Pearl Jam: Art Of Do The Evolution Hardcover October 6th 2020



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    October 2023...


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    October 2123...
    I fixed your post.  Sorry about your typo.  Can't wait for this book.
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    We're still on track for a Fall release of the book. Confirming the book's "introduction" writer this week and writing promo copy for the release. Here's a promotional from a few years back with an earlier version of the cover.

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    ^ 10C, please make sure that would also be available at the UK/EU shop. :prayer:
    Ooh, yeah! All right!
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    Weird that the Amazon UK store says out of stock
    I miss igotid88
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    igotid88 said:
    Weird that the Amazon UK store says out of stock

    Temporarily out of stock now. You can still add to cart & process your order. 
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    demetrios said:
    igotid88 said:
    Weird that the Amazon UK store says out of stock

    Temporarily out of stock now. You can still add to cart & process your order. 
    Yea but why say temporarily out of stock when they haven't sold them yet? I doubt they were even in stock
    I miss igotid88
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    igotid88 said:
    on2legs said:
    igotid88 said:
    on2legs said:
    OK so is there any chance we ARE getting this.. Been waiting years lololol 
    Zero chance for the book but 150% chance this guy finds some napkins in his attic with sketches on them that will be for sale. 
    Why do you say that? Everything's been approved so far.
    I have no insider info.  But the endless delays so far indicate there’s serious issues with the book production and when you couple that with a world wide pandemic that has impacted supply chains and logistics in almost every area it doesn’t look too good. 
    Early delays had to do with the bands approval. I forget what else. I guess you can look through the thread. Books have been released throughout this pandemic. 

    I'm not optimistic based on the track record.  I hope it shows up but I'm not hopeful.  He's still working on getting someone to write an introduction...
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  • I pre-ordered one for $40 on Amazon last week.  Of course, it won't be shipped until many months from now.  I can't wait to see it!
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    Happy Memorial Day weekend for all of our American members. Have a wonderful time, but stay safe.

    I have some great news to share. I just received the final element in the Pearl Jam: Art of Do the Evolution book's long gestation; the Forward. And it's by none other then the video's seminal creative, Todd McFarlane!

    Todd was the creative originally approached by Eddie to make the video and he was the one that brought the project to me and Epoch Ink Animation to actually make it. Todd co-directed the video with Kevin Altieri. And it was Todd and the video's co-producer at TME, Terry Fitzgerald, who ran interference for the team at Epoch, forwarding all of our materials to Eddie and the band to insure approval and record turnarounds.

    I'm really happy about Todd coming on board with his Forward. Now the book has specific written commentary and material by ALL of the key creative's on the video (aside from Eddie). Co-director, Kevin Altieri has an extensive interview in the book, co-producer, Terry Fitzgerald contributed numerous stories, commentaries and anecdotes to the book, Deatj Girl designer, Brad Coombs details an evening spent jamming with his band and Eddie and Tim Robins, and I wrote and edited the main body of text.

    When you add in the massive collection of artwork; cells, storyboards and designs from Epoch's archives, and the unique deconstructed layout by Robbie Robbins, I think we've got one of the most complete books on the animation and creative process ever produced.

    This Fall will tell the tale. Thanks again all for your long suffering patience.

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    Joe Pearson shared a link.

    We're still on track with IDW for a release of the book this Fall. I just reviewed a Press Release from them which will go out next week.

    In the meantime, here's a link a ripping and edgy music video that's part of a 40 minute release on Netflix. Great Japanese design and animation and a cool song. And sadly it feels very "timely" for these dark days. 

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