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Your Favourite Australian Albums + Recommendations



  • No CoderNo Coder Brisbane Posts: 1,110
    Got The Teskey BRothers, Live at the Forum, vinyl on the weekend. These guys are a truly great live band and it is a quality album.

    Clip below of one of the songs.. a few other good clips released by the band o n YouTube too, including a little doco

    I'll ride the wave where it takes me

    *BEC, Brisbane, March 1995
    *BEC, Brisbane, March 1998
    *BEC, Brisbane, November 2006
    *QSAC, Brisbane November 2009
    *EV Solo, QPAC, Brisbane March 10 and 12 2011
    *Big Day Out, Gold Coast, 19 Jan 2014
    *EV Solo, QPAC, Brisbane, 22,23 & 25 Feb 2014
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