*** Columbia, SC Fanviews Here 4/21/16 ***

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Pearl Jam
Colonial Life Arena
Columbia, SC
April 21, 2016
Set List

Walk On Music: Pendulumorphosis
Band On Stage: 08:33
Band Off Stage: 11:37

01. Oceans
02. Low Light
03. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
04. Animal
05. Mind Your Manners
06. Do The Evolution
07. Lightning Bolt
08. Given To Fly
09. Immortality
10. Even Flow
(Ed compliments the audience on their good energy especially after the terrible news today that Prince had passed away. Everyone in the band appreciated and admired Prince as songwriter and musician. “He was certainly a guy I expected to still be playing when he was in his eighties.” Ed goes onto say that, “..Prince was one of the greatest guitar players in the world.” “He will be missed.”
11. Light Years
12. Marker In The Sand
(Not every song is about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Some songs are sexy to genius’s and scientists. Some songs are about what is going to happen to the world and greedy corporations. If someone tells you (we aren’t getting warmer) look into their background and consider the source.)-loose approximation of what EV said.
13. Infallible
14. Jeremy
15. I Got ID
16. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break One
(Ed sees a woman in the audience with a Michigan license plate that says “VEDDER”. He asks her if she made it while she was in prison noting that Detroit woman are tough. He spots another women in the audience holding a Cubs sign. He tells her the score (16 to 0). He also notes that is his mother’s birthday as well as Glen Hansard’s (“a great singer”). He ask the audience to do him a favor and sing happy birthday to his mother so he looks like he isn’t a terrible son. The audience obliges him.)

17. Rise (Eddie Vedder song from Into The Wild soundtrack performed on mandolin. First time played at a Pearl Jam concert)

(Ed says his mom hawked her wedding ring so he could buy his first guitar. He paid her back eventually by working a minimum wage job at Long’s Drugs. "It was a great sacrifice on her part.” He says the line in the next song about a clip on world is a reference to when he worked at Long’s and had to wear a clip on neck tie.)

18. Sleight Of Hand

(“This doesn’t have anything to do with songs but the Cub’s Jake Arrieta pitched a no hitter. I know a lot of you don’t care but I don’t care that you don’t care. Next time the Gamecocks do something great I will get excited. Gamecocks! Chug It!” (takes big slug of wine)

19. Footsteps
(This is for Janell and her husband Michael. Michael just retired from the Navy)
20. All Those Yesterdays
21. Corduroy
22. Got Some
23. Wasted Reprise
(Ed addresses the Raleigh cancellation. He says that it was a very difficult decision but one they had to make. He says if you question the timing it was because we were doing everything we could do to try and play the show until the decision had to (switch?). He notes that South Carolina has a similar bill pending S. 1203 and hopes that it will get rejected.)
24. Life Wasted
25. Porch

Encore Break Two

(Ed comments on Jeff’s Unfuck The World shirt. Jeff says his friend Angel Olsen made the shirt and is in the audience tonight and he compliments her band. The band starts to play surprising Ed a little bit. They play about 30 seconds of Purple Rain by Prince as Ed says they have been thinking about Andy Wood. They guys start playing..)

26. Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns-(Mother Love Bone, A. Wood)
27. State Of Love And Trust (Ed hands mic to guys on the barricade for some hey oh’)
28. Black
29. Alive
30. Rockin' In The Free World-(Young)
(EV has the audience pass a tambourine back to a young girl that has been sitting on her dad’s shoulders all night)
31. Yellow Ledbetter (Mike references Purple Rain again during his solo)

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Thanks John for the set list & notes.


  • KR151056KR151056 Posts: 15
    Greenville ROCKED...personally it was the best PJ has looked and sounded at any show I've attended. That left me with high hopes for the Raleigh, NC that we were going to attend with friends...we all know how that didn't play out. So today started with tempered excitement after fallout from Raleigh, NC.

    Does PJ know we understand they have politically charged opinions but, most of us have followed their music career, bought merch, tickets, Ten Club memberships, etc. because of their infectious musical talent, and not their opinions on social issues and politics? Outs the same when I go to the polls to vote. I don't choose my political candidates based on their taste in music.

    Though I do appreciate PJ's online activism forum where they share with fans issues and causes they are currently championing.

    So today we tried to start w a clean PJ slate, manage our expectations, and after shuttling the kids off to school, put on our "We
  • HH140540HH140540 AtlantaPosts: 260
    Wow, unbelievable show. Thought the set list had some real highlights. The sound was great from where I sat.
  • TamaDrummer91TamaDrummer91 VAPosts: 1,134
    edited April 2016
    Both SC shows were awesome.

