I beat Cancer ... I hope :)

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yep, it's true :cry:

why would I post this here? well, there are some really great people on this board. you've helped me with the death of a dog, a cancer diagnosis with a subsequent dog, music and video stuff, travel info....all kinds of shit. hell, one member even let me crash on his couch :mrgreen: ! the few members I have been fortunate enough to meet have been uniformly cool.

this board is a release for most of us, I think. some of us may adopt a little bit of a persona but, even with that, I think/hope the true person shines thru. in my case...no, that's not me in my avatar. it's michael phelps, the olympic swimmer. I only mention this because of all the "oh go hit your bong" comments I get :lol: . anyway, here's who I am:

I'm old :shock: . I first heard TEN when I was 35 fricking years old and was hooked. just last year I RETIRED from 25 years with Las Vegas Fire Dept. before that, I framed houses. I retired, got the hell out of vegas and moved to salt lake city last august. things were/are great (except for the obvious). I love salt lake, have a great wife, a pyscho dog and good friends. I have a new house (filled with PJ posters :mrgreen: ), I work a little part-time job at a golf course and see as much live music as I can. The SF GIANTS are World Champs and just beat the d**gers AGAIN. My hair's getting long again, like it was in the 70s :lol: . we have enough money and everything was/is cool. then, this:

After pooping blood for months and losing weight at an alarming rate, I went to see an internal medicine guy. He sent me for a colonoscopy. I had that done on May 10. He found a "plum sized" mass in my lower colon (almost rectal). At the time, he surmised it was cancer. Pathology confirmed it. I had a CT Scan two days later and, thankfully, the cancer hasn't spread.

Yesterday, I met with a colon-rectal surgeon, a medical oncologist and a radiation oncologist. The surgeon did a (painful) ultrasound and graded my cancer a Stage II due to some involvement of the surrounding muscle. Lymph nodes are clear. The plan is to get a porta-cath implanted this Monday (for 24/7 chemo infusion), start radiation on Tuesday and chemo on Thursday. I'll do that for 6 weeks to try to shrink the mass and kill any cancer around it. Then, I'll take 8 weeks off and have the fucking thing removed at the end of September. Should be a 4 hour operation. After the operation, I may or may not do another 6 months of chemo.

It is what it is. I'm not thrilled to have colon cancer but I'm not defeated either. They said I have about a year of crap to look forward to (although the math doesn't add up). All I know is, my chemo pump is not going to look good with my summer Speedo :shock:

I'm not a religious guy, but if anyone wants to pray for my full recovery, go right ahead. Sending good vibes is definitely encouraged. I am CONVINCED they helped my doggie. I hope you guys respect my/our decisions for the course of treatment. I'm good with my it, as is my great wife.

I'll end this soul baring on a light note.....when I got the news (one week ago), one of my first thoughts was the EV show I have tickets for. not life, not death...eddie vedder! it should be cool...I'll be between chemo and surgery. and then yesterday, I had the surgeon do the math on when my surgery would be. he said "end of September." I told him I needed to see PJ in Canada. He said we'll put it off until October and then asked "can I go with you?" :lol: :lol: hopefully, I'll run into some message pit buddies at the shows.

Take care of yourselves and, if you've old like me and have been putting one off, GET A COLONOSCOPY!!!!!

If I had known then what I know now...

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  • Jeremys SpokenJeremys Spoken Posts: 7,551
    You seem like an incredibly strong person. Keep your spirits up, and im sending good thoughts, and good vibes to you and yours.
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  • fifefife Posts: 3,243
    I am sorry to hear this but good luck and see you in Toronto for the concerts.
  • normnorm I'm always home. I'm uncool.Posts: 31,138
    :( :(
  • LizardLizard So CalPosts: 11,912
    YOU WILL BE FINE---and I will keep you in my prayers, such as they are.

    Can't wait to meet you at EV concert.

    HUGS & GOOD VIBES!!!!!

    we are all here for you!!
    Is it over yet? #ITMFA
  • FrankieGFrankieG Abingdon MDPosts: 9,090
    Wow man. I'm sorry that you have cancer, but you seem very well spirited and positive.
    With that attitude you can definitely beat this thing.

    Good luck on the treatment. I'll be sending good vibes. :)
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  • Sugar-MagnoliaSugar-Magnolia Loveland, COPosts: 231
    You seem to have a great attitude about your life :clap:
    In my experience, this makes a big difference.
    Thanks for being brave enough to share your story.
    The best of good vibes coming to you from my little corner of the world. :wave:
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  • Digital TwilightDigital Twilight Posts: 5,642
    Hang in there buddy :thumbup:
  • rick1zoo2rick1zoo2 between a rock and a dumb placePosts: 12,622
    wow. I'll be pulling for you
  • twisted thoughtstwisted thoughts Posts: 4,374
    Damn. So sorry...

