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    was sleight acoustic?
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    Not going to lie, I think I would rather have had this setlist over the shows I saw in Moline and Milwaukee

    I didn't atend any of the 3, but I agree.
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  • rival. said:

    was sleight acoustic?

  • rival.rival. ChicagoPosts: 7,776

    Not going to lie, I think I would rather have had this setlist over the shows I saw in Moline and Milwaukee

    eh, this is a long, tight set with some rarities sprinkled throughout. that's all kind of par for course and what we have grown to expect from the band.

    no chance i would trade the no code or yield experiment for denver.
  • Great show! Another great line by Ed... "is that an optical illusion or is that Canadian flag bigger than the American one?"
    I've been to Pepsi Center over 100 times and I've never noticed that. LOL.
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    rival. said:

    Not going to lie, I think I would rather have had this setlist over the shows I saw in Moline and Milwaukee

    eh, this is a long, tight set with some rarities sprinkled throughout. that's all kind of par for course and what we have grown to expect from the band.

    no chance i would trade the no code or yield experiment for denver.
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    I think the flag comment was about the events of the day up in the great north
    Feel free 2 feel free
  • Hey nacho, it's Pepsi center not Pepsi arena
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    Breath to Leash to RVM to close first encore. WOW. I should have extended my run one more show and made Denver #91.
  • I think the flag comment was about the events of the day up in the great north

    Possibly, yes. Absolutely. But that flag actually was/is bigger too!
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    High praise from the Denver Post:

    "Sometime during Pearl Jam’s main set, perhaps around when McCready tore into a cover of “Eruption” right after the band had played a brilliant and fiery “Do the Evolution,” I figured I was at the best rock show in Denver in 2014.

    By the time the band launched into “Alive” during its second encore, I was wondering if I was at the best rock show I’ve ever been to. Considering that my concert attendance is well over 500 shows, and might be approaching 1,000 shows at this point, that’s no small feat."

  • As always, incredible show. Band was really tight last night. Not many mistakes other than Ed starting Ghost a little early a couple times. I thought the crowd was amazing. Very loud and really into the show.

    Ed told a funny little story about the day after October 22. Can't remember it word for word but he ended it saying he gave his 30 days notice at his job on October 25th. Got a good laugh from the crowd.

    Of the Earth was incredible!
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  • Well done Denver, this tour for all you guys has just been off the scale, ridiculous setlists, majority well over 30 songs and 3 hours plus, i would take any one of these shows, the guys are really at the top of there game I only hope they come back to uk/europe soon, and they are not intending to take an extended break (although they deserve it). looking forward to next album.
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  • What a great way to end the tour. This was my one and only show on the tour and 20th overall. I was section 128, row 3, Mike's side. You could tell from the start that Ed and the band wanted to bring it. There are just some nights where Ed seems giddy and unable to control his excitement to deliver a killer show and from his body language this was going to be one of those shows.

    I'm probably not alone at the start in trying to figure out if they were going to play an album start to back so once Release, Low Light, and Elderly Woman happened we knew three albums that were ruled out. Last Exit made you wonder if it was Vitalogy night but Why Go ended that dream and that was cool.

    I thought My Father's Son was awesome to see for the first time live. I think on the prior tour they were a bit clunky with it and last night it was super sharp and tight.

    Then around came Evenflow. I had brought my friend to see his first show. The last time he was at Pepsi Center he inexplicably passed out on the concourse shattering his face and most of his teeth. We made sure we had eaten, hydrated, and didn't drink too much last night. Well, in the middle of Evenflow he passed out cold and keeled over squarely on top of the nice gal sitting in front of him (in a green PJ24 shirt with a big silver pointy birthday hat). I had to pull him up and sit him down, then we went to the aid station. I missed Ghost but made it back for the start of Present Tense.

    So if the ladies who my friend landed on are reading this he is so so sorry for falling on you and we hope your back feels better!

    It is always funny to see how uncomfortable Ed is when Stone sings. Not uncomfortable because Stone wasn't great, he just didn't really know what to do without a guitar or vocal duties. He stood there with a tambourine and did some backups during Don't Gimme No Lip. That was a fun song to see live!
    During Porch, Mike came and flailed around on top of the speaker stack that was 10 feet from our seats. That dude was, as usual, off the hook last night. At one point he flung a massive handful of picks in our general direction. The usual scramble with mobile phone flashlights occurred to pick them up. About an hour later I grabbed my old drink cup to see if there was any lingering ice to sooth my parched throat and wouldn't you know it, there was a Mike pick in it. What good luck!

    The Sleight of Hand / Imagine / Mother section was, to me, a major highlight. Ed just sounded absolutely perfect and the crowd sang along in full voice. Breath to Leash was insane.

    At some point during the last encore Ed tripped over his amps and fell pretty hard but popped right up. He seemed a little miffed that he had fallen but kept on rocking.

    At the end, Ed and Jeff both had opened bottles of champagne that were all shook up and ready to go once Mike finished the Star Spangled Banner. They came running out and showered him and mostly the crowd with champagne. I think Mike was concerned about his old Strat and pedal board getting ruined. He joked with his guitar tech during all that and I could see them talking about a problem with tuning on one of the guitars.

    There was also a really sweet looking old couple side stage on Mike's side that he kept checking on. I wonder who they were? Looked like someones Aunt and Uncle.

