Indiana 08-17-1998
    Noblesville, Indiana 08-18-2000
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    Cincinnati, Ohio 06-24-2006
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    Wrigley Field 2, 08-22-2016
    Wrigley Field 1, 08-18-2018
    Wrigley Field 2, 08-20-2018
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  • Daron OshayDaron Oshay Middletown, NJPosts: 2,372
    That setlist was incredible 
  • unikunkaunikunka Posts: 87
    One for the serious collector
  • WesCWesC Posts: 79
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  • TR136913TR136913 Posts: 14
    One of the weakest sets I’ve heard. Self indulgent b sides. A disappointment, especially for Wrigley.
  • yocum136yocum136 Posts: 36
    First time seeing present tense live, thought that was incredible tonight 
  • bbisonbbison Posts: 196
    Checked a few boxes off, had a great time, but a bit behind Seattle 2 in my book. (Maybe start earlier if you want to play a plus-sized set list in a hard curfew venue?)

    Felt bad for the 2 ladies in the pit at Seattle 2 who really really really wanted to hear Wash but weren't going to Wrigley. You know who you are. 
    Is this where the show list goes?

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  • Was there tonight. Wash, Footsteps, State, Breath, Alone... C'mon! This was 16yr old me's f'ing dream come true!
  • CP218430CP218430 Posts: 1,261
    Alone, Leaving Here, Slewping By Myself (I happen to love that song - sue me) a surprise Bowie (accompanied by the best possible pun to lead in a song ever!). I love Bowie and that was such a surprise, I was expecting them to trot out some All the Way and we sing and pat the Cubs on the back....nope - this was awesome.

    i haven’t heard Breath, Hail Hail, Not For You and Breakherfall in a long time. I loved the set. I loved that Ten didn’t appear until song 11. I don’t love that Leash was scratched but so it goes. They brought it. I loved it and people can Monday morning qb all they want but the band was in fire and never disappoint! 

    Thank You!
    98: St. Louis. 2000: Alpine. 2003: Chicago. 2006: Chicago Night 2, Milwaukee Night 1. 2007: Chicago (Lolla). 2009: Chicago 1 & 2. 2011: Alpine 1 & 2. 2013: Chicago & LA Night 1. 2016: Chicago 1 & 2. 2018: Chicago 1 & 2. 

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  • scrappysatticscrappysattic Lawrence, KSPosts: 268
    Loved the deeper tracks, Garden was fantastic.  One of the best sets I've been a part of.  Good job guys!!!   Evil Goat for Monday instead??

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  • RP112579RP112579 Tinley Park, ILPosts: 3,207
    All i can say right now is:

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    8/18/18 Chicago-Wrigley Field
    8/20/18 Chicago-Wrigley Field
  • prizzoprizzo Posts: 21
    After the band raised all that money in Seattle, thought it was fitting that Ed mentioned Roberto Clemente who was such a humanitarian in his own right and died doing just that. Nice moment.
  • Hey 10c friends.  I have 2tix section 433 row 1 seat 111 for Wrigley 8/20.  I can’t make the show.  But would love to give my seats away for free to some PJ fans.  I think they are allowing u to log into my account and add the tix to ur wallet.  Let me know if anyone needs tix.  Thanks.  -George 
    where it takes me.
  • lukemil33lukemil33 Vandalia, OHPosts: 231
    Wow. I can say my first Pearl Jam experience was everything I expected and more. Breakerfall and Getaway were great moments and the band seemed to be in a great mood all night. Alone into Rearviewmirror was particularly impactful to me. State seemed particularly strong tonight and Can't Deny Me really sounded better live than I expected it would. It hurt a bit seeing the songs that were scratched knowing that I won't be seeing night 2, but that doesn't take away from the incredible experience of the songs I did get. Thanks to all the kind people I made conversation with in the merch lines and the great fans back in section 433. Tonight was a memorable first PJ experience and I can't wait for more to come. See you Night 1 in Boston!
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