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*** Milwaukee Fanviews Here 10/20/14 ***



  • alizmializmi Baltimore...MDPosts: 196
    I'm not saying that I didn't 100% LOVE Cincy and Memphis...but man I sure do wish I could repick the shows I went to this tour. Moline and Milwaukee...just insane. Lucky fuckers!!
  • dlymnflddlymnfld CTPosts: 888
    So now I can tell people I was the lucky one who saw the show (St. Paul) between No Code and Yield. You see how I did that, I saw a unique show too. :-j
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  • thor2265thor2265 Rockford IllinoisPosts: 13
    I kept debating on going to Milwaukee's since I was already going to Memphis and Moline. In case you can't hear that, it's the sound of me kicking myself in the ass! Not only do they play Yield but my own hometown hero Rick Nielsen plays Baba with them.

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  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 66,579
    The Yield Experience? @-)
    Ya lucky SOB's!!!
  • goldrushgoldrush everybody knows this is nowherePosts: 5,409
    I never post on 'Fanview' threads if I wasn't at the show, and I apologise in advance if this seems irrational, but part of me hates every single person that was lucky enough to be there to see this! I am so jealous of each and every one of you lucky, lucky buggers!
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  • That was the single greatest concert I've ever been to. The band was amazing and having a blast, the crowd had a ton of energy, and we got freaking yield! Stone wearing a cheesehead was the icing on the cake for me, Thank You Pearl Jam!
    08-24-09 Chicago 09-03-11 Alpine Valley 10-20-14 Milwaukee
  • Show #18 for me was incredible. I know it has been said many times before but this band truly never disappoints no matter if it is your first show or 100th!

    I went from thinking "No HTI, Wash, Release, Long Road, no real opener?! This is shaping up to be a greatest hits show" after the first 4 songs and then immediately proceeded to lose my mind when they started Baba at the #5 spot. We all know how the set went from there.

    Crowd was great as always, Ed seemed to be having a great time, too. I can't imagine they find a way to top this on Wednesday in Denver but I am certainly looking forward to finding out, see you all there!
  • bbisonbbison Posts: 196
    edited October 2014
    Got Yield
    Got wine from Eddie
    Got a pick from Mike
    Got my mind blown by all of em
    New rule when they announce a tour is go to all the shows in cities starting with "M"
    (Mountain I come!)
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    Is this where the show list goes?

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  • Just can't stop smiling! I hurt from jumping so much and can barely talk today. Never would've believed they would do Yield like that even after Moline. Ed was generous and friendly and funny and playful and sounded fantastic. The guys played hard on all of the songs and the pace as someone mentioned above was almost too much to keep up with as a fan in the pit. It was just mind boggling to have song after song after song, they wouldn't leave the stage! What a lucky privilege to have seen that show. Absolutely the best show I've seen. THANK YOU!
  • wiscojamwiscojam AppletonPosts: 189
    Did anyone happen to get or see video of the "red dot" intro? I want to relive that moment for ever.
  • PJM3333PJM3333 ChicagoPosts: 291
    Moline blew me away on Friday and last night blew me away again. No Code and then Yield! My two favorites.
    Milwaukee was awesome. Great German food at Mader's. So many nice people in line. They even served their own drink at the venue, "The Pearl Jam."
    Feels like the day after Christmas. You wait so long for these days to arrive, and they they're over. So many cool memories over the last weekend. Have fun in Denver everyone!
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  • RM211166RM211166 Austin, TXPosts: 126
    First saw the band live was at Summerfest on 7/9/95. Been chasing that rush ever since. Last night was the closest to that feeling I've gotten all these years later. Back in my hometown, seeing so many old friends and watching the guys deliver in a big way made me so happy. I didn't realize we were getting Yield until "No Way" at that point I freaked out and told everyone around me.

    The bootleg of this can't come son enough.

    Go Packers!
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  • EEEDEC04EEEDEC04 MidwestPosts: 54
    I saw the prior Milwaukee shows (1995, 2006) at Summerfest. Last night was the best including their Alpine shows. If you are looking for a poster in Denver....get in line now. Baba in the fifth spot was something else for those who like this song. In Hiding was perfect.
  • My Corduroy JacketMy Corduroy Jacket Austin, TXPosts: 564
    Just unbelievable! Yield was amazing and the crowd was bad ass! Didn't think anything would top my Moline experience but this is damn close!
    Austin, TX
  • Dobber1Dobber1 Wisconsin, USAPosts: 11
    What a show! #5 for me, #1 (of any kind) for my son. Ashamed at myself for not recognizing that Yield was being played in order, was so focused on waiting for them to play Vs. in order with the 21st anniversary of release date (and not playing anything until RVM much later) that it went right over my head. Not sure anything can top PJ20, Day 2, for me but this came awfully close...great set, tons of energy, and bonus Bears slams by Ed all night long.
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  • Indifference71Indifference71 ChicagoPosts: 13,866
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    I didn't think it could get any better than Moline on Friday and then they come out and play Yield! What a night. Sure glad I picked Moline and Milwaukee as my shows for this tour. This band is just the best.
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  • madtowndavemadtowndave Minneapolis, MNPosts: 3,980
    I wish I was heading to Denver instead of work. Last night was incredible. Blasting Yield on my way back to Madison. Getting the chills!
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  • Wow! Kicking myself for not trying harder to get to the Milwaukee show after being at the Moline show. Did not think they were going to go full album again for a long time. Congrats to those of you there and a big congrats to those who were at both!
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  • madseamadsea Posts: 128
    Thanks again to 10C for great seats.

