Thanks! I totally agree that I'm wasting my time here trying to make valid points. Funny enough, I've said to others what you said to me almost verbatim. I think it's funny how that works but I'm glad there are a few sane people that hang around these parts. It's going to be an interesting next few years..... I hate walking away but at some point, what is it worth? As for the band, they pissed me off over the holiday singles and newsletters. What a bunch of scum bags. I haven't bought Gigaton and haven't even heard a song all the way through from the album. They are more concerned about money than doing the right thing. They still haven't fulfilled their obligations for the singles and newsletters and they refuse to talk about it. I remember Pearl Jam when their fan club meant something to them. They try selling new stuff to us every month but they don't feel like they need to deal with the singles and newsletters. They have more money than most because of their fans and this is how they treat us. I see this for what it really is. I have no problem with the band and their political stance. I can see past that BS. I saw them in Seattle for the Home Shows which they supposedly gave that money to organizations that help the homeless. The homeless situation has only gotten worse and has no end in sight. Way to go guys for supporting a bunch of drug addicts while the city that made you famous is now a shit hole. You'd think they'd be getting involved or at least speak up about that but not a word. They don't see it from their security gates with armed guards. It's been a long time since I've agreed with their politics but like I said, I can put that aside but I don't go searching it out.



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