North American Tour Postponement FAQ

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North American Tour Postponement FAQ
News April 8 2020

North American Tour Postponement FAQ


1. Will tickets purchased for the postponed shows be valid for the rescheduled dates?

Yes. All tickets will be honored for the new show dates. Those who are unable to make the show will have the option of getting their tickets refunded. Refunds will take place at your point of purchase. 

Note: TM will notify Ten Club ticket purchasers once the Ticketstoday customer service center is reopened and able to continue processing refunds upon request.


2. Will the European shows get postponed?

London's BST festival was officially canceled on April 8th.  For more information and the event statement, please visit: (

We are still assessing the rest of the 2020 European tour dates with partners and plan to have a full tour update on Friday, April 10th. We appreciate your patience in understanding that Ten Club customer service has no further information to share until then.


3. When will you have the rescheduled dates?

We are working as fast as we can with all our partners to confirm new dates in a fluid situation. We ask you to please refrain from contacting venues and promoters as they will not have any additional information to provide you.


4. You reference leg 1 of a tour, does this mean there will be a leg 2?

Yes, we hope so! We are working to maximize the number of opportunities to play music for you guys. Stay tuned.


5. Will Gigaton Listening Experience in Dolby Atmos still be taking place in movie theaters around the world?

No. This immersive experience was scheduled to premiere in theaters worldwide on March 25th but we are aware several markets have already postponed or cancelled their screenings and we believe more will follow suit in the coming days. As this public health crisis continues to unfold, we have made the unfortunate decision to postpone ALL of the March 25th “Gigaton Theatrical Listening Experience” events until they can be safely rescheduled.
We are working closely with all of our exhibitors around the world to quickly re-schedule these events as soon as possible.
The ticketing for this event was managed by local theaters and they will also be overseeing the ticket refund/transfer process. As each theater will be following their own ticketing systems, we ask you to please consult your point of sale for further information regarding refunds and/or transferring to the new date when scheduled.


6. When did you make the decision to postpone leg 1?

We have been through a lot as a band over the past 30 years and we did not make this decision lightly. Our team worked tirelessly to see if we could keep the tour going. It became clear by Monday afternoon that we would not be able to - in good conscience - head out on the road. Even though our gear was already en route and our crew was on the ground for rehearsals, we made the difficult decision to postpone. We wanted you all to know as soon as we knew so you could make your own plans.


7. Does anyone in the band have coronavirus?

No. We postponed the tour out of an abundance of caution and concern for our fans, our touring staff, and everyone’s families and communities. We appreciate everyone’s support. We continue to follow the precautionary measures recommended by the King County Health Department and urge everyone to do the same. 


8. Does this affect the album release?

No. We can’t wait to share new music with you on March 27th.


9. Can I still get the new album and/or merchandise from the PJ store?

Yes. We are still shipping orders and will close the web store if we are unable to fulfill orders for any reason.


10. Is the Omaze campaign still taking place?

Yes. We will still be flying a lucky winner out to NYC for two incredible shows (plus breakfast with Stone and Mike) once tour dates are rescheduled. Thank you to everyone who participated in the campaign.


*updated March 14th, 9 am PT

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    Thanks and the update is much appreciated. It is a tough decision you guys had to make and hope I can make the new dates work somehow. 
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    Thanks for the updates!
  • JimmyVJimmyV Boston's MetroWestPosts: 14,724
    This is great to see, thanks for posting. Stay healthy in Seattle.

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  • JB16057JB16057 Posts: 176
    Communication is so important when handling business decisions and customers.....
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 62,669
    Thanks for the update. 
  • Falling DownFalling Down Posts: 482
    Much, much appreciated update. Honest, clear and direct answers. With a leg 2 possibly combining leg 1 venues, we'll have a hell of a summer listening to some Gigaton by the pool, lake and beach, followed by a fall for the ages.

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    Thanks for the updates!!
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  • lmckenney24lmckenney24 GeorgiaPosts: 799
    Great update, thank you!
  • MonkeyDan72MonkeyDan72 Posts: 611
    LEG 2! 🦵🦵

  • pearlgirl52pearlgirl52 At a Pearl Jam show, hopefully.Posts: 643
    LEG 2! 🦵🦵

  • Thank you very much PJ and 10C for the updates!
  • myoung321myoung321 Posts: 2,504
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    Thanks @Sea  

    You know.. between the original letter and this update letter it's clear the decision was truely difficult and anguished over, but the correct one.

