Which Pearl Jam song means the most to you?



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    So many to choose from. Present Tense ranks near the top. Live in the present tense.
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    Given To Fly

    I was at the Quebec City, Canada show on May 5 2016, and heard the beautiful dedication Eddie gave to a women that had recently lost a man she loved. I lost my brother tragically a few years ago so this dedication hit me right in the feels. Like Eddie knew exactly how I felt. That night I met Eddie randomly after the show and thanked him for always making his fans feel special.

    I had always wanted a tattoo in memory of my brother that was special and not too sad. The very next day in Quebec City I got a tattoo. "Given To Fly". My amazing brother was Given To Fly.

    I then ran into Mike McCready that same day. Thanked him for his music and as well, for his charity work with Crohns Disease etc. He was so kind. Unbeknownst to me, I was at that moment suffering from Crohns Disease.

    That weekend was such a special moment in my life. These guys are amazing people, so kind, so humble and helping people in ways they will never know.

    Today for my 3rd infusion of remicade for Crohns Disease, I wore my Pearl Jam shirt, sporting my "Given To Fly" tattoo. To hounor their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Mike's belated Birthday.

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    ^ Wow! Thanks for sharing! Stay strong!
    Ooh, yeah! All right!
    Were [Pearl] jammin
    I wanna [Pearl] jam it wid you.
    Were [Pearl] jammin, [Pearl] jammin
    And I hope you like [Pearl] jammin too.

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  • It would be so much easier to choose an album, No Code kind of guided me through one of the darkest loneliest times of my life. I remember walking down the middle of the street, past the bricks, mid winter listening to that album day after day. If anything I'd take 3 songs from No Code and in this order they'd go smile, sometimes and present tense. They got me through some tough times. Honorable mention would be indifference, its kind of my redemption song, keeps me from giving up or giving in. As I'm sure we all feel there's so many good, powerful songs to choose from with so much inspiration and resolve behind them.
  • Love Boat Captain.

    I know it was written for a very specific event, but like all great art, the words transcend the event that prompted them.

    Cause to the universe I don't mean a thing
    And there's just one word I still believe
    And it's love
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    Very cool, Given2fly83 !!!
    Much thanks for sharing and lucky you :)
    I really liked what you said to Eddie and Mike. :)
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    Future days
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