Columbus area Pearl Jam fan gone missing...



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    Sorry to hear about Kevin, energy and loving thoughts sent to Ohio. Sent for his family and friends also, visiting my sister in hospice was surreal and basically sucked, even though they made it as peaceful and friendly an atmosphere as they could. 

    His father's death has always struck me as so unfair and freaky. It does pour when it rains. 

    I check this thread whenever I come on here. A resolution for his brother's sake would be nice. 

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    I randomly was thinking about brian today, how crazy it is someone could vanish so abruptly with no answers. It seems almost supernatural. I was floored at how long its been since i first learned of his disappearance. It doesn't seem that long since i first read about his story right here on the porch, crazy how fast the time goes. 
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    My thoughts and Prayers are with Family & All who knew him. This is a huge thread so I might be repeating someone else who might have said this. In the news & true crime stories talk about people who have had a head injury, and truly don't remember anything, who they are, family, or where they live. Do you think that could have happened? I read about the homeless man who thinks he saw him but when he spoke out that people were looking for him there wasn't any reaction. I hate posting about this, but I also read about his Moms death right before he went missing, and the stress. I lost my only sister in 2015, then in 2017 both of her sons, Nate 28 & Tony 30 to a heroin overdose. It devastated me, and this is so hard to post but it does happen I had a nervous breakdown. For months I don't remember anything I did, who I talked to nothing and I still don't. It wasn't until I became violent which is not like me, I was hospitalized. It does happen, and I think I didn't wander off because I'm in a wheelchair and being able to leave alone is physically not possible.
    We can only Pray and keep the faith because there have been sightings.
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    I'm sorry about the number of quotes I didn't mean it and no matter what I do I have to post sorry to all.
    I only wanted to say this is one forum, and yes he is a fan, and yes this was a great place to post especially now with the shows in the states his picture is fresh in our minds and I know I'll be aware to watch out. To put this to rest, which was not appropriate to post here but yes people go missing every day how do we know this because family & friends are desperate to find them. First, they call the authority, and then the news in some cases, and if it was my friend I would POST EVERYWHERE THEY HAD INTERESTS. If he was a fan of any band or celebrity he followed and they had a chat room, forum, anywhere he might look, yes I and I'm sure you would too that's how people are found, isn't it? Personally, if I get tickets I will print his picture so I'm positive I saw him.
    Again sorry for all the quotes it was an error.
    God Bless, Brenda
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    These are words from the organizers of this event. I know a lot of you are far, but there are also many who are near. All are welcome to join.

    The Brian Shaffer March For The Missing is being held April 15, 2018 at 12:00pm in Columbus Ohio. We will begin the March at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. This will be a group of family members, friends, advocates, and the general public uniting to distribute Missing Person Flyers from Ohio. From The College of Medicine we will walk/March to The King Avenue United Methodist Church where we will have a group prayer for the Missing and their families. We will leave the Church and continue marching down King Avenue and past the apartment of Brian Shaffer until we reach the Ugly Tuna Saloona. We will then turn around and March the way we came ending up back at The King Avenue United Methodist Church where we will have a reception. During the reception we will hear from Maureen Reintjes from NameUs, and The Ohio Attorney Generals office will be set up with Project Link. Project Link is where they take the DNA of family members and run it against their John Doe database to see if their loved one has been found. There are a couple of other things in the works but they are not finalized. We will end the reception with a dessert and beverage bar (coffee, water, soda). 

    Back to me:

    College of Medicine at OSU to King Avenue UMC is about 10 minutes at most...under a half-mile. King Avenue UMC to Ugly Tuna is about a half-mile.

    I'm not sure of the exact route, but it shouldn't be more than three miles total.

    Parking: Because the church will have regular services during the march, it's been asked to respect their parking lot and park elsewhere. There should be ample street parking in the neighborhood around the church. Please obey signs regarding permits, but being a weekend, I believe most of the restrictions are lifted. There are meters (free on Sundays) a bit north along Neil. Failing all other options, OSU has a garage at 345 W. 9th Avenue. Expect to pay around $7 cash or card, but it's a safe option where you won't be ticketed or towed.

    Facebook page:

    Facebook event:

    There's also a podcast of interest at: and no, that's not a coincidence. The band gave permission to use the song for the cause.
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    I'm local and will try to make the event. I think about his disappearance so often and just wish there were answers.
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    I'm local and will try to make the event. I think about his disappearance so often and just wish there were answers.

    Thanks! Of course, feel free to invite whoever you'd like.
    Presidential Advice from President-Elect Mike McCready: "Are you getting something out of this all encompassing trip?"
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