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  • flintstonedflintstoned Posts: 118
    Oh yeah, my previous post was just remarks, suggestions and complaining but other than that a huge salute to 10C for organizing the Euro tour. The entrance procedure, ticket-pickup, e-mail info and overall service was top-notch. As far as the lottery is concerned - I scored the tix when they went live in the first place and managed to F5 my way through but I guess lottery is OK. Obviously you tried many solutions, the crowdsurge one failed so it's reasonable.
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  • salvo12salvo12 Posts: 5
    In these times as in all times, connection to something bigger than our oxidizing physical nature is imperative. Things are getting amplified, good and not so good. Art has always been a reminder of something sublime. Pearl Jam as well as other forms of beauty feeds the mind and soul. I have never seen Pearl Jam live. I have only been a fan for about 2 years, but there is something that transcends the flesh about their music. I thank God for these times of peace and the knowledge that there is something bigger than here. So why not take care of what we have here. To what we hold precious, such as our limited time on this planet.
  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 137,339
    some things to add

    10c only area with barricades separating the sections at all GA shows.
    alot of us follow the band at Europe know each other and try hard to take care eachother at the show...
    at Prague,Amsterdam,Stockholm,people was totally safe..cos was a 10c area..
    Berlin was dangerous if this pushing continue for alot of time..thanks to eddie and security for the help..
    Oslo the way the venue was no need that .and Copenhagen,was ok...
    this tour was the best as comes to 10c security,the best from 2006 for sure..thank you for that..

    2nd..please continue if you can,to announce the tour as long time in advance as you can as you did the last 2 europe tour,2010 and 2012,but do it for all tours,Usa,Australia ,S America us to organize out trip,and find cheap ways to travel..

    3rd..please allow ,lets say once per tour,one of the fans-10club member,like you honor Brian,to pick up the setlist of a show..
    you can find the way how and who to choose for that..
    maybe one fan that have 10c tix for the show the band will choose to give the fan the chance for that..
    the band did that at Amsterdam 2 and you saw the result..TOP SHOW...

    4th..we love the AET radio show..please bring it back

    and Thank you for the fair lottery system...

    Thank you 10c for this thread that gives the chance to be a part of a conversation with our favorite band..
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  • SpagsSpags Leigh-on-Sea, UKPosts: 2,829
    I would like No Code vinyl release please which isn't super limited or some massive box set that I cant afford (though feel free to do those version for the collectors/flippers). I just want to hug it and spin it.

    Love the idea of there always being a 10c Area at shows, Prague was simply amazing because of this and pretty sure Eddie picked up in the vibe from that area too...if he knows people are safe he can rock that extra bit harder which makes us all happier.

    Can we have an update on the progress of the BETA site and an idea of when it will be working properly? Will the finished site be accessible from mobile phones - haven't been able to log in on my wackberry since the change over.

    Thanks for all you do.
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  • hadfiiwhadfiiw Posts: 177
    Under the tech category, is there any video footage of Jack Irons recording "In My Tree" and "Given To Fly"? As a drummer, I would love to see what he used and how he played those tracks.

    Thanks!! Great idea on the thread.
    - ian
  • I think this forum thread is a great idea and I hope people write thoughtful replies to you. One piece of feedback that immediately came to me is in regards to the PJ20 backpack that was sold last year. An email was sent out about this backpack and it seems that it sold out incredibly fast due to it being a limited edition item (and of course, the fact that it was a great looking backpack). Well, naturally the demand was high, so as soon as it sold out and the lucky members who got through on the sale saw that demand, some turned around and started selling them on ebay for prices as high as $1,000. Ten Club has a strict policy when it comes to scalping fan club tickets and losing certain membership privileges if you are caught doing that. It would be great to see a policy like that in regards to some of this limited edition merchandise. I know ticket scalping and re-selling merchandise are two separate issues, but it doesn't seem right that fan club members should be able to get away with flipping the merchandise like that and capitalizing on an item that the band sold for about $75, including shipping.

