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  • mrussel1mrussel1 Posts: 23,275
    pjpjpaul said:
    Target is having a buy 2 get 1 free sale as well and it includes a lot of classic series and tone poet titles. 
    I hit that up for my son who is collecting now, but also a poor college student.  I don't find much they sell that I don't have, but it was great for getting him things.. like Wildflowers, Tom Petty Box, Zeps, etc.  

    I posted somewhere else, but the Purple Rain is awesome.  Purple smoke vinyl, mastered by KPG and pressed at RTI.  Easiest 24 bucks I ever spent. 
  • Tim SimmonsTim Simmons Posts: 5,714
    Croos1226 said:
    Blue Note Holiday sale on. 30% off music! Grab some great Kevin Gray mastered AAA titles for under $20.00!
    Pick up this record. Its amazing.
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