Pearl Jam Yield 25th Anniversary Edition Translucent Red and Black Hi-melt vinyl



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    EH14457 said:
    rhpot1991 said:
    VMP subscription worth it?  Anything I see that I'm interested in seems to be out of stock, so guessing no.
    They have an exclusive color pressing of The Strokes' Room On Fire in stock if you're into that. Also a red edition of QOTSA Songs for the Deaf, but that one's currently OOS.
    Joined with that as my first album, then snagged Yield.  Free shipping compared to $12 from 10C.  Thanks.
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    Why double vinyl ?
    freddie vedder
  • JBob87JBob87 Posts: 393
    $55. LMAO
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    Wish I had waited for the VMP link to work. Would have saved a bunch on shipping. Oh well.
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    Having pressing plant info but no mastering info is lazy and makes me think it‘s not noteworthy.

    Why would I care about an audiophile pressing plant (What is this btw?) if the source is indifferent to what is out there.

    So what is the masting source? Tape? AAA?
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    We’re honored to collaborate with Pearl Jam and the Ten Club to release the deluxe, 25th anniversary vinyl reissue of Pearl Jam’s fifth studio album, ‘Yield.’ An album that gave further promise to what Cameron Crowe called, "the flipside of the classic rock tale,” the masterfully-creative record proved the band's best days seem to be increasingly ahead vs. behind.

    As we celebrate #VMP10, we are pleased to reveal that this will be the inaugural pressing at the VMP pressing plant in Denver, CO. The plant is being built to produce the finest quality records ever made.

    We hope you’re ready to rock with us this year Exclusive to VMP Members and Ten Club for 72 hours. Pre-order your copy on 180g Translucent Red & Black hi-melt vinyl here:

  • I concur with what everyone is saying here.  The 10c needs to get their shipping in line.  $55 is already a lot, but $70 all-in is too much.  I think I will stick with my original, not to mention the reissue that I already didn't need.

    The original won in an a/b shootout, if anyone is interested.
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    I'm sucker so I ordered one, but it means I'll be giving my yield reissue to a friend, and just keeping my OP and the colour vinyl.  Slowly getting coloured vinyl for the whole collection :)

    Canadian shipping rates seem oddly low.   It cost my 6 bucks and change to do the Yield shirt last month, and it was $14 and change to ship the vinyl.  I haven't seen shipping rates to Canada from 10c or anywhere else that low in quite some time.
  • Abe FromanAbe Froman Posts: 4,890
    What a ridiculous price with shipping. The cost of loving vinyl has become too rich for my blood and incredibly frustrating. 
  • Get yourself a pair of AirPod Pro 2s and hear this album like never before. Put that $70 towards it!!
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    Times have definitely changed. Year or 2 ago everyone would have been all over this. Its definitely expensive no doubt. Especially for me since I have UK shipping. Not sure how I made the decision to buy yet another copy of this in a matter of seconds yet grumble at the price of £30 records I would like and never seem to buy. A bit weird that its 5 per member, maybe thats the same as VMP.

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    Don't see the point of spreading this over 2 slabs unless there are extras in there.  22 minutes per side is optimal length in my opinion which was the original sequence.

    Also, the last reissue's art had a yellow tint to it so if they have the same degraded art, and there doesn't appear to be any special artwork new artwork, I'm not sold yet. 

    Will wait to see some unboxing videos before spending this kind of money.  
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  • Cost me $18 for shipping in PA 
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    This pressing makes absolutely no sense. Cheers to those spending $70 and change for?
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    Wow a 4 dollar Ten club Member discount???? 
  • VitalogensiaVitalogensia Posts: 1,648
    I love VMP records.  Would've been cool if they followed their hip-hop precedent and had a spray paint stencil included, but I guess it'll still be cool without it.  
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    The question is, does the NON 10 club one come with the yield sticker?
  • mvwmvw Posts: 1,533
    This pressing makes absolutely no sense. Cheers to those spending $70 and change for?
    The sticker!
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    Maybe charge shipping for non-members, but shipping should be free for 10c members.  I don't consider $4 off a perk.  Media Mail isn't more than $4.25.  I know most charge $5.00-$6.99, but they're just padding the price for materials, site fees, and tax.
    If this were AAA, I might bite.  Not being forthcoming about the source material is yet another oversight that might have been glossed over a few years ago.  They are seemingly acknowledging a QC issue with the new plant, but makes this plant any better than QRP or RTI?  Other than having Gary Salstrom looking over someone's shoulder while cutting the lacquer.
    They're going through all this trouble for a gatefold, color splatter, new plant, preferred mastering engineer, but dropping the ball at the 1 yard line without sourcing or being AAA, which is arguably the most important detail more than anything else. 
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  • Excited to have this as a gatefold release at last. It will sit nicely next to “Give Way” once it’s released. VMP’s pressings and jackets are always exquisite and I expect the same here. That’s why I’m shelling out the dough. But yeah, shipping is bogus. 
  • demetriosdemetrios Posts: 81,722
    Kswheeler said:
    Cost me $18 for shipping in PA 

    It's $14.38 to Canada.
    2 copies $22.89.
    3 copies $27.32.
  • demetriosdemetrios Posts: 81,722

    PRE-ORDER: Purchase via Direct Ship and we'll ship once it becomes available. Estimated warehouse arrival in early August (subject to change).

    If you have multiple products in your order, you can choose the ‘Direct Ship’ option to receive products as they become available in multiple shipments. Otherwise, they will be grouped in a single shipment (or your next ROTM shipment for members) after all products are received at our warehouse.

    Since pre-order albums are not available to ship until the manufacturing completes, the actual ship date can shift. If there is a delay, we will always contact you.

  • 77777777 Posts: 109
    I ordered from the Ten Club.  I have had multiple issues with VMP in the past, not impressed with their service and ability to handle issues. 
  • FR181798FR181798 Posts: 2,163
    Just realised this isn't going to fit in the album box is it with the gatefold sleeve. It was tight as it was. I got rid of my Ten and No Code reissues to put the "recent" colored ones in so thought I'd do the same here if the pressing is good.

  • demetriosdemetrios Posts: 81,722
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  • jjflashjjflash Posts: 4,691
    I don't think I need this...
    I'm right there w/ you Tempo....yet I still caved and bought one  :pirate:
  • MedozKMedozK Posts: 9,206
    VMP member here. Ordered through VMP.... $55 free shipping. All of the mastering, cutting, and pressing details are listed. Looks to be cut by Seitz, from digital files over 2 records. Should be interesting, but I think it would be HARD pressed to beat the OG... it is sublime.
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