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FrankBauerFrankBauer Posts: 441
edited November 2010 in Given To Fly (live)
in honor of 20th Ann, Bridge, and Dimitris...lottery style poster giveaway....

have the 4 LA posters (Maxx, Taka, Acorn, and Munk1) from 2009 for grabs...


to enter, just post your favorite PJ moment in the past 20 years...could be about the band itself, experiences at concert, experiences with family, forum member, whatever....

one entry per member, give it about a week say next saturday 12pm EST. winner takes all...


Thanks for playing!
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  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 137,361
    :o what a great offer!!!!!amazing!!!thank you Chris ...

    as for the question of the thread....

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  • wflava8wflava8 Posts: 11
    Wow great contest - always love the PJ fans that this thoughtful and generous.

    My favorite Pearl Jam moment came before a show in Mansfield, Ma in 2003, during PJ's epic 3 night stand where they played what seemed like 95% of their known catalog. I was with my cousin and my best friend in the parking lot before the show, and as we each said and agreed that we would love to hear them play Low Light - we heard them sound checking it as the song poured out into the parking lot. Coincidentally, at this point, the sun had begun setting over the venue. It was one of those special moments that sticks with you forever.

    Thanks again for the contest!!!
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  • jshinjshin Posts: 1,759
    Very cool of you!

    For me its meeting the Love of my life and seeing my first PJ show...all in 1998.
    I ain't got no fly'n shoes..

  • PNuttyJamPNuttyJam Posts: 833

    Chicago - United Center 98 - Baba O'Reily - Ed singing to the back of the stage and pointing at my dumbass jumping up and down like a maniac. House lights up. The entire arena going bonkers. Will never forget that scene.
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  • samjamsamjam New YorkPosts: 9,283
    The 2 MSGs were my first PJ shows- words can't even describe how amazing those were! Honestly the happiest 2 nights of my life!

    thanks for the opportunity!
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  • thefixer9thefixer9 Posts: 9,376
    One of my favorite Pearl Jam moments of all time is when they tagged War onto Daughter during the show at the Showbox, Awesome!!!!! Thank you!!!!
    Tres Mts- 3/16/2011
    Eddie Vedder- 7/16/11
    Brad- 4/21/12 (RSD Performance), 4/27/12, 8/10/12
    Flight To Mars- 5/23/12
    RNDM- 11/27/12

    PEARL JAM- 12/6/13 I have finally seen Pearl Jam live!
  • veddertownveddertown ScotlandPosts: 5,260
    Another great piece of generosity on the forum! :clap: My favourite PJ moment was a collective one, that being the Euro tour this year. I can't believe it took me all that time to see a PJ show but in the end I saw 4 great ones in 8 days and it eclipsed my entire gig going life just like that! I met so many great people who I now regard as friends and experienced hearing so many songs I once thought I might never hear. From the opening chords of Long Road in Dublin, my favourite song Sometimes opening in Belfast, the huge sing-a-longs during Nothingman, Small Town and Betterman in Hyde Park and the emotions felt during an amazing show in Berlin which I felt really privileged to be a part of. Impossible to pick out one moment from it all as a favourite but I now understand the community that follows the band and feel part of something really special after all I felt this summer..... :D Nice thread!!
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  • JzPJzP Posts: 931
    Great offer! I guess what stands out in my mind was buying the tape of ten when I was younger not knowing a thing about the band. It took maybe 2 years later for me to pick up the tape again and my infatuation began..
    Thanks for the opportunity my friend.
  • Hey thanx!!

    For me, it would have to be winning tickets to c their sold-out show back in '94 on the radio the day of.....was pretty well reserved in the fact that i wasn't going to c them when luck intervened that afternoon......sitting in a 4,000 seat venue and just looking around as Ed's voice filled the hall during "Release" is still one of my favourite concert going moments of all time!!
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    '94 Detroit
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    '14 Detroit
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    '18 Chicago 1 and 2
  • FrankieGFrankieG Abingdon MDPosts: 9,090
    Favorite Moment has to be the 4 Philly Shows in 2009. Best Week of my life! :mrgreen:

    Thanks for the offer! :D
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  • ahill721ahill721 Posts: 2,071
    My experience is sharing 8/24/09 with my wife. Her first show, my first brother. She was also 8 months pregnant at the time and was a trooper! Standing through the show. I also hope my son got some vibes in utero
  • elwayvedderelwayvedder South JerseyPosts: 8,627
    Holding Yield in my hand on 2.3.98 and meeting my friend who saw it and asked if i liked PJ. we became buds, and 3 years later he intro'd me to the woman now my wife of almost 8 years and mother of my 2 boys. All because of this band!!
  • EZ1221CEZ1221C Posts: 2,645
    My favorite PJ moment was YL at Philly 4 last year. It was a surreal moment, with the confetti raining down and I will never forget it as long as I live. Quite a first show.
  • Empty GlassEmpty Glass In Rob's shedPosts: 12,328
    Nice Lottery!!

    Favorite moment has to be my first. Seeing Ed take the stage in Austin Texas, 1995 in a long trench coat on what had to be a 100 degree day. My first show, which has lead to many more.
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  • GREAT contest!!

