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Pearl Jam's Ten Target Exclusive Vinyl



  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 71,216
    igotid88 said:
    demetrios said:
    Here's hoping Pearl Jam's Vs. vinyl gets a Target Exclusive release as well. It won't be that hard to secure a copy, seeing that Target stores across the USA have still been selling Pearl Jam's Ten Target Exclusive vinyl since Nov 11th 2020.
    Walmart did a STP Core Splatter and now a Purple Blue Splatter. Pearl Jam deserves at least the first 2 records re-released to a mass market. A glow in the dark or white ghost colored Vitalogy would be sick as well.
    I think PJ would rather work with target than Walmart 

    Sucks Target had to leave Canada. Not a fan of Walmart up here. 
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