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Let Your Voice Be Heard



  • pjradiopjradio Posts: 6,704
    norm wrote:
    oh yeah, the radio station! :lol:

    how 'bout firing the aet back up?

  • richieheapsrichieheaps Posts: 182
    Thank you for this thread...Well done 10C!

    I recently had a great idea and now I have a place to share it.

    After the Brian F. experience I thought... " Wow, is it possible that I could ever have an experience like that? Obviously, something like this can not be bought at any price...or could it? "

    In an effort to help the many organizations that are trying to help us that need it, could it be possible that an auction for charity is in order?

    In short, heres the picture. Certain shows on any given tour could align with charities that would have a direct impact on the location of the show. This could be handled by the 10C or through the Vitolagy Foundation, depending on the charity, its tax status and other red tape.

    These "giving oppertunities" could be released to 10C members along with a fund raising deadline. After the deadline has past, a bidding date and time could be given and the highest bidder wins.

    I have left out a lot of details in an effort to get people thinking....

    Thank you all at 10C for your time and efforts.
  • deftonesdeftones Athens, GreecePosts: 2,443
    Pap wrote:
    P.S 2: Please play two shows in Greece (Thessaloniki & Athens) in 2013! :D
    :D :thumbup: :clap:
    ATHENS / 30-9-2006, MANCHESTER / 20-6-2012, MANCHESTER / 21-6-2012, AMSTERDAM / 16-6-2014, AMSTERDAM / 17-6-2014, AMSTERDAM / 12-6-2018, AMSTERDAM / 13-6-2018, PRAGUE / 1-7-2018, KRAKOW / 3-7-2018, BERLIN / 5-7-2018
  • rafierafie Posts: 2,160
    A lot of really great ideas here!

    My 2 cents:: Can the next tour/tours add a show or two to places the band has NEVER played. You have fans flying halfway around the world to see the band because that is there only option. A "local" show would be amazing. For example, Just in Berlin there were dozens if not hundreds of Israeli fans (Not to mention all the other shows up until Berlin where there were at least 5 or 6 Israelis on the rail for each show).

    Keep up the good work.
    Still can't believe I met Mike Mccready at the Guggenheim and got a pic with him!!!!!

    2010: 9/7/10 - Bilbao
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  • CocoyrCocoyr Manila, PhilippinesPosts: 114
    Any plans of an Asian Tour?
  • deftonesdeftones Athens, GreecePosts: 2,443
    10C only shows
    Maybe some signed stuff in the shop
    Reissue all vinyls
    Tour South Europe next time
    ATHENS / 30-9-2006, MANCHESTER / 20-6-2012, MANCHESTER / 21-6-2012, AMSTERDAM / 16-6-2014, AMSTERDAM / 17-6-2014, AMSTERDAM / 12-6-2018, AMSTERDAM / 13-6-2018, PRAGUE / 1-7-2018, KRAKOW / 3-7-2018, BERLIN / 5-7-2018
  • SOLAT319SOLAT319 Posts: 4,310
    OK I have some more then:

    1. Come back to Istanbul :D
    2. We need some more of those super-duper 10C edition of the PJ20 bundle :D
    3. More PJ backpacks for sale
    4. PJ patches would be great.
    I have no patience for bad music and stupid people...

    The whole world will be different soon the whole world will be RELIEVED

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  • Release 1998 Bootlegs please. Please. Please.
    Male, 34

    I'm on Facebook -

    1998 Brisbane 2
    2003 Brisbane 1
    2006 LA 1 & 2
    2008 LA 2, San Diego 1 (EV)
    2009 LA 1, 2, 3 & 4, San Diego
    2011 St. Louis (EV)
    2012 Tulsa 1 & 2 (EV)
    2013 Chicago, Dallas & OKC
  • dcp3ydcp3y Louisville KYPosts: 594
    Love the band and the 10C! Please continue and finish the deluxe vinyl series for each album/era. Also, would like some official word of release date and format(s) of PJ20 weekend -> other than the perpetual next Tuesdays from the long standing and not-so-funny inside joke. Would love more blu-ray versions of shows. Best regards, DP
  • TBibbyTBibby Posts: 393
    Release 1998 Bootlegs please. Please. Please.

