###~~Dusseldorf Fanviews 21-6-07~~###

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Soundcheck: Breath, You, In My Tree, Rats, Glorified G,

Main Set: Sometimes, Whipping, Brain of J, Do the Evolution, Insignificance, In Hiding, Severed Hand, Sad, I am Mine, Inside Job, Why Go, Daughter, Breath, State of Love and Trust, I'm Open, Come Back, Once, Life Wasted

Encore 1: I Believe in Miracles, Not For You/Modern Girl, Wasted Reprise, Black, Alive

Encore 2: Small Town, Given to Fly, Rats, Comatose, Baba O'Riley, Yellow Ledbetter

Supporting Act: Interpol, The Futureheads

This thread is reserved for the really lucky fans that were there.

Please post here only if you were in attendance.
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  • pouch15pouch15 Posts: 436
    IM OPEN??????????

  • mca47mca47 Posts: 12,719
    That's a good looking set!

    No Even Flow again! Wow!
  • chinobaezachinobaeza SantiagoPosts: 2,486
    In Hiding!!!..nice!!!...and no even flow again
  • god I wish there were boots for the last 2 shows... so it goes
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    Don't it make you smile?
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    And why arent you at this show, Einat? Where are you???
    What a show. Just heard from Sandra, the RATS girl. Its been played for HER, Ed asked for her name and mentioned her towards the end in the song.
    I know I wasnt at the show, but Im sure she wont mind if I post it here now, since shes doing the whole tour and wont be posting so soon ;)
    What a night. :)
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  • vedder_soupvedder_soup Posts: 5,849
    no other owrds describe that setlist, unforunatly i was only there via the board :(
    i am going to give sandra the biggest hug next week when i see her
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    It is a rad poster and a great set list...bravo.
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  • cropdustresscropdustress Posts: 4,339
    no other owrds describe that setlist, unforunatly i was only there via the board :(
    i am going to give sandra the biggest hug next week when i see her
    At least youll get to see her :(
    Give her two, one for me :)
    "I surfaced and all of my being was enlightened"
  • scpjfanscpjfan Posts: 131
    einatshaul wrote:
    Main Set: Sometimes, Whipping, Brain of J, Do the Evolution, [/b]

    Sweet Chocolate Jesus, what an opening four songs!!!
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  • Brisk.Brisk. Posts: 11,338
    scpjfan wrote:
    Sweet Chocolate Jesus, what an opening four songs!!!

    except for the entire set!
  • TheGossmanTheGossman Posts: 1,115
    ok that is the coolest poster since DC
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    Holy freakin' bats**t!!! This just really hurts reading this sitting at home in the U.S. Between this and Wembley, I feel like they're directly saying to a good bunch of us regulars who couldn't make this tour "how dare you not be here!" But I take great consolation in knowing that many good friends are over there seeing some amazing stuff! I think its high time we all mobilize and besiege ten club with requests for bootlegs of these non-festival shows that have been of ultra PJ magnitude!
    In Hiding, Breath and Rats all in one night? You lucky dawgs!!!
  • Spiritual_ChaosSpiritual_Chaos Posts: 21,088
    Damn...the second time (of two) where Breath has been played at the show after the one I attended. This time, after London...last year after Milan.

    This is one hell of a setlist, beats out London... and the poster is freaking sweet. Was so close to going...but didnt...fuck....damn....Breath for god sakes! So that one wil not be played in Copenhagen then....damn...
  • NHidingNHiding Posts: 1,861
    Hey Cropdustress,
    Clear out those personal messages so the one I just sent can get to ya.
  • Pearl10.BRPearl10.BR Posts: 403
    chinobaeza wrote:

    Uau !!!!
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  • reeferchiefreeferchief Posts: 3,569
    "Sometimes, Whipping, Brain of J, Do the Evolution, Insignificance, In Hiding, Severed Hand, Sad"

    That is just one fucking awesome start to a show WOW.:eek::eek::eek:
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  • PJ_LukinPJ_Lukin Posts: 2,049
    Uau !!!!
    very reminiscent of 2006 DC
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  • The first one of the attendance to write a review...(1:46)

    First the positive things: amazing setlist, spontaneous request: rats! band were in a good mood, eddie was in conversational mood...

    But unfortunately: the arena SUCKS, the worst sound I ever experienced. For me as a long time fan it sometimes needed all my phantasy to imagine what the boys were doing. Echoes from behind and above made the sound a soup.
    the organisation sucked: official start of entry should have been 17:30, doors opened somewhat around 18:15. When I entered, Futureheads were already playing and the arena was filled at about 20%. Talked to a security: doors could not be opened earlier because somebody missed to inform the paramedics about the right time!
    When Interpol started, the arena was at 50%.
    When the guys came on stage, still not everybody was in - what a nightmare.

    Whoever is responsible for the organization: he/she/they should reconsider their job...
  • pouch15 wrote:
    IM OPEN??????????
    Yes - but only as a 15 seconds teaser by ev
  • humanlitehumanlite Posts: 36
    WOW, nice setlist......i only wish i was there. come and play that in the us...........PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • yosi1yosi1 Posts: 3,272
    Sweet set. I'd say this is the best one so far.
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    Einat, I'm back in London tomorrow to look up Rita. Audio for rats, video for breath. Low quality, but hey, better than nothing.

    Sid, I was going to give you a call during the songs. Then I realised it's impossible to call while videoing with one hand and rocking out with the other. I'm sure you understand. Even if I did find time to sms the setlist highlights to Gitta all the way in Vancouver.

    It's a mixed feeling now that I'm back- had great fun pogoing in the pit, but I kinda lost some enjoyment on whatever the fuck happened on stage by trying to fend off a group of sweaty shirtless slam dancing circle pitters.

    Rats and I'm Open are clearly firsts for me, but I think Wembley tops this one, if for no other reason than the fact that more friends were around in London.

    Aussie Mullet represent!
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  • SomethingCreativeSomethingCreative Kazoo, MIPosts: 3,199
    holey shit that is a gooooood setlist BREATH!!! IM OPEN!!!
    "Well, I think this band is incapable of sucking."
    -my dad after hearing Not for You for the first time on SNL .
  • hookemhookem Posts: 241
    Holy F#@K Balls, what a pretty little setlist. That one would have been fun.
  • over bendsover bends Posts: 1,568
    Even Flow is becoming a rarity! >_> ok maybe not, but this set list kicks ass.

    3 Decibels Doubles the Volume

  • Interpol & Pearl Jam- Europe
    Kings of LEon & Pearl jam- Austrailia

    Why cant that come to philly
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  • woundedorganwoundedorgan Posts: 607
    I wish I was there....I need some audio and a poster..NEED..
    God Loves Pearl Jam
  • PegasusPegasus Posts: 3,753
    :D x 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    got to get some sleep, supposed to head off to Southside in 3 hours...if that is still on..

    but :D

    First I heard about Rats being soundchecked was someone reading it here and texting me...no-one there said anything about it (I would have been told!)

    We got 1 setlist and Rats was NOT on it.. Ed just suddenly decide to play it..:o

    Wash was on the setlist but was crossed out at before the second encore began.

    Glorified G is the song that fell victim to my Rats..and I´m not apologising for it! :p 15 years Europe had been waiting for it!
    but I NEED that boot!...why oh why didn´t I tape today, however crap it generally ends up :(

    ....got to run try get some smily sleep

    Jeff, we all feel for you...
    its a nice setlist.....

    but its no cincy.....


    Free Boston Lou!!!!
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