    My best Pearl Jam moment would be the Spectrum shows. The energy of the 4-day celebration that was the end of the Spectrum was an Amazing one. I met so many PJ fans from all over the WORLD, put faces to board names, and helped out at the Wishlist fund raisers. Then, after requesting that Sweet Lew be played for the 1st time, they did it. WOW, almost a year has past........let's do it all over again!! :D
  • jamminpearlsjamminpearls Posts: 7,078
    My favorite PJ memory/moment is by far the 4 shows at the spectrum. The greatest 4 shows at my favorite and 1st sporting venue ever.
    Go Birds!!!!
  • RW8297RW8297 Posts: 1,430
    i remember being a kid in early 90's and listening to some poor sound quality audience recordings and having lots of thrills. each show was a huge experience. still have a few tapes that gave me so much joy. those were the days i never forget...
    ...and nothing has changed. simply amazing.
  • gndcd402gndcd402 Posts: 2,553
    Awesome offer!!! My favorite moment was when Ed came out and sang "Don't Be Shy" in DC ' first PJ show ever and first time hearing PJ live!
  • going into a record store and buying a few 7" get home play one or two then this song called alive comes on..

    my life has been changed for 20 years thanks to that stickman on the cover that made me buy it .
  • emjotemjot Posts: 2,716
    My favourite PJ moment....

    Do i have to say more? 8-);)
    Honestly,standing there,waiting for "unknown" to come,being so close to the stage,then seeing Pearl Jam for the very first time in my life,so many emotions,i was like "Wooooooooow,i'm seeing PEARL JAM right now,holy shit!" :o
    This moment will stay with me forever.

    Another thing i remember,very important moment.... i don't exactly know how many years ago,probably about 15 or sooo... i was watching some "Idol" style programme and there was a guy who was singing THE SONG.... i didn't know that song yet,i didn't know the band yet... but straight after the show i started to search because the song was amazing.... And then i've found a guy who owned a cd of that band... He made a copy for me,i took it home and it became one of the the most important albums in my life.... The album is called Ten... THE SONG is called Alive.... The band is called PEARL JAM 8-):D
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  • mfc2006mfc2006 PDX--->KCPosts: 33,572
    my favorite moment has to be going to ACL with my wife last year. it was her first show & i hadn't seen them since 2003. sure, it was muddy and the stench of sewage was strong....but it was AWESOME!!!

  • blenderman69blenderman69 phillyPosts: 2,050
    my favorite moment...watching pearl jam play at 1:30 in the morning at the last show ever at philadelphia's famous spectrum arena on holloween...ed was worn out but mike just had to play yellow ledbetter and the complete star spangeled banner as millions of pieces of streaming confetti fell on everyone...still gives me goosebumps :mrgreen:
  • pjfan31pjfan31 Posts: 7,328
    My favourite Pearl Jam moment would have to be meeting Eddie after a concert, and him putting his arm around me. I swear to god, my knees were shaking...

    Thanks for the opportunity my friend...
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  • ryph raphryph raph Posts: 842
    I was fortunate enough to be turned on to this band before "Ten" was ever released.And was able to see them 3 times between Oct of 1991 and July of 1992. The first time in a hall that sat 3000, the second in a bar with about 600 other people, and the third time at Lollapalooza where I met Dave Abruze and partied with him on the lawn at Blossom Music Center. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
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    10-11-13 Pittsburgh
    10-12-13 Buffalo
    10-29-13 Charlottesville
    4-18-16 Hampton
    8-22-16 Chicago

  • mickeyratmickeyrat Posts: 20,988
    well, been a fan since Ten was released. Have only seen them twice, the last being this past May. The highlight was taking a friend to HER firsat PJ show and seeing the joy on her face as the show played out.the show and setlist was highly emotional for me on a personal level and to be able to share that with a good friend who's seen me through some hard times , well, it was priceless.

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  • lastchild11lastchild11 Posts: 1,117
    Thanks for the contest!

    I guess i'll go with my 1st PJ show. Dallas 2000
    Dallas TX 10/17/00
    Oklahoma City 4/3/03
    Dallas TX 6/9/03
    Memphis TN 6/20/09 (Eddie)
    Kansas City MO 4/3/10
    Little Rock AR 8/28/10 (Eddie, WM3 rally)
    St Louis MO 7/1/11 (Eddie)
    Dallas TX 11/15/12 (Eddie)
    Tulsa OK 11/18/12 (Eddie)
    Tulsa OK 11/19/12 (Eddie)
    Dallas TX 11/15/13
    Oklahoma City 11/16/13
  • For me it was taking my dad to Boston 3 in 2003 at 63 years old. Scored my best seats to date in the 7th row
    1996 - Ft Lauderdale
    1998 - West Palm Beach 1
    2000 - West Palm Beach 1&2
    2003 - WPB,Tampa,Atlanta,Camden 1&2,MSG 1&2, Boston 3,Hershey Park
    2004 - Asheville, Kissimmee
    2008 - West Palm Beach,Tampa,Columbia,Virginia Beach, Mansfield 1&2
    2010 - Hartford,Boston,Newark, MSG 1&2
    2011 - PJ20 1&2, Costa Rica
    2013 - Wrigley,Brooklyn 1&2,Seattle
    2014 - Denver,Mountain View 1&2
    2015 - Bogata, Mexico City
    2016 - Ft Lauderdale,Miami,Tampa,NYC 1&2,Telluride,Fenway 1&2,Wrigley 1&2

  • my son is a "country music" mostly kinda kid - but he had his license for about a week and asked if he could use my truck one saturday and of course I said yes
    He came back and said "Wow! Pearl Jam is great when you are driving!"
    He was so right, the power of this band in a moving car is beyond words...
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  • GardenpartyGardenparty Posts: 1,900
    wow, i was at all 4 of these shows but tight on cash at the time. Would love these!

    favorite ever probably
    MSG night one '03

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  • Given to...Given to... WyomingPosts: 4,885
    That would be Cinci 03.

    They stayed dry and wrote songs into the wee hours... ;)
    "...would you like some forks?" EV 12-02-06
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