What was the last movie you watched?



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    jamie uk wrote:
    Cool Hand Luke (again :o ) Awesome :)

    Top 5 Favorite movie of ALL time. Also the making of *300* and what an awesome film.

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    Anal Debutantes 13
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    i JUST watched "The Green Mile" for the first time ever

    and it just blew me away. what an amazing movie!

    i may have seen it 9 years too late... but some times i love waiting to watch a great movie and it just seems to pop up at a perfect time for me to watch it... i didnt see Forrest Gump for at least 5 years after it came out? i dont know why it just happened that way. but it made it that much better when i did get to see it. just like the green mile tonight.

    amazing movie.
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    Just watched "Hot Fuzz"

    Movie kicks ass
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    The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie


    I also watched 'The Proposition' again last week. I can't get enough of that film.
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    Wild Hogs with John Travolta, Tim Allen, William H Macy, Martin Lawrence and Ray Liotta... My folks were watching it :o
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    ... and I still think Drive-By Truckers are better.
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    Goodfellas and Casino - Classics - dbl feature on Sky Modern Greats

    Last night:

    Rendition - very good, disturbing but too long in some parts (and what was the point of Reese Witherspoons character-it seemed tacked on to the story)

    No Reservations - not my choice, very formulaic
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    Simpsons The Movie - Spider Pig - enough said
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    Hard Candy . . . I enjoyed it, very strange eery flick though! I had to turn away during the castration scene . . . for obvious reasons, OUCH! Also cut the Death Wish marathon on AMC this weekend. Charles Bronson for President!!!
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    I mean "caught" not "cut", still got Hard Candy on the brain, haha.
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    to Gillian on her 37th birthday
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    Walk the Line, very good film.
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    Reign Over Me

    Liked it a lot
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    Knocked Up
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    Deathproof/Planet Terror. Loved it all.
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    Not bad....saw bits and pieces of it before....finally watched the whole thing
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    ¡Átame! by Pedro Pedro Almodóvar. 'twas one of Antonio Banderas' breakthrough roles pre-Hollywood. Very good. A very far-fetched plot that is made believable by the two excellent leads and a lot of tongue-in-cheek dark humour.

    Was apparently very controversial in 1990 but really, the sexually explicit scenes are few and far between. There is a lot of implicit stuff (plus the use of the word "twat" as a part of the female anatomy occasionally which is unusual :p) but nothing particularly shocking. Certainly not enough to get what is essentially a quirky spanish art-comedy the same classification treatment as a porn film.

    I highly recommend it to anyone interested in spanish or foreign cinema, anyone who likes alternative comedies about kidnap and romance. You can get it pretty cheap in a boxset with 4 other Almodóvar films for less than £20.
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    amorres perros
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    Strange Wilderness

    I don't recommend it...
  • La Mome - the story of Edith Piaf
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    The new Indiana Jones film..............disappointing to say the least
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    The Remains Of The Day.

    Good movie.
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    CS Lewis couldn't be more of a Jesus freak and Peter Jackson is the only one who should be allowed to make fantasy series movies.
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    prince caspian

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    I am Legend.

    I liked it.
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  • piaget77 wrote:
    Pulp Fiction. Classic.

    two words


    my all time favorite.
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    Legends Of The Fall.

    Very good flick.
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    Restaurant with Adriene Brody and Simon Baker. Yes it was good. It was about artists wanna bes working at a restaurant. Adriene plays a playwright who is passed out so he misses the auditions for his play. His ex friend (who slept with his woman) gets the main character role. It's also a story about inter racial loves. An aspiring black female vocalist(coworker) is in love with Adriene, who's not over his ex g/f (a black woman.) The play he wrote is about her. I have not seen the ending yet. Men might not like it, it smells of a soap opera.
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    Finding Nemo with my daughter.:) Love that movie!

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