    What a show. I am still hoarse and ears are ringing.

    Sorry again to the ladies my friend landed on.
    Till next time.....
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  • Eddie was hammered, he wiped out at least a couple of times......

    Great f'ing show, well worth my trip from the east coast. You can have your Moline & Milwaukee sets, last night was as good as it gets.

    This was my 13th show and amazingly, they keep outdoing themselves.

    How is that possible?

    Thanks 10c for awesome seats. Thanks to Gina, Stacy & the girl from Philly (sorry I don't remember your name!) for running the Wishlist preparty, great time! The happy hour get together the night before was just as much fun as the preparty, met a ton of great people!

    Thanks to Pearl Jam for yet again another epic night I will never forget.
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    Epic night! My 9th show and this one was by far the best. Of the Earth and the entire second encore were unreal. These guys just keep getting better. Thanks Pearl Jam and thanks to Denver. I met some amazing people in the ten club will call line. PJ fans are the best! Can't wait until next time. Now I am heading back to Albuqueque NM. Why Go Home?
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  • What a great show! This was my tenth show and man it was a good one . My wife and I had tc reserved tickets section 126 and our friends that we traveled from nj with had seats in 330 . We split our time between these seats so our friends could feel the 10 club love. The band was on fire from the start and it just didn't stop. Highlights for me was Jeff dodging the globes like a ninja during porch,mike smashing the globe with his guitar,cutting his hand ....then Jeff takes the broken half of the globe and wears it like a hat .....mike grabs his Polaroid camera and takes pictures of Jeff wearing it. Mike takes more pics and throws them into the crowd .mike was on fire all night , running circles during rvm ......and my favorite was after the best star spangle banner I've heard him play he turns around and spears his amp with his guitar a few times till it fell over ....I saw this little exchange between mike and what had to be his guitar tech as he handed his strat over and I saw the tech say it's ok ...then he put the guitar on as mike was apologizing and was looking it over for damage ...his face was priceless
    Great show killer crowd lots of good energy
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    Lightning Bolt was dedicated to HANNAH, not Ham. That's MY Hannah!!!!! Haha! I believe the good workings of Halifax2theMax made the band aware of my daughters' recent trials and kidney transplant and was instrumental in getting through to the band to honor her in such an awesome way. I'mAlive and GiventoLukinKelly put forth a huge effort this summer to keep Hannah's spirits up and hold our hands as we faced our most difficult time. We had an enormous outpouring of support with the shirt crusade that they put on, with the graphics printed nicely in bright yellow on blue stating Hannah is like a lightning bolt!! Halifax2theMax also got one of them up on stage during ALIVE!! Ed placed it on a monitor near Matts set and his red solo cup after wiping his sweat off with it! Gross but cool huh!!!!!

    That's good enough for me...!!!!

    Can you fix that in the original post Sea?

    Very AWESOME !!! So happy for Hannah!!! Glad you got such a great concert.

    So I'll just lie down and wait for the dream
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    rssesq said:

    Breath to Leash to RVM to close first encore. WOW. I should have extended my run one more show and made Denver #91.

    you've been to 90 shows?
    no way, not like we didnt know from your last 30 posts! (smiley face, tongue out, etc.. im a grown man so i dont do those, but just bustin balls)
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  • Great show. Closest i ever was to the stage. Great crowd. Great time.
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    Great show. Always great to hear a Ghost breakout. And I'm glad they didn't do an album front to back... It's cool and all, but I wouldn't really be as into it knowing what would be coming next.
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    warp420 said:

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    Stone's face! Hahahahahahahahahahaaa!!!
  • As good as it gets!!! Set list was great, crowd really brought it, and you could definitely tell PJ was ready for a special night. I don't know how, but the shows get better every time I see them.
  • A few observations about last night:

    Met some great people in the merch line. Kudos to Lisa and Andrew for starting the line with me at 8:30 am. Hell of a line! Safe travels back to Atlanta and NY,

    Hey Nacho, its friggin Pepsi Center not Pepsi Arena. Thats in Albany, NY sherlock. Does this mistake make the poster any more valuable?

    Great crowd last night! Loud and lots of energy! I didnt see any knuckleheads or morons.

    Of the earth, Sleight of hand, Breath, leash, Dont Gimmie no lip, My fathers son, slow lukin, fast lukin, leatherman, mother. What a great set list. MFS sounded incredible. They really nailed it!

    Release was epic. great start to the show. Betterman was awesome and baba blew the doors off the place.

    Incredible night!!1

    Also to the guy from chicago, i hope you found your hoodie that someone stole from you at the merch truck. So messed up.

    Also classic was the jimmy johns delivery guy who delivered a sandwich to "Jeremy" in the merch line. This guy on a 10 speed with a jimmy johns bike racing shirt yelling in line for "Jeremy"...so awesome.

  • My first and only show on this tour. Couldn't help notice the video production on the screens. Has it been this good the whole tour? I thought I was watching a DVD of the show.
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  • My first and only show on this tour. Couldn't help notice the video production on the screens. Has it been this good the whole tour? I thought I was watching a DVD of the show.

    I also noticed the camera running along the front of the stage..... I don't think they had that kind of equipment last October...... Could they be making another live DVD? I would be okay with that.
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