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    mickeyrat said:
    Wobbie said:
    I generally stay away from AMT, but GODDAM!!!!…these motherfuckers all want to paint the attack on pelosi’s 82 yo husband as evidence of biden’s “failure on crime.” let’s conveniently forget to mention the right’s violent rhetoric and the suspect’s beliefs that the 2020 election was stolen, COVID is a hoax, the deep state is real, etc, etc…..all the shit that FOX and his far right websites fed him. these fuckers at FOX have absolutely no decency.

    unfortunately, my 75 yo MIL is, like so many others, too stupid to know any better. FOX feeds her lies, day after day.

    wait. your MiL is younger than you?
    I assume he meant 75 YO daughter in law
    This weekend we rock Portland
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