    Because I like seeing solutions to problems, I have one possible idea for you. I had told my sister about not getting a backpack last year and how terrible it was that fellow fan club members were ripping others off and she told me about a website she buys t-shirts from that emails its subscribers when it has a new design. You then have 7 days to put an order in if you would like the shirt and after 7 days, they figure out how many shirts to make based on what is demanded. I know Pearl Jam likes doing limited edition items, but I also know they like seeing their fans happy. Utilizing a system like this would be great for the Ten Club when it comes to special merchandise like the backpack or the laptop bag from years past. Give fan club members 7 days (or however much time you would like), as you now give us to enter ticket lotteries, and if we want an item, we can pre-order it. This is just one possible idea, I hope you take it under consideration.

    Thank you, Ten Club, for all that you do for us- I know you work extremely hard to try and keep us happy and you have a tough job, but you do a great job with it. We Pearl Jam fans are the luckiest fans out there!
  • FrankieGFrankieG Abingdon MDPosts: 9,090
    I had alot of suggestions that I send in to the pj Forms sugestion thing with the new beta site...
    Of course i can't remember them now... But I will be posting them when I do..

    1. Get the icons on the left side of all the posts back to something cool, instead of just a square!

    2. Fix the signatures to not limit characters like they use to be.

    3. Announce a date for the MIA festivl. ;)

    4. Fix the LOGOUT button to say LOGIN when you are Logged out.
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  • Empty GlassEmpty Glass In Rob's shedPosts: 12,327
    Any chance of a return address slip to be sent with our orders in case an item is damaged? I received the new Ament album with tears on the outer sleeve and inner jacket. I sent an email with pictures of the damage and received the following reply.

    "just send the jacket back for a new one."

    That's it. All I got. I just paid $31 for an album that was damaged and I was expected to pay to return the damaged one?? I decided not to return it, the album itself is in great shape.

    Other than that, I think everyone at 10C does a great job!
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  • How about re-releasing old bootlegs in all forms (CDs and downloads)? Don't think there has been any complaining about costs associated with purchasing live shows. The 2000s & 2003s are out there to buy but can be expensive to collect; the fans and PJ might as well benefit. I know they're all available out there, but official packaging would be nice (artwork, possible box sets). It would be a great opportunity for fans to collect any missing shows they might need and new fans to hear some of these old shows. Start with the 2006 tour and work your way back, or start with 98! Keep a few shows out for future Vault releases.

    Thanks for letting my voice be heard, great idea 10c!
  • riotgrlriotgrl LOUISVILLEPosts: 1,886
    This is a great idea! I don't have anything new to add but will echo what others have said so you know that a lot of people do want these things to happen.

    1. better girls shirts. I don't like the slimmed down version of a man's shirt but would love one that is curvy!

    2. 10C only shows. It's been 20 years since you've been to Louisville so why not play the 2000 seat Louisville Palace.

    3. 10C only areas for GA. I'm a fairly small girl and all that pushing by those big guys is pretty unnerving so I usually end up staying towards the back.

    4. More merch. other than shirts. I really like the slipmat idea.

    Thanks for taking our ideas into consideration!
    Are we getting something out of this all-encompassing trip?

    Seems my preconceptions are what should have been burned...

  • SpectorSpector Posts: 25
    First of all:

    Do more things like this! Threads like these are the thing fanclubs are about: Participating, getting inside info, etc.! :)


    I know this is a hot topic but: Please do something against this terrible "number system" that some members tried to etablate this Euro Tour. It was just completely random bullshit that a group of 50 fans did in order to get to the front row! It was nothing but unfair. If you want to get to the front row than get in the queue early - this is the only fair system. But the local crew has to be aware of this issue so that they dont give a shit about the numbers anymore.


    What about a poll for the Vault releases? You could present for example 3 Shows that could get the vault treatment and then let the fans decide.


