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Hey Fans,

Ten Club has started a new forum post to cultivate more member feedback. The purpose of this thread is for fans to extend their voice by posting their questions comments and concerns related to the band, the fan club, and other such PJ related topics. The member responses will be used for internal consideration related to policies, practices, as well as an informative platform for band and management to consider addressing through various print and online forums.

Appropriate Topics: Band trivia, the past, present, and future of the music industry, fan club policies and procedures, merchandising, technical recording or gear related factoids, etc. Get creative!

Please do not use this thread for time sensitive questions, personal conversations and customer service related questions. If you have a personal question related to your membership account, a site related technical issue, or merchandise order, please reference our “Help” link here: https://help.pearljam.com/hc/en-us
or email the appropriate department.

Deadline: There is no deadline. This will be an ongoing thread.



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  • demetriosdemetrios Posts: 83,651
    Cool! :)
  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPRO Posts: 139,075
    awesome idea ..Thanks Tim!!
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  • monkeewrenchmonkeewrench Posts: 943
    Great idea!
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  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPRO Posts: 139,075
    can the band put on table next time of USA and Euro Tour, to play the South of USA and South of Europe ,pretty please? :)
    Thank you!
    "...Dimitri...He talks to me...'.."The Ghost of Greece..".
    "..That's One Happy Fuckin Ghost.."
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  • a5pja5pj Hershey PA Posts: 3,787

    ummm Better servers for high rush times would be a good idea? tickets, posters, and such?
    Wouldn't it be funny if the world ended in 2010, with lots of fire?

  • DS1119DS1119 Posts: 33,497
    I personally think everything is going fine with the 10c. There's a lot of complaining but that happens when everyone can't get their own way or the way they view is the most beneficial for them. Many liberal thinkers here when it comes to politics, but a very conservative thought processs when it comes to the 10c. :lol:
  • demetriosdemetrios Posts: 83,651
    Here's something .. 10club tickets & shows.

    The last 10club only show (I believe) was Vic '07. Will we get any 10club only show's next year?

    The PayPal option doing the 10club tickets is alright. I miss WD-40'ing the F5 button trying to score 10club tickets; taking time off from work to score tickets; stressing out & climbing the walls every time I got error messages trying to process the order. Now things are much more easier but a lot more stressful as we wait for many hours to find out if we scored or didn't score 10club tickets, via a lottery system. I was just wondering will this be the norm? For Pearl Jam's USA '13 tour?

    NO on F5?

    Has management scouted any new forums or arenas in the USA & Canada that are not run/owned by Ticketmaster / Live Nation where Pearl Jam could play? Places where 10club can reserve many 10club seats for their members then to the public? When you play Canada, show's east of Montreal the places you've played were not run by Ticketmaster. The Bell Centre (Montreal), Halifax Metro Centre (Halifax), Mile One Stadium (Newfoundland). I just hope you guy's come back to Atlantic Canada. We miss you!!!
  • normnorm I'm always home. I'm uncool. Posts: 31,147
    i think everyone would love to hear from the individual band members from time to time on here...q&a's and such...but not in the chat room :nono:
  • demetriosdemetrios Posts: 83,651
    norm wrote:
    i think everyone would love to hear from the individual band members from time to time on here...q&a's and such...but not in the chat room :nono:

    If only AET was back on air. Would of been a treat if every month a band member would take calls. Maybe DJ a show or two.

    But man, I hope Ed know's there is a 24/7 Pearl Jam radio here. Wouldn't it be awesome if he did another Monkey Wrench Radio broadcast on Pearl Jam radio? When I heard we were getting a 24/7 Pearl Jam radio, here @ 10club that's the first thing that I wanted to happen. Some live performances of Pearl Jam LIVE in the studio played on air.
  • normnorm I'm always home. I'm uncool. Posts: 31,147
    oh yeah, the radio station! :lol:

    how 'bout firing the aet back up?
  • PapPap Aspra Spitia, Greece Posts: 27,525
    No offense guys, but now with the financial recession all over the world (especially Europe & USA) I think you should be real considerate and careful about the prices you put on everything (memberships, merchandise, tickets). I want to believe that the fact that the shipping costs - INT / I have no idea about the US but I believe in the US too- are considerably reduced is a step towards this direction. In addition, the whole process of shipping has been significantly speeded up. :thumbup: After all, we all love music in general and Pearl Jam especially and we want to support this band anyway (including financially) we can as long as our hearts beat.

    P.S 1: I would love the idea of single tickets purchase (pre-sales) through the Ten Club. :idea:
    P.S 2: Please play two shows in Greece (Thessaloniki & Athens) in 2013! :D
    Ooh, yeah! All right!
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  • GivenToJam88GivenToJam88 NJ Posts: 1,187
    Phish puts a code on your ticket which allows the ticket holder to download the boot almost immediately after the show. Can ten club figure out how this is done and implement it? Thanks
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  • SuziemaySuziemay Posts: 11,164
    I don't know if it's within 10c's control, but I would LOVE for there to be a 10c only area with barricades separating the sections at all GA shows. This made a huge difference in Europe. I have to say, I was kinda terrified of doing all those GA shows in Europe given my first PJ GA experience in the Manchester 2000 (where I alternated between thinking it was the best show ever and thinking I was going to die), but I was pleasantly surprised that for the most part, people were very respectful and courteous other than in Berlin (I went to Prague, Berlin 1&2, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen). I think the difference was Berlin was huge and there were no barricades, so all the people in the back were weaving their way to the front.

