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    Most of the time if there is room in front of me on an escalator, sidewalk or road I intend to move as quickly as possible.  I hate walking as it bores the hell out of me unless it is hiking or sightseeing.  Every once in a while though I will stand on an escalator and just take all in the experience of it.  
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with standing on a escalator - the reason doesn't really matter (I just can't believe people are patient enough to wait that long to go down one, lol) ... just as long as you're standing on the right side of it, all good!
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    hedonist said:

    They're all over the place -- by which I mean, in lots of cities, and just left in front yards, on sidewalks, in bushes, on bridges. I had no idea so many people never learned to pick up after themselves.
    No accountability.  Integrity is reflected in how you act when (you think?) no one is watching.  This takes the cake, in a way, because many users will make defiant eye-contact with us what-the-fuck?-ers when dumping.

    ^^^^ Funny, I think I told my kids that a few thousand times ("It's how you act when nobody is watching that matters."). They make me crazy sometimes, but they're both good people.
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