  • TBibbyTBibby Posts: 393
    mulder11 wrote:
    Tim, thanks for the opportunity to give feedback. As a long-time member, you do a great job. A couple of changes I'd like to see is:
    - fan club only content. Stream a concert either as it happens or immediatley after the fact.
    - appearal - make the appearal something a 40-year old would wear in public.
    - get the band involved with posts from them, here would be great.
    - tickets - the new system is good. Unlesss something else comes along, stick with it to avoid frustration.
    - communication - if the band is not in tour, we still want to hear updates. Stop the speculation about the tour or what the band is thinking. Let us know.
    - give the fan club something's that is truly exclusive. U2 did a great job by allowing fans to select tracks for a fan-club only release. This went over very well to have fanss spend money during a non-touring year.
    - run contests to give away merchandise. Cheap for you, but a $10 t-shirt or something makes a fan for life.

    These are just a few ideas from a long time member not bitching about tickets. Hopefully, you consider some of them.

    Thanks again for a thankless job and all that you do for the fans...
  • TBibbyTBibby Posts: 393
    Re-issue of past years Boots
    if possible, a link between the shop and the tour section - When selecting a bootleg; the setlist should pop up
  • hrd2imgnhrd2imgn Southwest Burbs of ChicagoPosts: 4,330
    We would love some kind of update on PJ20 boots, when, if ever?

    thank you
  • ChrisileinChrisilein Vienna/AustriaPosts: 3,799
    I missed the chance to see the band in Italy 2006! Whenever they come back to Europe, please don't forget to go South again. I'm still dreaming of driving around Italy to see you in placed like Pistoia and/or Verona. That would be my wish!

    Of course, i wouldn't mind if you come back to Vienna again.. ;)

    ..and please release the PJ20 box set
    up here in my tree in Vienna
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  • MissJam81MissJam81 Posts: 1,878
    Wendy Testaburger

    " we're going to take this to some level that people aren't going to forget... and if that means risking your life, we're going to do it!..." EV

  • PineappleAnaPineappleAna Posts: 254
    bigmattk11 wrote:
    This is a long shot and will never happen, but maybe could there be a way that we could take a PJ test that would give some 10 clubbers some better seats. I know there is a number system with what fan you are, but I hate seeing 10 C people around me standing still and mot rocking out. They look like they do not want to be there. IDK it just sucks sometimes.

    The test was to send in the postcard with the five bucks. Looks like you missed it.
  • DS1119DS1119 Posts: 33,497
    When will the band be covering some Black Sabbath?
  • darthvedderdarthvedder Posts: 1,960
    I would like to ask that the band strongly consider playing a non-GA show the next time they play a show in the San Francisco Bay Area. The last time I was able to use my 10C seniority for a local show was 2003. I am beginning to wonder why I keep my membership up to date if I am not receiving the benefit of seniority.

    And a Sacramento show would be nice, too! It's only been 12 years!

    Thanks for letting me express myself.
  • I will give you ten.

    1. Announce all tour dates at once. OR at least tell us what is in the works or might happen so we can plan.

    2. if any dates are tentative or roll over shows, give us a heads up.

    3. Sell single tickets to ten club members.

    4. Sell eddie solo show bootlegs recordings, if still a no, let us trade/post these on the forum.

    5. Allow non-tenclub members to post on the forum, or have tenclub and non-tenclub forum.

    6. Paperless tickets. It's time Pearl Jam does this. Iron Maiden and Radiohead do it.

    7. Change the tenclub ticket policy, Bring back transfers and allow us to cancel for extenuating circumstances.

    8. Give us some cool incentives? Meet & Greet, watch a sound check, and free signed raffle items.

    9. Let more fans pick the setlist. Pick random tenclubers going to shows and let them try.

    10. Fanclub shows!!!

    oh and 11. play more tremor christ.
  • DS1119DS1119 Posts: 33,497
    DS1119 wrote:
    When will the band be covering some Black Sabbath?

