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    PJ_Soul said:
    jeffbr said:
    PJ_Soul said:
    jeffbr said:
    Obama could have had his AG remove marijuana from its Schedule 1 classification. He didn't need congress. But he didn't care enough about the issue, and I consider that one of his failings. Granted, many great accomplishments, but this wasn't a bright spot for me. We had an opportunity, with a president from a newer generation who admitted to smoking weed, during a time where states were legalizing medical use, and beginning to legalize recreational use, and there was public support for legalization. He screwed up a great opportunity. Now we have a 5' 3", slow-talking, anti-weed hillbilly as the AG and a slow-thinking clown as President and a congress led by morons. So federal declassification of weed will have to wait until we enter a more enlightened period.
    Yes, if it was as easy as you make it sound, then that was a mistake. I have trouble believing it would have been that easy though... so what, he could have got his AG to just sign something, and done?? If so, then yeah, wtf? Surely there was something relevant stopping that from happening.
    Yup. The most direct way would be for Congress to do it, which is what Obama suggested should happen. But there is also an administrative way for the executive branch to do so as well.

    How to reschedule marijuana, and why it’s unlikely anytime soon

    and apparently the HHS Secretary can unilaterally do it, which I didn't know:

    Removal of cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act

    I guess Obama wanted to do it "democratically" (haha) or not at all?
    which is funny, since he was constantly mocked by the right as being th executive order president. 
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    If Obama at any point received money from the pharmaceutical lobby, then any pro-cannabis talk was just paying lip service to those in the base that are pro-legalization.  
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