    I have heard that a positive attitude goes a long way in recovery... so it seems as if your headed in the right direction. Stay surrounded by good people. Listen to good music and give Gracie extra hugs!!!

    ((((Good Vibes))))
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  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 28,425
    Wow dude, sorry to hear. Won't be easy but stay strong throughout.
  • Hey Rob,

    Sorry to hear the news, but looking forward to hearing the good news that its cured someday soon. Keep your head up man, good vibes coming from Pittsburgh

    The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself - EV

  • iamicaiamica ChicagoPosts: 2,628
    Very sorry to hear it. We're here for you. Praying for your speedy recovery.
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  • PilateOfTheStormPilateOfTheStorm Posts: 4,319
    i'm so sorry to hear this

    but your post was incredible - your positive attitude and strength is what is going to pull you through this rough time, and i'm sure you will be fine. sending my prayers, thoughts and good vibes to you.
  • voidofmanvoidofman Posts: 4,009
    I'm glad you found out what was causing the problems and have hope that it will get better. Having a positive attitude is a major step forward in getting over it. I was just telling my mother in law about a story my dad told me about a guy who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was only expected to live for a couple months, he watched a bunch of 3 Stooges movies for a week and walked out of the hospital completely fine. I'm not saying it always works but having a positive attitude sure does help. Look at Magic Johnson and his condition too.
  • TonykinTonykin Posts: 252
    I am really sorry to read this! :( but I can feel you are in a positive attitude so that helps a lot... ;)
    I wish you the very best...
    GOOD VIBE FOR YOU!! :thumbup:

    "... Tan suato mi'jo!!"

    -Salomón & Artemisa Vargas
  • ed243421ed243421 Posts: 5,926
    don't ever let go of that positive attitude that you obviously already have

    it will lead you to better days

    good luck
    The whole world will be different soon... - EV
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  • P23JP23J Posts: 103
    Sorry to hear that.... Keep your head up and focus on conquering it each day. Remember - things WILL get better.
  • redrockredrock Posts: 18,335
    Sorry to hear this. I wish you strength and send you positive thoughts.

    My uncle had colon cancer and was also diagnosed at stage 2 (which it seems, is still quite early). Surgery and treatment were very successful and I understand that there are very good chances of full recovery.

    I wish you the best.
  • LizardLizard So CalPosts: 11,912
    I just want to add that your username is just PERFECT and it's awesome that you chose it way back when.

    Is it over yet? #ITMFA
  • Johnny AbruzzoJohnny Abruzzo PhillyPosts: 7,343
    Good luck Rob! You will get better long before the Giants win another NL pennant. :P
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  • Halifax2TheMaxHalifax2TheMax Posts: 19,882
    Definitely sending you positive Chi and will keep you and yours in my thoughts1 Be well, stay strong and know there are a ton of people rooting for you.

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  • Lone Drawn MeteorLone Drawn Meteor Vancouver, BC, Canada, Northern Hemishpere, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy, UniversePosts: 1,230
    I'm not sure where you apply this, but I hope it helps for a speedy recovery!
    "If you are flammable and have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit." - Mitch Hedberg
  • RYEzupSFRYEzupSF Posts: 6,003
    Good luck Rob! Your sense of humor and fighting spirit will keep you strong and kickin. Your attitutde is already inspiring. Hang in there. Stay strong. There are a bunch of people here who are pullin for ya.

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  • he.who.forgetshe.who.forgets Posts: 4,584
    Rob, I can only imagine what you must be going through and to share yourself with us here on the boards is very courageuos. Like all others have already stated, I think that your positive attitude and love of life will pull you through this tough time...mind over body right? Sending thoughts, prayers and good vibes your way. Stay strong and surround yourself with love and everything will be okay.
    We were but stones your light made us stars
  • loveontwolegsloveontwolegs Posts: 501
    Love and Light to you!!
  • pandorapandora Posts: 21,855
    Oh Rob I'm shocked and saddened, I don't believe this. :cry:

    and you know me... I am going to pray for you ... a lot!

    you will be in my heart and thoughts during this whole ordeal.
    Stay the strong positive person you are ...
    I will send good vibes your way everyday!

    My hearts says all that you went through with Gracie has prepared you some.
    Am I too bold to say.... everything will be ok friend.

    I was thirty five also when I first heard Ten and fell hard for PJ...
    we are the same age!

    "Judge yourself if you feel the need
    Just let me known to be
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  • uninnocent-uninnocent- Posts: 5,948
    dude, i'm sending you every good vibe i've got!
  • Jason PJason P Posts: 17,717
    I'll say a prayer for you. Stay positive and keep up hope! You can win this battle!
  • Nothingman54Nothingman54 Posts: 2,251
    Damn that sucks. I'll pray and send good vibes.
    I'll be back
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