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    I can't believe it has been five years. good times!
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
  • Show #2 for my brother and I
    Decided to go on Friday the 2nd, Stayed up all night and flew in Sat am.
    Slept at O'Hare during a 4 hour layover to get to Milwaukee. We were rookies in the traveling game
    Fast Forward to 2014 where we drove from Milwaukee back to Detroit, where we flew into for our 4 show Midwest tour.
    This year we went to the south. Did Greenville to Columbia. Made up for Raleigh by going to NYC 1 with our 10C refund.
    And... then we flew to Chicago for Wrigley 1 after Fenway. Stayed up all night at O'Hare for a 6 am flight back to Boston.
    PJ has let us see the parts of the South and Midwest.
    We refuse to get passports because it will lead to travel to Canada and see them in venues where the stupid Canadians play.
    We should have been ready for the Quebec show tho since they said F the Habs!!!

    Hail, Hail TB12
    2010 - Boston
    2011 - Alpine 1 & 2 --- EV - Providence & Boston - Tres Mts - Boston
    2012 - Missoula
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    2014 - Detroit, Moline, St. Paul, Milwaukee
    2016 - Greenville, Hampton, Columbia, New York City 1, Fenway 1 & 2, Wrigley 1
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    depooter said:
    drsluggo wrote:
    Did anyone see what they left off last night? It felt so abrupt that had to have left more than one song off from what was on the setlist...

    I dont know if I really want to know, but curiosity is going strong! :)

    Yeah, the left off Yesterdays, Down, I got Shit, Crown of Thorns and Indifference. Also, Say Hello 2 Heaven wasn't on the setlist last night...
    Wonder why they cut it so short, I'll keep reading :)
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