    The original written letter by Ed and whom ever penned this update were both written from a personal perspective.  

    It shows the character of everyone associated with this band for not sending out form letters from some PR firm.. Both letter and update are obviously written from the heart. Seems like a trivial point, but it's not at all...  

    Thank You! We'll see ya when we see ya! 
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  • RiotAct41RiotAct41 Posts: 4
    take THAT, Covid-19.
  • MakingWavesMakingWaves Posts: 1,266
    Thank you. 
    Seeing visions of falling up somehow.

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  • RunIntoTheRainRunIntoTheRain TexasPosts: 804
    Thank you.
  • oftenreadingoftenreading Victoria, BCPosts: 11,429
    Appreciate this update. Even if not much is certain, at least the effort was made to keep us informed in a human way. 
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  • RatherStarvedRatherStarved Posts: 861
  • evsgjammevsgjamm Posts: 2,007
    By the time this all blows over, we're gonna all have one helluva party celebrating healthy life again. I have a feeling summer is going to KICK SOME ASS and Corona is going to flow again lol. Peace and love from Alberta, Canada.
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  • hedonisthedonist standing on the edge of foreverPosts: 21,911
    We're all weathering this damned storm.

    Related to what often said, Nos. 6 and 7 seemed more personal to me in terms of offering insight.

    Thanks for posting this, Sea.
  • MikusxkmMikusxkm Posts: 29
    Thank you for the update! Even though I may not be strong enough to make it to your concert if it is too far off (health crap) I appreciate your concern for your family members, the band members, your staff and their family members and the concern for your fans and their families and communities. You have your priorities straight. As someone with a compromised immune system I am one of the people who you are helping to protect by turning your own lives upside down! You did the right thing......per usual! It’s just the kind of people you are! Stay safe and healthy. I am going to do my best to keep up my strength and hopefully see you in concert again. If it doesn’t happen, I would like to thank you for the 2 best concerts I have ever seen. That is saying a lot as I live a few miles from Red Rocks (Colorado) and have been to some pretty awesome concerts. You beat them all hands down! Your music has and is a pretty great tonic for me. I am always happier blasting some Pearl Jam music to keep me company. 
    Best to you all and I am going to try like hell to be there when you are able to safely tour!
  • JPPJ84JPPJ84 Hamburg, Germany Posts: 2,649
    Thank you for the update! And thank you for honoring the Euro tickets as well, even though I don’t even want to think about the tour being postponed. Stay healthy everyone 
  • axellaire8axellaire8 BelgiumPosts: 148
    Thank you very much for this update!!!!

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  • JuneNCashJuneNCash Ventura, CAPosts: 18
    Still find this to be complete horsecrap and an overreaction 
  • JPPJ84JPPJ84 Hamburg, Germany Posts: 2,649
    JuneNCash said:
    Still find this to be complete horsecrap and an overreaction 
    You’re entitled to your opinion 
  • EdsonNascimentoEdsonNascimento Posts: 5,323
    Lol. Whoever did the FAQ's should have done the original message instead of Ed.  Much clear headed.
    Sorry. The world doesn't work the way you tell it to.
  • EdsonNascimentoEdsonNascimento Posts: 5,323
    JuneNCash said:
    Still find this to be complete horsecrap and an overreaction 
    Maybe, but who cares? It's a concert.  Even if you think the only reason they're doing it is to make people feel better, so what? Isn't that the point of a concert anyway?  You'll be ok even if the concert never happens (which it will).  Did you have March 30 (or whatever date your show is on) as the target date for a concert before they announced it?  So, now you have tickets for a show, but no date. That sounds like you're in a better position than before they announced the tour in the first place.  Relax and enjoy the day.
    Sorry. The world doesn't work the way you tell it to.
  • eboweddieeboweddie Posts: 770

    i wish i wish i wish i wish, i guess it never stops
  • eboweddieeboweddie Posts: 770
    They had no choice 

    i wish i wish i wish i wish, i guess it never stops
  • mfc2006mfc2006 PDX--->KCPosts: 33,043
    Great update! Thanks!
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