    This one too. Thanks in advance.
  • theserialthrillatheserialthrilla Posts: 15,760
    would love (but being greedy) a package every 1/4 like thirdman records.where you get a vinyl Lp with 7" or dvd.this could be old shows or rear items or even side project stuff..but i guess this is a ton of work.and would cost loads..but im willing to pay. :D

    love the boots of the shows. but could we get dvds as well...shows are shown on big screens in some gigs..again i guess cost would be high..

    give away's in the forum..when new merch is released.give one away or random stuff.(that old benny you have in the office)..some of us fans have been doing these little comps for years now...people love them..

    holiday single (xmas) out in the correct year.

    members merch requests..things we really want released..slip mat ,vinyl boxes. better girl merch.(jewelry!) etc.

    time machine so i can go back to pj20..dont tell me no... ;)
  • darthvedderdarthvedder Posts: 1,960
    Can the bootleg code given to us as part of our analog membership be upgraded to just a $9.99 coupon for anything in the store? There is something incongruous about giving codes for mp3s to analog members.

    For Example:
    I could use my code to get the new Jeff Ament album, but I want the best quality possible, so it'd be nice to apply the code towards either the LP or the CD instead.
  • muttley-mlmuttley-ml Posts: 13
    Suziemay wrote:
    I don't know if it's within 10c's control, but I would LOVE for there to be a 10c only area with barricades separating the sections at all GA shows. This made a huge difference in Europe. I have to say, I was kinda terrified of doing all those GA shows in Europe given my first PJ GA experience in the Manchester 2000 (where I alternated between thinking it was the best show ever and thinking I was going to die), but I was pleasantly surprised that for the most part, people were very respectful and courteous other than in Berlin (I went to Prague, Berlin 1&2, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen). I think the difference was Berlin was huge and there were no barricades, so all the people in the back were weaving their way to the front.

    10 clubbers for the most part were very respectful and taking care of each other, I really loved seeing that.

    100% agreed.

    I was in Berlin1 (4th row Mike's side) and the push from behind was almost unbearable (and I'm not exactly "small", being almost 1,90 m and 90 kgs). I stayed there most of the show, but I saw a lot of people forced to move back for excessive push, and that's not fair for someone that pays queues to be in the front rows.
    I think that barricades for 10C area should not be an exception, given all the care that the band reserves to safety at the shows.

  • Jeremys SpokenJeremys Spoken Posts: 7,554
    Fan club only shows

    More shows over all in the US!

    More interaction with Ed and the guys.

    Alpine DVD!

    AET to come back on air

    Put old merchandise up for sale, WE KNOW YOU HAVE EXTRAS OF EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGG
    2008 - MSG 6/24-6/25
    2010 - Newark 5/18 MSG 5/21
    2011 - PJ20 9/3-9/4
    2012 - MIA Festival 9/2
    2013 - Wrigley Field 7/19 Brooklyn 10/18-10/19 Philly 10/22
    2015 - Colbert show - 9/23 Global Citizens Festival 9/26
    2016 - Philly 4/28-4/29 MSG 5/1-5/2

  • Johnny AggroJohnny Aggro Posts: 542
    Hey Tim

    thanks for the opportunity...

    My only concern is the lottery scenario for tickets for shows. I understand 10c want to avoid issues that were present with Crowdsurge and other ticket sales, but we should be able to go online and purchase tickets to shows of our choosing at the time of pre-sale. I don't like the idea of picking say 4 possibilities and waiting to find out which show I am allocated. Time should be invested in truly wrapping up this issue.

    you guys do a great job, and i've said it before, we are so lucky to be part of such a great community, from band, to the 10c and to so many on here!