    10 clubbers for the most part were very respectful and taking care of each other, I really loved seeing that.
  • elwayvedderelwayvedder South Jersey Posts: 9,001
    norm wrote:
    oh yeah, the radio station! :lol:

    how 'bout firing the aet back up?

    and maybe bring back the old forums (until you resolve the beta issues)
  • High Fidelity 2000High Fidelity 2000 New Mexico USA Posts: 4,408
    PLEASE play more shows in the US! Not just the "coasts."

    Vegas, Arizona, Colorado, NEW MEXICO (I know chances are slim, but throwing it out there anyway)... We all haven't gotten any PJ love in 7-13 years (assuming 2013 is the earliest something would happen). THIRTEEN YEARS! Seven years: 1/3 of the band's existence. Covering the "band trivia" factor. :)

    Please please please.

    Thank you.
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  • elwayvedderelwayvedder South Jersey Posts: 9,001
    ...and props and much appreciation for even considering such a thread for fan input. As my father would say "impressive, most impressive". Thanks PJ/10c
  • jhealjheal Posts: 25
    10 Club is great - agree with previous comment - as fans we ghet a fair amount more for our buck here than most other fan club set ups. One request though - much prefer studio stuff on the fan club singles than live stuff - chances are with live stuff, a lot of us fan club members will have it in some guise already!

    Another selfish request - Glastonbury (UK festival), it's right in touch with the band's ethics and environment interests - surely, it's gotta happen one day, eh?!
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  • How about a fanclub only show at a smaller venue like the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago!
  • jhealjheal Posts: 25
    Something else to consider - check out Pledge Music, particluarly Ginger Wildheart if you get a chance - he had a great project going where he recorded 30 songs, let fans purchase all of them (with added extras etc) and then decide on the best tracks to make up the commercial release of the album. The best part of the project though was realeasing the songs in batches and having 'listening parties' each Friday night - everyone 9well everyone with internet connection) could join in, and a community reviewed each batch of tracks live and gave fans a real input into the process - could be something different to consider when putting an album together!
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  • IndifferenceIndifference Posts: 2,579
    Overall, I think 10c is great - one issue is please revisit lottery (paypal) for all 10c tickets.

    The ticketmaster battle was so long ago, so one solution is like 2004 VFC tour where each member gets a unique code to buy a pair of tickets on TM. Another option, is revert back to in house - has 10c given up on the sabotage source?

    Thanks for the consideration.

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  • DischordVisionDischordVision SEAttle by way of WNY Posts: 532
    is the 2011 10 Club x-mas 7"/Deep mag shipping this month?
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  • Released1980Released1980 Posts: 1,790
    ha...The ***Official*** bitching thread.... :lol::lol::lol:

    My request.... Never stop playing music for us, please...
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  • SVRDhand13SVRDhand13 NYC Posts: 25,535
    Good luck with all the headaches :lol:
    severed hand thirteen

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  • jack cameronjack cameron Sydney Posts: 337
    Wow, guys.. I think what your doing with this thread is ballsy and great for the fans!
    You will get your complaints, but I have a couple of ideas.

    1) No General Admission for the next Australian Tour (2013??). Being in a moshpit around dickheads, standing with no room around you to enjoy the concert, was not as good as when I saw PJ in 2006. I got to enjoy my little spot to stand, placed my poster roll down and rocked out with other 10 Club members.

    2) 10 Club only shows in Australia. We have never had one (?) Perhaps some warm-up shows? Play small clubs with requested setlists from 10 Club members before they play bigger, more commercial shows for regular punters. Have local, unsigned bands to open for PJ in these smaller, warm-up clubs.

    3) Lottery system needs help in Australia. Have been to 10 PJ shows and 4 EV shows through TenClub and never got closer than row 15. Here's hoping for next year's tour...

    Thanks again, guys.
    Keep up the good work!

    jack cameron...
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  • I'm a TruckI'm a Truck Milwaukee Posts: 3,508
    norm wrote:
    i think everyone would love to hear from the individual band members from time to time on here...q&a's and such...but not in the chat room :nono:
  • JzPJzP Posts: 931
    fan club only small club tour :mrgreen:
  • cincybearcatcincybearcat Posts: 15,903
    What is the status of the alpine shows? To be or not to be?

    Also, why has shipping in the US gone up so much? I haven't ordered Jeffs album because I don't want digital and shipping was 50% of the cd cost. I haven't checked in awhile to see if it has changed though.
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  • PJ_ROCKSPJ_ROCKS THE 406 Posts: 6,736
    Where exactly was the "YIELD" sign picture taken in Montana. I seem to Get Lost in MT, when i have tried looking for it.

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  • Fifi_IrelandFifi_Ireland Posts: 576
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    I have always thought the ladies clothing is seriously lacking in anything I would want to buy. I was soooooo dissappointed with the new 10 club t-shirt. Dont think these designs are ever done with the female body in mind

    The look at my cleavage arrow http://pearljam.com/goods/product_info. ... cts_id=953

    Humm I want a design under my left arm pit
    http://pearljam.com/goods/product_info. ... ts_id=1045

    Lets put a big rectangle on the front and see what happens - this model isnt particularly overly endowed in the chest region and the design is already distorted

    http://pearljam.com/goods/product_info. ... ts_id=1018

    I was also v dissappointed in the hideous pink t-shirt on sale at the Manchester gigs. Going to chop up a mens one instead!

    I think maybe a little more thought about the female form would be great if possible thanks

    Also please dont ever consider getting rid of GA or the moshpit at concerts, at the end of the day pearl jam are a rock band!
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    1. A suggestion for Deep Magazine or PJ site: tabs and chords of Pearl Jam songs.
    2. More Pearl Jam shows than Festivals.

    10C, you are doing a good job. :thumbup:
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