    Keep this Forum more open-minded! If some posts/topics are insulting I agree that it is ok to lock them. But in the past it seemed that some topics got locked just because they critizized some aspect of the band/management. The consequence is that this Forum is seen as a forum of fanboys and not as a place of interesting or meaningful discussions -do you want this?
    On the other hand: Lock all threads without a proper title! There is too much chaos because of dozens of threads in the sense of "Tell me your...." "Soooooo excited" "Hellooooooooooo!" (in the PJ related forum)

    Thanks for this Thread 10club!
  • PhishNoCPhishNoC TennesseePosts: 325
    1. Include more diverse tour locations in the US, especially locations in the southern US, and announce as early as possible or give more frequent updates leading up to final announcement
    2. Reissue all vinyl
    3. Include women’s shirts that are actually women’s sizes and not junior/girls sizes (wife's request)
    4. Make all of your shirts softer (wife's request)
    5. More color variety in shirts - a large percentage seem to be in black
    6. Provide 10C barriers for shows when applicable
    7. Have a fan (or fans) assist with creating the set list once during a tour (band has final set list approval obviously).
    8. Use a better ticketing method such as paperless ticketing
    9. Please perform fan club shows
    10. At a minimum, please release the PJ20 bootlegs if not a DVD, box set, or whatever else is possibly planned
    Discarding all thought

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  • Thanks for this. Great idea.
    Everything I wanted to say has already been said here.
    Number one...the communication and advance notice of tour dates and more notice before tix actually go on sale.
    While not a great fan of festies (used to be, too old and lazy now heheeee), happy that we'll be seeing you in Philly for sure. See you all there. :D
    Great idea!
  • StillHereStillHere Posts: 7,793
    Thanks for this. Great idea.
    Everything I wanted to say has already been said here.
    Number one...the communication and advance notice of tour dates and more notice before tix actually go on sale.
    While not a great fan of festies (used to be, too old and lazy now heheeee), happy that we'll be seeing you in Philly for sure. See you all there. :D
    Great idea!

    oops! This was me. Ross was signed in and I didn't notice. But I think we both agree anyway :)

    Thanks for this .... as I said...great idea! :oops: :lol:
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  • MK186319MK186319 Posts: 186
    Keep up with the times.

    1. More Blu-ray (documentary,Concerts,Etc.)
    2. High Def downloads either Flac or Wav at 96khz/24bit, via Website or HDTracks, This is the future of digital downloads.
    3. To get the Christmas single fan club vinyl around Christmas.
    4. More Vinyl.
    5. With every re-new of membership we get to pick one digital bootleg download.
  • Fan club only tour in smaller venues.
  • StillHereStillHere Posts: 7,793
    Fan club only tour in smaller venues.

    "How I choose to feel is how I am." ~ EV/MMc
    "Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness and they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy, or they become legends." ~ One Stab ~
  • betterday52betterday52 Posts: 204

    Austin Backyard. it's outdoors! in the trees! It's Perfffect for PJ!
    our future is paved with better days

    EV Austin Nov 9 &11 2012
    EPIC Wrigley 7/19/2013 who could ever forget that date :-) my first PJ
    Dallas 11/15/2013
    OKC 11/16/2013
    Seattle 2 hopefully?!
  • JonnyPistachioJonnyPistachio FloridaPosts: 10,195
    norm wrote:
    i think everyone would love to hear from the individual band members from time to time on here...q&a's and such...but not in the chat room :nono:

    This would be awesome. Or maybe it would be nice to see a 30 second video clip of some of the guys in the studio working on new album. Kinda like a SVT in tiny excerpts posted on this site. I think that would get people excited.
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  • southpsouthp Posts: 195
    Even with PJ20 there is still a void of 94-98 official bootlegs, unreleased tracks, official video and "behind the scenes" type stuff from Vitalogy/No Code/Yield era. Many early fans such as myself would love to see/hear/read more about that era because we felt somewhat "cut off" during the years when the band recoiled from the media. Some ideas:

    - More footage of studio/recording or rehearsals from Vitalogy/No Code (similar to SVT)

    -Release tour video compilations like Touring Band 2000 for 1995, 1996 and 1998

    - Official Bootlegs of select shows from 1994-95

    - Complete Official Bootleg series for 1996 and 1998 Tours
  • CROJAM95CROJAM95 Posts: 6,738
    B Sides...those were the good ol days

    DVD Bootlegs

    Announce as much of the years touring plans at "one time" as possible.

