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    Being a fan of Alice for so long and being such a fan of Layne's I don't know if I could see them. Duvall is great, and he really tried to old Alice justice, and I believe he does. Here is my problem... I can play the record if I want to hear the song, but when I show up at the show, Layne. and Mike for that matter, will not be there. Would you see Soundgarden without Chris? I could not even imagine it.
    You're not watching Alice in Chains with Layne. Youre watching Alice in Chains with Duvall. A seperate entity. 

    It's not meant to replace what you have seen/heard before or the albums you own. Just like John Carpenters The Thing doesn't replace the original film. 

    In my world I hate more when new bands play former bands hits (Audioslave for example playing RATM and Soundgarden songs) and don't trust the creative integrity of the new band, than band members having to be replaced. Or when a band like KISS hires new guys and forces them to imitate (makeup and style) former members.

    But I would prefer if AiC trusted their new material more and the things they have created together. That would also solve the thing with someone singing Laynes lyrics somewhat, because it would be less of it during their setlists.

    And if Soundgarden went out and toured with Tori Amos on vocals, I'd watch it. It wouldn't be that Soundgarden, but instead this Soundgarden. And the love for that Soundgarden wouldn't disapear, and the this could be ignored they sucked, or not ignored if Tori Amos delivers and they make something creative out of it. 

    I think AiC are doing it in a pretty classy way, but as I said - I wished they trusted their stuff more and not toured as much as a nostalgia act with a new singer. You can't reject your entire history ofcourse, then you might as well change bandname. But yes.
    What I meant was that I go for who is onstage now, I don't go just to hear the songs. When a member is replaced or, in this scenario, members, it changes the meaning of band for me. I have seen the current Alice and they were great. Duvall sounds just like Layne in many songs. I am just expressing my opinion saying certain past members have more meaning than current members. I am not saying Duvall or any other replacement can't cut it.
    Haha. And I don't know what I'm saying. But the bolded is something I don't like. Would rather someone come in with their own perspective and creativity to a "cover" than try to copy someone else. Not saying that Duvall copies Layne, i don't really remember how Duvall sounds live on the old songs.

    But that extends to bands playing covers too. 

    Rather hear Ryan Adams acoustic take on Taylor Swifts Shake it off than some rock band do another tired "1:1" cover of All along the Watchtower.

    He may not be trying to copy Layne, but in a sense he must, because that's what the songs sound like. This is why I go for who's on stage now. Duvall sounds great on the old songs, but so did Layne. 
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    If they played 75% or more of the ‘new’ AIC material, then I would be interested in seeing them. 

    But again, I still see them too much as a glorified cover band. New single is great. 
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