WINNER-Autographed Microphone-WINNER

brianwpbrianwp Posts: 125
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OK, I have selected one of the posters to this thread as the winner.
Many of you guys wrote some really nice things, I felt the only fair way to do this was by a totally random drawing.

And the winner is...



Please PM your address and I will send it out sometime this week.

Thanks all and let's keep the positive vibes flowing here.


It's pretty moving to see how our community takes care of each other.

I purchased an autographed microphone signed by Eddie Vedder as part of the Save the Earth Foundation Charity Auction back in 2005. Since then it has been sitting in a box in my closet (what a waste!).
I don't regret the purchase since the money went to a good cause, and it just wouldn't feel right selling it.

I would like to give it to someone that will possibly have a better use for it.

There have been many awesome people giving away many things lately so please only reply if you have not been the recipient of anyone else’s generosity.

I'll pick someone in a few days, just reply to the post.

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  • RedMosquito22RedMosquito22 Posts: 8,158
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    This would be a dream come true for me being a vocalist and would go perfectly with my relic'd McCready guitar in my PJ shrine!!!!!!! This is one hell of a giveaway bro. I am honored just to be entered. hahahahaha

    Honestly, everyday I am on these boards I am amazed at the genorosity of the 10 club members. This contest is another testament to this. Win or lose, I am just proud to be a part of the best group of people in the world!!!

    Here is the McCready guitar I just had relic'd to look like his beat up '59
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  • arqarq Posts: 7,855
    How awesome! :clap:

    It feels like xmas in January :D
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  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 56,765
    Kick ass man! Anthony from No Code would love something like this.
  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 136,484
    Nice to be Nice to the Nice.. ;) .
    Thank you!!thats awesome!! :)
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  • CJMST3KCJMST3K Posts: 9,721
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    mighty cool of you Brian!!

    I'd actually probably plug in in and sing with it in my home studio, and when not in use, keep it hanging on a wall for display... so dual use. :D

    Good luck to everyone!
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  • EJE201EJE201 Mason, MIPosts: 318
    Very generous! I am not a singer so I cant put it to use but I would love to put it on display. Thanks for the offer.
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  • billyruffbillyruff Posts: 531
    WOW thats Awesome...Thanks for the opportunity...
  • elwayvedderelwayvedder South JerseyPosts: 8,270
    as much as any of us would love to have this item, i say donate it to this:

  • pdalowskypdalowsky Doncaster,UKPosts: 13,574
    unreal. what a fantasticly cool thing to do

    please throw my name in, i'd dearly love to add this to my PJ museum....

    Thanks for your kindness
  • Awesome giveaway. It would be a dream to receive an autographed microphone. Please add my name to the contestants.

    Thanks for the great giveaway and the generosity.

    Thanks so much!!
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  • LukinFanLukinFan Florida Posts: 27,643
    very, very cool of you to do this!

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  • TWHoltTWHolt Moncton, NBPosts: 367
    I'm simply in awe at the generosity and character of many on this board. What a great give away. Cheers to you and all the best in the new year!!!!

    Could my name be added to the potentials?! ;) :D
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  • Abe FromanAbe Froman Posts: 3,750
    This is awesome. I would use it for sure! Thanks for the chance!!
  • spencer958spencer958 Louisville, KYPosts: 279
    I have been collecting autographs for about 15 years(mostly sports)and have never gotten anyone from PJ. I have tried many, many times. This would be the gem of my collection and be PROUDLY displayed! Thanks for the opportunity!!!!
  • PNuttyJamPNuttyJam Posts: 833
    WOW! I'm in and then some. This would get full enshrinement treatment at home. Thanks for the opportunity!
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  • I would LOVE to have this to use as an auction item at the Seattle Team McCready benefit!!
  • elwayvedderelwayvedder South JerseyPosts: 8,270
    I would LOVE to have this to use as an auction item at the Seattle Team McCready benefit!!

    I already tried!!

  • release23420release23420 Posts: 1,176
    todays MY Birtyday i would dig the mic :mrgreen:
  • ranger800ranger800 Posts: 103
    Very cool of you to do this. Thanks for the opportunity.
  • dr0ptheleashdr0ptheleash Posts: 1,264
    WOW.. as you said, SO much generosity on these boards. What a wonderful family to be a part of. Maybe we could have it floating around the 10c members who are interested. See how many spots around the world one mic could go! Take a bottle drink it down, passssssss it around

    Thanks for such a great opportunity!
  • DissidentmanDissidentman Posts: 15,377
    WOW.. as you said, SO much generosity on these boards. What a wonderful family to be a part of. Maybe we could have it floating around the 10c members who are interested. See how many spots around the world one mic could go! Take a bottle drink it down, passssssss it around

    Thanks for such a great opportunity!

    I like this idea...
  • dccrash23dccrash23 Posts: 160
    Wow! Awesome ten club members! Please put my name in the hat!
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  • weekapaug19weekapaug19 Posts: 2,226
    awesome thing to do, just bought a house and am looking for things to put in the bar/game area in the basement....this would be displayed nicely. Thanks for the offer!! Happy new year
  • strummersstrummers Posts: 2,611
    Cheers man,that would be an awesome thing to own! :D

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  • bravo! good luck everyone.
  • Very generous, I bought one of the Benayora Hall vinyls during the charity auction PJ had after the tsunami. It feels good to do something nice for others.
    I will scream my lungs out till it fills this room.
  • Dead Man WalkingDead Man Walking Toronto-ishPosts: 2,712
    I would love to have an opportunity to win this.

    I would not sing in it, I would not even touch it. It would sit in a glass case directly in front of the photos of my two children on the fire mantle...

    Awesome giveaway, thanks so much.
  • pdalowskypdalowsky Doncaster,UKPosts: 13,574
    Hey just a thought with something as unique as this maybe do a raffle type thing and raise a bit of cash for a charity??

    I mean its awesome you are giving this away but i think many would throw in say $10 for a chance of winning it and you raise some money at the same time
  • PJ88PJ88 Birthplace of the Toll House CookiePosts: 1,074
    What a wonderful gesture! Many thanks to you for doing this and please add my name. Thanks again.
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