    RDS Dublin - Aug 26 1995 (Neil Young with Pearl Jam)
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    The Point - Aug 23, 2006
    Wembley Arena - Jun 18, 2007
    Manchester Evening News Arena - Aug 17, 2009
    The O2 - Jun 22, 2010
    Odyssey Arena - Jun 23, 2010
    Manchester Evening News Arena - Jun 20 2012
    Amsterdam Ziggo Dome - Jun 26 2012
    Amsterdam Ziggo Dome - Jun 16 2014
  • wolfamongwolveswolfamongwolves Posts: 2,372
    Hi Tim,

    I would really like to congratulate 10C on how much improved the early entry was on the European tour. I only made it to one non-festival show in Copenhagen, but people who'd done several shows said it had been the procedure for most of the tour.

    The fans system works quite well outside the venue but once the doors open, all bets are off. It can be really gutting when you've been waiting since morning to get a spot at the front and you get beaten to it by people who showed up at 5pm (Manchester '09, anyone?), just because they can run faster than you in the mad scramble once the doors open.

    The system of escorting us in order to the front was so effective and I think most people really appreciated the effort. So, thanks.

    What would impress me even more, though, would be if some boots for the 2007 tour saw the light of day... Please?
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    11: San José
    12: Isle of Wight, Copenhagen, Ed in Manchester & London x2
  • elwayvedderelwayvedder South JerseyPosts: 8,556
    Release more vault and rare items such as the Stuffins Demos?
  • flintstonedflintstoned Posts: 118
    First and foremost - having read this thread, just one thought. If you at least consider 20% of all the good ideas people have, you're on the right track.

    My 2 cents:
    1) More EV solo shows in Europe. I mean, for now it's just UK and A'dam, 6 shows total plus the festival in Portugal (4 locations, 2 UK-based) if I'm correct. More shows would be nice but I don't think it's likely to happen anytime soon. There has to be a good reason why Europe gets a bit sidelined by EV (solo concerts-wise) but as far as I can tell Ukulele Songs, ITW soundtrack and Water on the Road enjoy popularity and solo-shows in the south of Europe/Germany (or Poland for the record but I'm a realist and wouldn't count for a show in Poland) would sell out within minutes as the current mini-tour has shown. Hope that these few shows after the PJ tour are a good sign and EV will return to Europe with his solo-act.

    2) EV solo boots/live CD. Yeah, Water in the Road was great, I made myself an MP3 RIP of the DVD I bought but it's clearly DVD-meant. More music from the EV solo-shows would be nice given that it's different from the PJ shows.

    3) Totally agree on the separate area up front at GA shows. I mean - not just for 10C, let's not make some sort of privilleged religious group out of the club - but in general for people who come early and are fortunate enough to score good place up front. I don't like the 'give me my money's worth' attitude but it's a fact - you pay extra for early entry, you need to come very early to the show and wait in the front for a long time and then at the show some drunk idiots try to ram through the crowd to the barrier. I feel that this issue didn't get enough attention (guessing it didn't look that bad from the stage) - Berlin 1 in that terms was HORRIBLE and IMO dangerous (and trust me, I've been to many many shows of various Polish and international bands and I'm not the kind of a 'sit-through-the-whole-show-and-don't-interrupt' guy.). I'm a big guy and still was close to falling over at times, the pressure was hardly bearable, there were plenty persistent, agressive indivduals pushing from the back and there was just no way for women to make it through the show in the front without rugby-style shielding from their friends/boyfriends. REALLY kinda scary. On the other hand A'dam shows with the separated area up front were pure-perfect. The crowd was energetic but it was safe. Again - I'm not saying 'isolate the front for 10C' - I'm saying make it enjoyable and safe for the people who put their time and energy into making it up front. The separated area up front seems like a perfectly feasible and reasonable solution.

