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im finally starting to diversify my music collection by buying stuff from artist i dont own rather than buying an entire collection. so i just bought pretenders first album cause ive always liked chrissie's voice and wow this album is great. pretenders have been one of those bands ive wanted to check out for years but every time i would just buy another who album or some other band i own like 5 cds from.

but this album really flows nicely. the more i listen to it the more i like it. ive listened to this album probably like 10 times already today and i havent even really started picking out favorites, its just too solid still to pick it apart. then there is the second disc of demos and stuff, havent even put that one in yet.

so any other fans here? what other albums should i check out next, or just go in order?
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    I like alot of their songs. Truthfully though, I didn't really pay that much attention until I saw them live. They opened for the who back in 06. They played the songs I knew (the hits) and then some other popular ones I didn't know. They were pretty good live... they are def worth checking out, I was mainly amped up for the who. I wanted to see the pretenders do a headline show last weekend here, but it was way too expensive for my poor budget right now. :(
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    I hadn't thought about or listened to The Pretenders for quite awhile.  But then the other night I watched the move "Reign Over Me" (that features Pearl Jam doing The Who's  "Reign O'er Me" during the credits) and when The Pretenders version of "Stop Sobbing" came on (perfectly timed in the film) I remembered why I liked this band so much.  Great stuff.

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