Who is your choice in the Democratic Presidential Primary?



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    static111static111 Posts: 4,889
    Bernie Sanders
    mrussel1 said:
    "Sen. Sanders and his team are not advising the Biden campaign's vice presidential selection process in any way, shape or form. The senator is focused on building policy task forces to write a party platform that puts forward a new vision for America," Mike Casca, a top spokesperson for the Sanders campaign, told The Hill.

    looks like he is neither for or against the way I read it
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    CM189191CM189191 Minneapolis via Chicago Posts: 6,843
    CM189191 said:
    brianlux said:
    After tonight's debate, and having just a few more days to mail my ballot, I've decided to go with Bernie after all.  Pete blew it with his phony and arrogant attacks on Sanders and the others have worn thin on me.  Bernie it is for me!

    You are the first winner. 

    Everyone climbing on the Bernie Bandwagon gets a free one. Congrats sir!

    So tell me who would beat Trump if not Bernie? 
    someone who is interested in uniting people, instead of dividing them

    really anyone except bernie

    bernie will lose to tRUmp

    cost D's the House

    and lose any chance of flipping the senate

    like the last election, there is much more at stake than just the presidency.  see also: supreme court, appellate/circuit court appointments

    democratic socialist : democrats :: libertarians : republicans

    you want a democratic socialist in the white house, then start getting them elected locally, at the county and state level. 

    getting a democratic socialist into the white house is a pipe dream and moon shot
    ...been thinking about this post (from 2020) a lot lately....
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