Making a Murderer (Crime-Docu similar to West Memphis Three case)



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    Let him watch some fuckin wrestlemania
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    BCBA said:

    Let him watch some fuckin wrestlemania

    He better be front row at Wrestlemania next year!!! Good to hear they throw out the conviction...that was all a load of bullshit.
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    when is this new lawyer gonna present her info on avery?
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    my2hands said:
    Yeah....makes me wonder if it was committed by the serial killer but the police also planted shit (convinced it was Avery) to just completely fuck him over
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    polaris_x said:

    when is this new lawyer gonna present her info on avery?

    Good question. Given all the facts, I can't believe he is still in prison.
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    This series made me extremely mad! I'm not saying I would hang out with this dude but this case is total insanity! Just think about how many guys are in the exact same situation but won't have a series on Netflix! It truly is scary to think about the evil that exists in our judicial system! Free Steve Avery!!! Hopefully Brandon is on his way out!
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    I keep thinking this article isn't loading for me all the way. Am I missing something? It only states some other dirtbag has killed people on the same date and lived an hour away. Doesn't seem like anything to me.
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    The attorney, Kathleen Zellner, also reveals in the motion that “Mr. Avery has already completed a series of tests that will conclusively establish his innocence” and that she’ll reveal her theory on the identity of the real killer once she has the results of the new tests she intends to conduct.

    The new motion's biggest bombshell is a Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department report that documents the seizure of the murder victim's car on November 3, 2005, two days before it was officially found. "That was a huge discovery because the car doesn’t appear on the Avery property until November 5," Zellner tells Newsweek. "It's a problem when some of [the investigators] are planting evidence and others are honestly doing their job and documenting their malfeasance.”

    The motion describes Zellner's theory for how Avery was framed after Manitowoc County Sheriff's Deputy Andrew Colborn allegedly seized the car on November 3. "Ms. Halbach’s vehicle was moved from the Fred Radandt Sons, Inc. quarry to the Avery property using the conveyor road that led onto the Avery property from the quarry," the motion states. "Mr. Avery contends that the blood evidence was planted in Ms. Halbach’s car, by law enforcement, prior to the discovery of the vehicle on the Avery property on November 5, 2005."
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    Season 2 begins October 19th.
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    Season 2 begins October 19th.
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