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    Gstewart said:

    Although Of the Earth didn't get a great response I thought it was stellar! Ok I must be dumb heard it a thousand times on PJ Radio; what album is it on?? Great Show, great city, great beer great people say no more! The 2$ limo ride from the wishlist party to Pepsi Centre..doesn't get better than that.

    Yes, as stated above, it was never recorded. If setlist.fm's stats are to be trusted, it was only the eighth time it was ever played live - the first time being June 22, 2010 at The O2, Dublin, Ireland.
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    I was shocked and in awe when they played Of the Earth. Thought of Dimtris and his chin on the floor when they played Ghost. Felt super lucky to see Stone sing Don't Gimme No Lip and was floored by the 1-2 punch of Breath and Leash.
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  • RD101189 said:

    I was shocked and in awe when they played Of the Earth. Thought of Dimtris and his chin on the floor when they played Ghost. Felt super lucky to see Stone sing Don't Gimme No Lip and was floored by the 1-2 punch of Breath and Leash.

    I totally thought of Dimitri as well when Ghost came on! I was psyched to hear it. I fully agree with your takes on Don't Gimme, Breath & Leash as well. The 4 songs I mentioned were the highlights of the show for me (not to mention the other 30+ songs they played!)

    What a f 'ing show.

  • wall232wall232 New YorkPosts: 1,301
    Breath into Leash was my favorite moment of the 13-14 shows that I've been too. Just awesome!
  • Ordered the poster from the store and it came today!
  • jarkkonieminenjarkkonieminen Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 125
    Final night of my three show US Tour.

    The venue was absolutely jam packed for the show including all the seats behind the stage. Great atmosphere pre-show.

    Release is always a great opener and sets the stage for a memorable night. The first set contained a few nice surprises inc. Of the Earth and Don't Gimme No Lip.

    It was the encores that made this show great for me. Sleight of Hand has grown on me over time and anything from Binaural is always welcome.

    The Breath into Leash combo was awesome as mentioned in many posts prior. I finally got Leash at my 18th show which was great after missing it in my hometown back in 2006.

    This was easily the longest PJ show I've attended and was well worth the trip from Australia! Until next time.....

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  • The Mrs. got me the boot for Xmas, just listened today for the 1st time since being there.......

    I forgot about how MC instantly went right into Why Go from Last Exit...... I loved that.

  • CServantCServant DCOPosts: 1,182
    Just got the boot yesterday and it's a nice reminder of exactly how Awesome October 22, 2014 really was! Seems to get better the more it sets in.
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  • What a great show with a great vibe. Crowd was loud from start to finish. Mother, MFS, once, release, sleight of hand, why go were stand outs. Don't know how Ed had any voice left. Increfible.
  • i sat with a friend that i also took to his first pj show(in 1998). this was his second show. of course after this epic denver show he wondered why he went astray...some people can't be trained. he was crazy impressed even though he didn't know half the songs played. oh well.
    me, it was my 50th PJ show. i have no words that can properly sum up how grateful i felt to be in the building with this band, and what a long strange trip it had been to finally get there.
    100% blessed.
  • 2 years ago tonight........ what a friggin' night.

    I had a flashback to this show a couple of months ago @ Fenway 2...... just when I didn't think that night could get any better, late in the set they pulled out Breath & impossibly took the night to another level. Also like in Denver, they closed that night w/ Yellow Ledbetter into the Star Spangled Banner...... I never get sick of that combination to close out shows.

    I'm going to have to listen to this bootleg in honor of the anniversary.

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