*** Pearl Jam Berlin, Germany Fanviews 6/21/22 ***



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    Hi, I host a Pearl Jam Podcast. We go back to some of the classic shows in their history and break down the entire setlist front to back. From historic perspective, to performances, to setlist construction, to fan stories. We do our best to capture the magic that is their live act and help you relive those memories, or if you weren't there, maybe turn you on to a show you've never heard before.

    Live On 4 Legs can be found on Apple Podcast, Spotify and any other major podcast platform. But please support our website and check out the episodes archived there. Oh, and the Concertpedia as well (for you Five Horizons and Two Feet Thick fans, we've picked up where they've left off)

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    Ok, 5 days after the show..

    The venue and the crowd was great as always..
    First 8 songs was super..
    Corduroy into Not for you, epic..
    Street fighting man, a dream come true..
    12th show and no Release again..

    Only health issues can excuse the short shows.. last night was 2.5 hours if im right??.. let's see how the tour will goes..

    But sometimes all you need is your friends beside you and some guys you just met (hey Portuguese!!) and the show is unforgettable..
    Thank you Berlin (only for the show, nothing else this time), thank you Pearl Jam..
    Athens 2006. Dusseldorf 2007. Berlin 2009. Venice 2010. Amsterdam 1 2012. Amsterdam 1+2 2014. Buenos Aires 2015.
    Prague Krakow Berlin 2018. Berlin 2022
    EV, Taormina 1+2 2017.

    I wish i was the souvenir you kept your house key on..
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