    Really nice setlist tonight, great crowd, good sound, positive energy, and all around awesome vibes. Out of my three so far I think I slightly preferred Hampton, VA to the SC shows, but not by much. They all 3 were EXCELLENT! All 3 were very different in their way, but they are all probably my top 3 out of 9 shows I've seen.

    That fucking Columbia poster is beautiful too! The colors pop and have such depth.
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  • ruggs1996ruggs1996 Posts: 535
    12th PJ show tonight, my favorite show ever. This show in my opinion blew away Greenville. Crowd was so into it. Unbelievable set list and energy
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  • Ed vocals were off the chart tonight!
  • what dreamswhat dreams Posts: 942

    Ed vocals were off the chart tonight!

  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 135,043
    Awesome setlist..im sure u guys had a blast!!!
    Thanks Sea!
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  • mhoffmanbostonmhoffmanboston Chicago, ILPosts: 11
    Thank you boys! I took my 10 Y/O to her second show. She left with two picks and the set list. An unforgettable evening. I can sleep! Thank You! Can't wait for Wrigley!
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  • ComeToTXComeToTX AustinPosts: 5,754
    18th show and I finally got Oceans!
    This show, another show, a show here and a show there.
  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 135,043
    ComeToTX said:

    18th show and I finally got Oceans!

    Awesome dude!!congrats!!
    "...Dimitri...He talks to me...'.."The Ghost of Greece..".
    "..That's One Happy Fuckin Ghost.."
    “..That came up on the Pillow Case...This is for the Greek, With Our Apologies.....”
  • markymark550markymark550 Columbia, SCPosts: 4,226
    C&P my post from the roll call thread:

    Great show. Nice, varied setlist tonight. It amazes me how this band puts together a different show every time and has always left me happy and grateful to have been there. Hope they don't wait 8 years to come back to Columbia!

    Two guys in the row in front of me got kicked out, at best, for smoking pot. I'm betting they got arrested though. Don't know what you expected with the police literally watching you while you were smoking.

    To the couple beside my wife and I (you would be section 106, row 25, seats 3 & 4), it was a pleasure to experience the show with you. You guys rocked! Safe travels back to Illinois. To the ladies in row 25 seats 1 & 4, you ladies rocked the fuck out! It's always great to be at a show where the people around you are as into it as much as yourself.

    Peace, love, Pearl Jam!
  • TamaDrummer91TamaDrummer91 VAPosts: 1,134
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    In the hotel room. Still buzzing from the show, so much wonderful energy in the arena tonight. The closing 6 song stretch of the main set was a huge highlight and worked so well together...

    Light Years
    Marker in the Sand.
    I Got Shit

    That resulted in a slightly darker edge to the tone of the set, but add the tons of energy in there. It was epic.

    And Oceans! And SOH. This tour has been fantastic. Hanging out with Bill Alexander and Mauro Escudero was a good time tonight! Made new friends, awesome show, it's just such a positive energy. It was a gorgeous day in Columbia. The arena was cool too. For a place that holds 19K, it felt intimate. I noticed a couple rough edges to some songs but overall a tight performance tonight. Ed has been on fire these shows, as has the entire band. His vocals on Low Light were powerful and he held the long note very well. I'm very glad I am able to hit 4 shows this tour.
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  • After Greenville, I tried to lower my expectations thinking they just couldn't do much better. Well, The boys brought it tonight! Great set list with a good mix. But, the highlight for me was taking my two daughters to their first Pearl Jam show. We were fortunate enough to score one more GA tic about 20 minutes before entering the CLA! That meant the three of us were in the pit together. It's pretty cool when your own daughters are rocking out to their dad's favorite band! We were about eight "rows" back on Mike's side. My first time in the pit...it was incredible! We made friends with a few guys around us...they telling us we were in for a treat, and they were right. The sound was perfect. Ed "surfing" the crowd was really cool...he was about 15 feet from us. Looked like the band was having fun too...don't know how they do it night after night. The tribute to Prince was very well done...easy to tell that they really respect Prince's many talents. As if all that wasn't enough, Ed raised a toast to the Gamecocks! Thanks to the band for a night that will not be forgotten!!
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    2016 Greenville
    2016 Columbia
    2016 MSG1
  • iwasatpj20iwasatpj20 Rockford, ILPosts: 2,718
    Great show, and brought back some fun post Raleigh cancellation. Great songs in the main set; oceans, immortality, light years, marker in the sand, I got shit.

