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    eboweddie said:
    They had no choice 
    I find it astonishing that BoJo won’t cancel mass gatherings 
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    In Ireland they are closing schools. Creches. Colleges etc.  Every public event over 500 cancelled.  

    i wish i wish i wish i wish, i guess it never stops
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    LEG 2! 🦵🦵

    Let's get through leg 1 first.
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    Thanks for the update and thank goodness the band didn't get infected ... please stay healthy everyone!!!

    "The future is no longer what it used to be..."
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    Thank you. It cracks me up that you had to tell people not to contact venues, because that is exactly what this crowd would/did do.
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    JuneNCash said:
    Still find this to be complete horsecrap and an overreaction 
    Quit being so simple. We are experiencing a pandemic and people here are dying. Your opinion is neither informed nor appreciated. 

    Thanks to the band for being out front on this. The personal nature of the decision is understood and recognized.
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    Thanks for update I’ll wait as long as I have too to use my Baltimore tickets 🎫 
    jesus greets me looks just like me ....
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    Even more the right decision now than it was 3 days ago.  Really respect the band for coming out ahead of this. Announced it before multiple other bands, NCAA, NBA, NHL, schools districts, universities, and federal government (still)
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    Exactly. Bad news for us fans. Super responsible and pro active by the band and management. They took a major risk and now are the front runners of a correct decision. Can’t wait for the make up dates to come out so I know if I can still attend my two shows. If you wanna add one to Fresno I’ll be there for sure. 
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    Sea said:
    TM is refusing to issue refunds, by the way.

    You might want to give a little bit of clarification on when we can expect to receive OUR money back rather than it being held by a multibillion dollar corporation now that the original dates are not going to happen.
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    Coming soon......
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  • Does anyone know if refunds will be offered for the Vitalogy Foundation tickets? I tried reaching out to Ticketmaster about this, but have not heard back.
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    Please see the latest update for Gigaton Listening Experience

  • JPPJ84JPPJ84 Hamburg, Germany Posts: 2,649
    Understandable but I don’t see the point of going when I‘ve already listened to the album ☹️
  • rahjiimrahjiim Posts: 38
    JPPJ84 said:
    Understandable but I don’t see the point of going when I‘ve already listened to the album ☹️
    I'd still like to see it, but of course it'll be a different experience thank it would have been hearing the album for the first time. 
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    Pearl Jam has always offered out of the box, innovative ideas....  I have one for you - how about you go to your practice space or a local theater & film a live set - then stream/post it for fans to watch.  Like a virtual couch tour!!  I’d be willing to pay to watch & you could send some proceeds to Covid research or whatever charity.  Just because we can’t gather in groups to watch you play, doesn’t mean you can’t play for us in other ways.  We are all going stir crazy & some live music, however we experience it, would mean the world!!!!

    cmon boys- put it together!!  This is a no brainer idea!  
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    myoung321 said:
    Thanks @Sea  

    You know.. between the original letter and this update letter it's clear the decision was truely difficult and anguished over, but the correct one.

    The original written letter by Ed and whom ever penned this update were both written from a personal perspective.  

    It shows the character of everyone associated with this band for not sending out form letters from some PR firm.. Both letter and update are obviously written from the heart. Seems like a trivial point, but it's not at all...  

    Thank You! We'll see ya when we see ya! 
    I agree 100% -- thanks Sea and thanks to the band! Clearly the responsible (and correct) decision.
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    To be tottally honest there is a 99% chance the european tour will also be postponed , things are beyond horrible right now and the best chances are this would get a little better in late may. I hope im wrong but i think we should be ready for the fact the european tour will not happen.
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    Live Nation president Joe Berchtold was on CNBC today (04/14/20) talking about when concerts and live events will be able to begin again.
    Not good news. They are waiting and watching the events like everyone else. I don't know... IMHO we should probably wait for the
    vaccine to arrive.

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    ^^^Thanks for that^^^

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    There was more to the conversation in that video I posted earlier today from CNBC (04/14/20). They must have shortened it when they
    put it online. Live Nation president Berchtold explained: "Ticketmaster doesn't sell these tickets and sit on a mountain of cash. Ticketmaster sells tickets and gives the cash over to the venues where the events are held."   "....Ticketmaster to issue refunds, it needs to work with the event venues, but those venues are closed due to the outbreak..."  "It's a pretty big process to go through and the volume is so huge,".
    But if you watch the video starting at the 2:18 mark he states that Live Nation has secured $150 million in financing. Also they have $1 billion
    in cash, another $ billion in "untapped debt" and access to $2 billion in liquidity...they've done $500 million in cost reductions for this year.
    I think they could afford to refund people their money. I realize they are waiting just like every other big business to see how the economy
    gets going again. They are watching to see if a solution will present itself in a couple months. I'd rather that concerts be canceled and ticket purchases be refunded then to have to wait for the event to be rescheduled on whatever date many months or even next year from now. I have no idea what I'll be doing or where i'll be a year from now. And I don't want to have to worry about dealing with a ticket purchase to an event that I may not have time or money to attend anymore. I get that this is an act of nature. Live Nation/Ticketmaster hasn't had this happen before and I'm not going to jump on them because of the severity of the situation. But, I think that they can refund people for their ticket purchases and not have to wait on event venues to open back up to make it happen. They are just saying that to buy time.
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    So if I am reading this right we will be able to get a refund for the Pearl Jam shows on May 8th if they do not have new dates by then or if they have not outright cancelled the tour by then. I hope now that those that want to get refunds can Pearl Jam does not cancel this tour and start over like some bands have done and we get to hold our tickets until the  new dates are announced.


    Ticket holders will automatically receive a refund for cancelled events. Alternatively, if your show is at a Live Nation venue (list below) you will have 30 days to opt in to receiving your refund as a 150% credit to use towards buying future tickets. See more information below.


    Tickets will automatically be valid for the new date, unless you opt for a refund within 30 days of the new show date being announced. Notification emails to ticket holders will begin May 1. If you have tickets to a show that is postponed, you will be able to select your refund option once the new date is announced. If 60 days have passed since a show was postponed and no rescheduled dates have been announced, the 30-day window for refunds will open at that time.



    If you have tickets to a show at a Live Nation venue that gets cancelled, you can choose to receive a credit for 150% of your purchase (including fees). So if you spent $200 on tickets, you will receive $300 in credit! When you choose this option, Live Nation will also donate tickets to healthcare workers to share the gift of live with those working on the front line through our Hero Nation program. We will donate 1 ticket for every ticket you originally purchased. All ticket holders will receive emails with their options beginning May 1. This offer is not valid for special events, third party rentals or festivals.

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    I hope that everyone who wants a refund can get it asap. 

     I also hope that they do not cancel the tour and just try and reschedule sometime down the road for everyone who wants to hold onto tics.

  • RatherStarvedRatherStarved Posts: 861
    So if the 30 day refund window opens 60 days after the original show date if a new date hasn’t been announced, that means we might have to decide about refund vs holding tickets without knowing the new dates.  That could be a dilemma.
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    kst said:
    So if the 30 day refund window opens 60 days after the original show date if a new date hasn’t been announced, that means we might have to decide about refund vs holding tickets without knowing the new dates.  That could be a dilemma.
    Yes but there is always F2F as well once the new dates pop up and unless you have shit seats in for a couple of the shows you should be able to sell if need be fairly easily. 
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