    4)Totally support the 10C only-show in a smaller venue idea. Again, I would make it timid - just 1 show once in a while would be nice. I remember that in '09 there was some kind of smaller-venue 10C show in the UK pre-Backspacer? A similar thing before the new album would be nice. You can hear the 'uniqueness' of such events in the Benaroya/Vic boots.

    5)I second the idea that announcing the whole tour (or at least what's in the making) at once (before the tickets go on sale) would be nice. This year I had to make a decision on purchasing tickets once the Euro-tour was announced and then A'dam 2 and Berlin 2 were added (had I known that in advance, my trip-plans could turn out differently). I do realize that it is hardly doable since the respective shows depended on general demand - just a general remark.

    6) Ticket prices (I will say from a perspective of a Polish guy traveling to European shows). The ticket-prices are really high, especially if you don't receive your salary in euros. Over 60 euros for a ticket is really, really steep. I realize that it's how it is and there's inflation and these are regular prices, but man... I remember paying 110zl (20-25 euros) for a ticket to Chorzów 07 show. In 09 it was about 50 euros for Berlin, now it was 62, not to mention EV shows. I'm aware it won't change and that I'm privilleged to afford going to concerts but in some regions it's more of a luxury to see PJ live than you would think.

    Now it's gonna be less serious and less imporant (IMO) stuff.

    Starting with the less serious :)
    7) Pretty please, play in Poland. It's great that you played Prague and it was probably impossible to do a show in Poland with the Euros around but consider Poland in your tour plans. You know that Polish fans are hardcore and dedicated and now there are kick-ass venues in Poland (both stadiums and arenas) to top it. Not to mention that there was no no-festival PJ gig in Poland since the memorable Katowice '00 (in Chorzów PJ had to cut the show short because of sharing stage with Linkin Park and curfew, Heineken 09 was a festival gig). I guess that this remark about under-privilleged areas show wise would apply to Eastern Europe as well (Balkans, Ukraine, Russia) and that there are places with even less PJ live presence than Poland. But for selfish reasons I will put Poland first :). To me, it always seems like a great idea for PJ to play Poland.

    Now for the less important (merch):
    8) The PJ20 backpack was great (my friend got it), the Loomstate backspacer drummer T-Shirt is just SPECTACULAR. More apparel-merch of this sort (well-thought, reasonably priced, with a cool design) would be nice.

    9) The Deluxe PJ20 movie sale was kind of a dud. Many people (myself included) just didn't expect it to sell out before it actually went on sale. And now the flippers reign the ebay. A heads-up would be nice.

    10) It's great that the posters (older ones incl.) are on sale through the website. I remember trying to score EV Klausen posters via Ebay and their flipped prices.
    Chorzów 2007, Berlin 2009, Berlin 2010
    AMSTERDAM 2012, BERLIN 2012 !!!
  • KathiKathi Posts: 1,826
    I personally thought the lottery system worked fine, and though it's still not the ideal solution, it's a lot better than sitting in front of your screen for ages and refreshing in any case. I also kind of like that you have to buy two tickets - I got in contact with so many fans simply because I had spares, and I made new friends by that. Please keep all European shows GA with early entry...I've never been to any PJ US shows (hopefully someday soon), but I've heard from many Americans that the atmosphere is a lot better with that system.

    I know everyone's been asking to get a Southern European tour, but I'd actually prefer Central-Eastern Europe....Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, maybe Croatia and Serbia. You could also play Vienna as it's close by. ;)

    Please do no code and yield box sets.

    Fan-club only show would be awesome. You could choose a mid-sized venue, so it's a change from arenas but still gives a reasonable number of fans a chance to be there.

    There's more, but I'm going to conclude with a thank you for now. Ticket pick-up and early entry were very smooth on this tour in most cases, people were respectful and not jumping all over each other once doors opened. The way everyone looks out for each other, be it with hotel space, spare tickets, or giving each other room at the front is uncomparable to anything I've ever witnessed before. It is a true community, and having a fan club and a band who cares about their fans certainly influences that spirit. So, thanks.
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