    We got Sec. 216, row B...My wife and I traded those to a young fan and her Dad in 419 who had never seen PJ before. I hope a few of you in that section got to see a couple of "new" fans enjoy the show from the Club seats. (I got upgraded at an EV show from back row to front row and got to shake his hand--so I figure I could do the same for someone else).

    I was thrilled to hear Yield and as always, the MKE shows brought a ton of energy. That said, I really did prefer the set list from StP on Sunday. Call me names, say what you want, I found myself sitting back and listening rather than totally engaged and singing along several times last night and that only happened during "Sirens" in StP (not a personal favorite).

    Of course, it was nice to get 4 or 5 songs off my "never heard live" list...and even if this wasn't one of my top 5 shows, it was still an awesome experience and I wouldn't trade 3 hours of listening to live Pearl Jam for almost anything.

    Two shows in two nights is an amazing experience and the mileage from Madison to Saint Paul to Madison to Milwaukee and back to Madison was totally worth it.

    Thank you Pearl Jam for continuing to charge my spiritual batteries after all these years!
  • Seb77Seb77 AmsterdamPosts: 74
    WOW this North America tour is turning into an epic run… Been lucky enough to see some of the incredible setlists over the past 7 years but these are really up there. I seem to be drooling here in Amsterdam…
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  • Gern BlanstenGern Blansten Your Mom'sPosts: 11,637
    Why didn't I plan on Milwaukee?

    I love that they played Red Dot at the beginning and Hummus at the fucking awesome I can't comment anymore.
    Remember the Thomas Nine!! (10/02/2018)

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  • AllEncompassingTripAllEncompassingTrip ILPosts: 647
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    ceska said:

    Also, I didn't even recognize this was Yield at first glance of the setlist. For the album's liner notes, the songs go in different order, an order I like better. So I redid the album on CD and later for my mp3 player. This is the order the liner notes go in:
    MFC, Push Me Pull Me, DTE, Faithfull, Brain of J, Low Light, Wishlist,GTF, In Hiding, Pilate, No Way, Red Dot, All Those Yesterdays
    That's how I know Yield.

    You might be the only one that knows Yield like that.... Interesting idea though. I might re-order mine just for shits and giggles
  • LA98LA98 Posts: 254
    YIELD! Literally would've died If I'd been there last night....
  • I was talking to this guy before the show about how Yield is my favourite album, and then I had my mind blown. I have been holding out for Push Me Pull Me live forever. And then Rats, later on!
    Hands down the best concert I've ever been to. Greatest night of my entire life.
  • What a drug this band is... After 3 awesome shows (Cincy, Detroit and Milw) I walked away last night pretty satisfied with the Fall. Today, I woke up - When are the next dates being announced? What's taking so long? More, more, more please....
  • RP112579RP112579 Tinley Park, ILPosts: 3,202
    My favorite album played from start to finish, and I was lucky enough to be there to hear it. Awesome fucking night.......except for all the Aaron Rodgers talk :))

    And Stone wearing the cheesehead was hilarious, even if it made me die inside a little.
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  • WhatYouTaughtMeWhatYouTaughtMe I have no idea what's going on right now!Posts: 4,925
    ajolin13 said:

    That was the single greatest concert I've ever been to. The band was amazing and having a blast, the crowd had a ton of energy, and we got freaking yield! Stone wearing a cheesehead was the icing on the cake for me, Thank You Pearl Jam!

    Great first post!
  • JLank11JLank11 Posts: 31
    I had never seen Pearl Jam live before this weekend and for my virgin tour I went to Moline, Saint Paul and Milwaukee. I feel incredibly fortunate as there was something at each show that was inspiring and remarkable (and historic?). The crowd at each venue was engaged and amazing. I feel like I'm running out of adjectives to describe what I just experienced.

    By the way, the set list in the tour section for Milwaukee has set one ending with Setting Forth. I'm fairly sure they ended with Rearviewmirror.
  • nicknyr15nicknyr15 Posts: 4,432
    Seb77 said:

    WOW this North America tour is turning into an epic run… Been lucky enough to see some of the incredible setlists over the past 7 years but these are really up there. I seem to be drooling here in Amsterdam…

    Started kinda vanilla then beginning with Detroit it just took off. Wow.
  • Force Of NatureForce Of Nature Hertfordshire, EnglandPosts: 725
    Same question I asked for the no code show: did Ed reference the yield thing at all? Other than'flip the side'.
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