    Play both nights of made in America ;)

    reissue Benny Hall LP
  • spnoonespnoone Posts: 623
    what's in the vault? a list of the audio and video, a release schedule, and possibly a vote

    single tickets

    song request with ticket purchase, like wilco

    for the carbon footprint, no-repeats residencies

    confirmation whether rochester ny was really blacklisted because of the 94 crowd

    bring back b-sides, or a lost dogs 2

    band message board presence, just enough so that we know they're listening

    advance notice when ticket sales might trigger a 2nd show going onsale minutes after the 1st

    more ticketing transparency, ie "sale closed" as opposed to "sold out" if more tickets will be released later

    ed, brad boots
  • ComeToTXComeToTX AustinPosts: 6,311

    Austin Backyard. it's outdoors! in the trees! It's Perfffect for PJ!

    This show, another show, a show here and a show there.
  • P34RL J4MM3RP34RL J4MM3R Posts: 1,227
    I'm a stat geek, and I think many other PJ fans are too.
    I'd like to see the Past Tour section really scrubed and updated with all available information.
    How about numbering each show, so we know where we're at. Then we can have conversations like "The setlist for show 588 was awesome."
    I love the click-through from the set list to the individual songs where it gives those totals.
    It just seems like what is currently in the tour section is "Unofficial" stats, with the Beacon Theatre missing and other missing shows or incorrect set lists. I know some of this may be lost to history, but I'd like to see everything done to get the tour section to "Official" status, where 10C can say "This is everything possible that we have and if you fans have more, let us know and we'll get it updated."
    Thanks, Chris.
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  • SVRDhand13SVRDhand13 NYCPosts: 24,902
    2012 European Boots coming out before Alpine 2011 boots

    :evil: :evil: :evil:
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  • P34RL J4MM3RP34RL J4MM3R Posts: 1,227
    EV Solo Bootlegs.
    I know the smaller theatre that EV plays makes for louder more annoying crowd noise, so maybe EV can't get the quality he wants for the Bootlegs, but I'd sure like to hear them.
    I'm thinking Chicago Theatre special Box set. :D
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  • edveddedvedd Posts: 152
    Re-issue the Benaroya Hall vinyl and if its possible release 1 or 2 future bootlegs on vinyl 8-)

    And I would really like to know what happend to the crowdsurge sabotage thing? It seems weird we have not heard anything about it since the ticket sale failed.
  • Steve DunneSteve Dunne Posts: 4,962
    edvedd wrote:
    And I would really like to know what happend to the crowdsurge sabotage thing? It seems weird we have not heard anything about it since the ticket sale failed.

    Exactly. WTF. :evil:
    I love to turn you on
  • U_it'sUUUU_it'sUUU Posts: 72
    Very nice gesture from TC that continues to treat us fans so good!
    I haven't got many things to add, except for one or two:
    1st one is that you could widen the variety in the "Shop" area, or even better, sometimes along the year , without warning you could maybe surprise us by offering stuff for free, lottery-wise, so as to keep the excitement of ...logging in!
    My second thought has already been said, as someone mentioned the possibility to obtain the beautiful photos of the professionals touring with the band. Maybe it would be nice if we could just order a minimum amount of ,say ,5 pics, printed in real film paper, however not knowing which ones we would get (sth like No Code Polaroids?!!!) :)
    I'm in favour of separate TC sections for front rows,, for better seats for the tclubbers but TC only shows, especially elsewhere than in the US, I'm afraid it would render Pearl Jam a snob band. I 'd consider it as a show only for the privileged ones...Notions of course which this band does not support at all.
    I'm happy that they came here to play so many shows, that was a privilege indeed! I also loved the Brian show but i wouldn't like to see this happening very often, as It would diminish the uniqueness of that experience the band gave to a fan. After all, they do have a lot of imagination when it comes to the setlists...

    Someone also suggested the making of a SVT-style series of clips to be aired here in the 10C community, along with the anticipation of the new album. some short clips to get a view on how they are doing with it (are they really?!!!)

    And a last request: what about someday Jeff sings Nothing as it Seems? Please Jeff...(This should be my top request, I guess)...

    Nothing else, you are just perfect for me, just as you have been for 20+ years now! Why should I change you...
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