How well can you recall your Pearl Jam concert related experiences?



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    I don't have a fantastic memory, and I've been to a lot of concerts overall, hundreds and hundreds.  Sometimes it's hard to remember, but I can usually remember a little something about every PJ show i've been too.   There's a few I might be hard pressed to pick something out. 
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    My memory is shit. But posters and any merch or memorabilia help. Also boots. I can see the faces of my friends during certain boots and songs where one of us got a request played. Also i can remember some cities and events whilst queuing. Ah great bygone days. Spent with some of the worlds nicest souls. Im grateful. 
    brixton 93
    astoria 06
    albany 06
    hartford 06
    reading 06
    barcelona 06
    paris 06
    wembley 07
    dusseldorf 07
    nijmegen 07

    this song is meant to be called i got shit,itshould be called i got shit tickets-hartford 06 -
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    Many of my earlier shows kinda blend together now.  Perhaps it's because I only saw one show in between the 06 and 13 tours (and that was in 08).  I can probably give a little quip about each show, and I recall most of the openers off the top of my head.  But as for remembering the entire show experience, I couldn't do it for every show.  I definitely don't know all the specific dates, l but I could certainly tell you the arenas they were in.

    Pittsburgh 00 - Star Lake Amphitheater.  Ed solo pre-opener.  Even Flow opener.  The Wash umbrella.  I Got You cover.  Baba closer w/Lee & Jim of Sonic Youth.
    Pittsburgh 03 - Mellon Arena.  Some guy kept yelling "Eddiiiieeee!  Eddiiieeee!" in the parking lot. People in the suites kept flashing the lights on and off.  Ed says "It's like the god damn fuckin Hollywood Squares."
    State College 03 - Bryce Jordan Center.  Release opener.  They tried Satan's Bed for the first time in a while and it didn't go too well.  Stone sang Mankind.  Longest show ever at the time.  "At this point, we dare you to leave."  Awesome singalong during the "Whoaaaaaaaaaa-ohhhhhh's" in Jeremy.
    Bristow 03 - Nissan Pavilion.  Ed solo pre-opener.  TRAFFIC FUCKING SUCKED BALLS!!!  A bunch of slower songs to open up the night until people got to the venue.  Can't Keep opener if I recall.
    Cleveland 06.  Quicken Loans Arena.  "We'd like to thank you for welcoming us to Loudville."  Ed changes the lyrics in Comatose to "fuck the Detroit Pistons" because the Cavs were playing the Pistons in the playoffs. (He then says "Sorry, Detroit. Sorry." realizing that was their next stop on the tour.)
    Camden II 06 - Tweeter Center on the Waterfront.  Wash opener.  First time I heard Leash live.  Hell yeah!  I remember hoping two cute girls would sit in front of us 1) so I could see and 2) because cute girls.  Well, two cute girls sat in front of us but they were both about 5'10".  A black guy wearing a KKK outfit stopped us on the way back to the car after the show and asked "You guys got any questions?"  Said nope and took off running as soon as we hit the corner.
    DC 08 - Verizon Center.  Hard to Imagine opener.  Won the ticket lottery, 10th row floor seats dead center.  Almost caught a drumstick at the end.  It was heading right for my seat but then a giant arm came reaching in over my head at the last second.  Screw you, whoever you are!  That was MY drumstick!  You think just because you're tall that gives you the right?!  (I kid, I kid.. WTF am I gonna do with a drumstick anyway?)

    Pitt 03 & Cleveland 06 I know the openers were Betterman and Small Town but I don't recall which was which.

    Everything from '13 on I recall pretty vividly.

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    T-Bone 82 said:
    I can remember most shows if I really think hard. For some reason, the 4 shows I saw in '06 and '08 (2 each year) really blend in together and I can't distinguish one from another in my memory. Probably because they were all at the Camden, NJ waterfront. The '06 shows were in May and the '08 shows were in June. Same time of year, great weather for all of those shows, I believe. Other than this group of shows, I can remember each one pretty distinctly.
    totally agree with this.  27 shows for me and those 4 are the ones that just seem to run together.  I remember at least one of those shows was hot as balls and had a thunderstorm late afternoon during tailgating.  The other 23 shows I can pretty much remember details about them all including who i was with, what we did before the shows, where our seats were, songs, and general vibe of the shows.  bootlegs help a lot with these.  I think the bootlegs are a highly underrated reason for the PJ fan base dedication and longevity.  They've been something to sustain us all between shows and to give us reminders of the shows we were at and makes you long for other experiences like the ones you can remember.
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    I mostly just remember stand out moments, like Seattle 2 2000 when they started Alive and everyone burst into tears.  Or MSG '98 when Ed sounded like he was cursing us out about the Breath campaign and then said "Fuck you, we're going to play it!".  Specific brain-exploding moments like those I remember, and the whole encore of Charlottesville '13 because it was my dream encore and I was practically onstage, the seats I moved to were so close.

    That said there are many moments I WISH I remembered, that either other friends who were there or the write up/reviews of the shows remind me of and I can't believe I don't remember on my own.
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    This is what it is all about friends....
    Chicago 1&2-18 Cork-EV-17 Chicago 1&2-16 Miami-16 Ft. Lauderdale-16 New York City(Colbert,Sound Check,Show)-15 Moline-14 Detroit-14 Amsterdam 1&2-14 Chicago-13 Noblesville-10 Grand Rapids-06 Grand Rapids-04 Auburn Hills-00 Auburn Hills-98 Toledo-96

    Life is hard, that's why no one survives

    Only been to one so far, 2013 Phoenix, and there's a pretty great video on YouTube to help me bring back the memories.

  • HesCalledDyerHesCalledDyer MarylandPosts: 15,041
    This thread has sent me on a bootleg listening journey reliving my attended shows.  I'm only on Pittsburgh 03 right now but holy shit it's such a great freakin show!  Totally forgot about getting the Mamasan Trilogy (albeit out of order, but still consecutive) at that show.  Thanks for reviving this one, buck!!
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