    I am looking forward to my next shows at Wrigley field.
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  • TamaDrummer91TamaDrummer91 VAPosts: 1,134
    The crowd was rocking too. Columbia and Greenville brought it! The two will make a hell of a bootleg combo.
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  • pljampljam Posts: 358
    Awesome list
  • pdalowskypdalowsky Doncaster,UKPosts: 13,432
    My favourite set of the tour so far
  • DeamonDeamon Posts: 93
    This might be pretty close to my ultimate setlist they could play. Sad it was done at a show I wasn't there for. Wow.
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  • TamaDrummer91TamaDrummer91 VAPosts: 1,134
    I know I said Hampton slightly edged out the SC shows for me, but now I'm reflecting more on the entire Columbia experience and it might be #1. Ranking this tour is challenging.
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  • dogtowndogtown Posts: 114
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  • CB116161CB116161 Posts: 7
    Awesome show! I was at Jax and the setlist tonight had alot of repeaters, however, this Columbia crowd rocked! Eddie was on point and Mike was running around all night like a nut (more than usual lol) Jeff was having fun spinning a globe at one point like a basketball and Stone is just the freakin' anchor of this band. I love his playIng on DTE, its a much better song live imo. Checked Oceans and Immortality off my bucket list. Only my 7th PJ show but yes I have a list! Can't wait for the boot. Shout out to Sean from Raleigh for coming through with the last minute ticket! You guys be safe and I'll see ya next show!
  • tino_11tino_11 Posts: 1,034
    dogtown said:

    So with195xxx they put me on the floor five rows back behind GA. Went to check my usual 10 club spot and what did I find? People who bought $30 tickets on stubhub two hours prior, or on Ticketmaster this afternoon. So general market seats beat out ten club now? Should we all just buy tickets online day of show?

    I wouldn't stress it too much. Keep positive, the setlist was amazing and it sounds like the band are on great form. Hope you still had a great night.
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  • Both sc shows were amazing! Couldn't expect anything better than the Greenville show, then columbia happened and hard to say which was better. To the people in the pit tonight, thanks for being awesome beautiful people! Especially the gentleman wearing the rainbow death metal sh
    irt, you know who you are:)
    The future's paved....with better days
  • rchallenrchallen Posts: 57
    First time in the GA pit and it did NOT disappoint! Everyone around us was 100% cool... No bumping, no crowding, no stealing spaces. (We were on Stone's side on the side rail.) I loved watching the band interplay up close, especially the "four-man circle" that tends to happen when Mike is soloing away.

    As a Vs. fan, I loved Greenville's setlist more but the sound was better tonight, plus Ed was channeling something strong... especially that last main set run starting with Light Years. He was a man possessed on RVM!!

    Also, I never thought I'd catch Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns, and that was just an unbelievable rendition. Highlight of the night for me (although it could've been I Got ID, Footsteps, Light Years, SoH... pick em...). Well and thoroughly exhausted. Thank you Pearl Jam!
  • Great show! And thanks for most of ya'll that were kind to my 17 yr old son and myself who made the trip from Raleigh! If anyone has an extra poster, they sold out before I could get my son a souvenir.... Unfortunate cuz he has posters from all other bands I've taken him to see- Blink-182, Foo Fighters, Leftöver Crack, etc.... But NO PEARL JAM :( please help me out, and let me know. Thanks!
  • jjheel13jjheel13 Durham, NCPosts: 203
    Whew what a blast Greenville-Hampton-Columbia was. Had to compare a full album show to the others but I think Greenville was the best then Columbia then Hampton. However, I thought Hampton was pretty damn good.

    I woke up Monday morning with a 103 degree fever which the doctor soon confirmed to be the flu. I've solidered on the last few days with one of the worst illnesses I've ever had.

    But that couldn't stop me from seeing the best band in the world!

    Thanks guys
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  • SarahSarah TorontoPosts: 698
    "Somewhere in between / There and here / I got lost / I got scared..."
  • Best setlist of the tour no doubt. Congrats to those in attendance
  • buck502000buck502000 Birthplace of GIBSON guitarPosts: 7,749
    Looks like a party
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  • PJlivePJlive Columbia ScPosts: 380
    WOW. What a show...... Once I can sum it all up I'll be back... Until then, Keep on Rocking in the Free World!!!!!
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    04/21/2016 - Columbia, SC
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