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    I received broken, the fragile, and not the actual events in the mail today.    They were packed ok.   The 3 records packed together in bubbled wrap, in a small box, inside a larger box.   Had to pay $15 for brokerge/tax :(  I think it's because it was shipped DHL.   Canada Post usually lets records slide.
  • patrickwieczorepatrickwieczore West SeattlePosts: 564
    that sucks. 

    Though, the 7" sleeve did not contain the record. Like the 12" It was packaged in a plain inner sleeve so that the inner printed sleeve would not be damaged. .  
    CS said they would resend it :)
  • pjsteelerfanpjsteelerfan MarylandPosts: 9,274
    Nice set list last night to start the tour. Played the Broken EP straight though. a mind full of questions and a teacher in my soul...
  • HesCalledDyerHesCalledDyer MarylandPosts: 13,257
    Nice set list last night to start the tour. Played the Broken EP straight though.
    Hell yeah, that looks like a fucking great show on paper! Awesome set!
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    im gonna try to go to the radio city show next month

    cant pass up a Saturday NIN show

    Last time I saw them was at Jones Beach with Soundgarden….was a sick show from both bands

    couldn't believe 2 of my all time faves at the same gig
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    Closing with Hurt is very tiring and old, but excited to see them live again otherwise.
  • I didn't realize they changed up their setlist that much.  I may have to get tickets to the other Chicago shows.
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    They just announced 2 shows in Las Vegas......may be able to make it a frugal trip with free room and almost-free airfare......all I have to fund is the gambling losses!

    Presale on Ticketmaster tomorrow at 9am pst......the venue switched to TM from AXS.
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