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Nine Inch Nails



  • Tim SimmonsTim Simmons Posts: 5,406
    I don't love them as much as PJ because I kinda avoided them until The Perfect Drug (so PJ had like a 6 year head start for me). But they are up there in my top 25% of bands I love.

  • F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commetsPosts: 23,567
    I loved NIN before PJ but they are pretty far down the list now.
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  • In terms of active artists NIN rank second only to PJ for me.  
  • toolietoolie Posts: 323

    Just showed up. Forgot how good this album is, so happy I grabbed it 😃.
    NIN is still fairly high on my list, especially since they are still making music. There’s a few old bands I still follow closer or as close (PJ, Radiohead) and a couple newer ones I fanboy over (Baroness, Bon Iver, Idles) but NIN had been out there pretty consistently for a long time. They still tour and the concerts are still fantastic and I will still go see them whenever I have the chance. 
  • Of The AggieOf The Aggie The ATXPosts: 1,357
    In the 90s NIN and PJ were pretty close with PJ getting a bit of an edge. Since 2000 I'd have to say NIN has the edge now especially over the last few records of each band.
  • Patrick_Sea3Patrick_Sea3 West SeattlePosts: 684
    Did anyone else get another ship notice regarding the Quake Soundtrack? I remember receiving an email a few months ago saying something about the Quake Soundtrack having issues, then today I received a ship notification saying it was shipped today, but with tracking numbers showing it was delivered back in October?
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