Which was your 1st PJ album that you've ever listened to and

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the 1st PJ record that really got you into the group?

For me:

The 1st PJ album that I've ever listened to:

The 1st PJ record that really got me into the group:
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  • binaural2002binaural2002 GermanyPosts: 2,276
    Absolutly TEN! So, I am PJ fan from the beginning till now ...
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  • KathiKathi Posts: 1,826
    1st one I listened to was Vs...I remember buying that in highschool, still have it and it has a pre-euro pricetag on it, so must've been a while ago ;) I know I loved a few songs right away (elderly woman, leash, go, daughter) but I somehow forgot about that record along the way. :fp:

    the one that really got me into them was not an actual album, but more of a collection of boots and live videos. but I listened to no code a lot while driving around yosemite national park by myself last year, really connected with that record.
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  • Peasant TentsPeasant Tents UKPosts: 613
    TEN :D
  • Beck..Beck.. Posts: 533
    TEN back in 91
  • megatronmegatron Posts: 3,420

    But years later LO2L made me the fan I am today
  • RW8297RW8297 Posts: 1,333
    Absolutly TEN! So, I am PJ fan from the beginning till now ...

  • binaural2002binaural2002 GermanyPosts: 2,276
    RW8297 wrote:
    Absolutly TEN! So, I am PJ fan from the beginning till now ...

    I think many many people put a "+1" here. That's great.
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  • PeArLgOoNeRPeArLgOoNeR Posts: 1,021
    My older brothers copy of TEN.. Jeremy blew my mind!

    First album I bought myself was Viatalogy.. took me a while to get into it, but today it's my fav album

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  • BLACK35BLACK35 Hanover, Ontario Posts: 21,154
    TEN, hooked right away
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  • Ten was the first album I bought from Pearl Jam. I will admit that it took me awhile to get used to their music. But it was their greatest hits album, Rearviewmirror that really and finally got me interested in PJ.
  • Mikee JMikee J Posts: 1,323
    Ten, after I saw Alive on MTV..... :D
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  • tater926tater926 Posts: 263
    Ten. I was in sixth grade. I sat in my bedroom and listened to it beginning to end.

    I got it because I liked Jeremy (didn't know it was Jeremy at the time). I just hit play and realized every song was kickass. Been hooked ever since.
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  • NewJPageNewJPage Posts: 2,845

    I remember seeing Alive on MTV and digging it. Evenflow seemed to be played to death. I remember commenting to my brother on how I was sick of that song. Watched Ed and Mike on Headbangers Ball live! Got the CD sometime around then. Have gotten every one since on release day aside from LOTL. I think Vs. turned me into a psycho fan from the first listen. Was pretty blown away watching them and Neil at the MTV awards about a month before that album came out.
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  • pjamaholicpjamaholic Posts: 1,225
    Yield. First album of theirs I bought and listened to, was blown away and had all the other albums within two months of that first purchase.
  • Chief BroomChief Broom DetroitPosts: 2,036
    I remember sitting on my bed with headphones on listening to it over and over again in order to learn the words.
    Pretty sure this is the only album I have EVER done that with.

    Then I remember my Dad taking my buddy and I to the store the day Vs. came out. This was probably my most anticipated album of all time. We both bought it and went home and cranked it up. It was so angry! Great stuff.
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  • I first got hooked when I saw the video for Alive in 92. I bought Ten right away and have been a fan ever since.
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  • samjamsamjam New YorkPosts: 9,283
    One full listen to Ten (was just what the doctor ordered for a confused 15 year old at the time) in 2008 and I have been hooked since :)
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  • memememe Posts: 4,692
    First listened to: Vs.
    One that got me into deep: Riot Act.

    That was the first time I took time to check out the lyrics :)
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  • he.who.forgetshe.who.forgets Posts: 4,584
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  • kw18kw18 Posts: 3,909
    Vitalogy, on cassette. I got it as a gift, and I wasn't quite sure what to think of it at first. But then I listened to it and immediately got hooked. Soon got 10 and Vs. on CD, and that was that -- fan for life.
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  • eMMIeMMI Posts: 6,262
    Ten! 8-) It's been.. Seven-ish years now. :think: Got the album from the library and was hooked on first listen. Some of the songs even sounded familiar and I had definite flashbacks to the video of Jeremy when I heard it.
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  • shetellsherselfshetellsherself New JerseyPosts: 8,398
    ten... was 17 yrs old when it came out, perfect age to connect with it! what got me really hooked though was my first pj concert in spring 1992. small venue, eddie swinging from the cieling! i think my left ear drum has never been the same since but the energy was absolutely electrifying!! i kind of lost contact in the early 2000s as i had a family and attention was just elsewhere. i always loved all of the albums just didn't follow pj around as much as i chased kids around instead :D . i reconnected around backspacer and even more so after pj20. it's amazing to me how even the older songs take on new meaning to me now that i am no longer 17...
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  • WhyNotSwedenWhyNotSweden SwedenPosts: 4,199
    TEN....the only one released in 1992 when I got addicted!
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  • lcusicklcusick Posts: 310
  • NoCode1996NoCode1996 Posts: 75
    Yield was my first Pearl Jam album I bought back in 2001. Recall seeing the bands name somewhere and thinking what a great name for a band. Started looking into them and loved the artwork for Yield (use to discover loads of great bands just from liking the album artwork, how sad that in this age of download I never do this anymore)

    Anyway I dug the album and that was that, I was hooked. I think Binaura was my 2nd album... I didnt read album reviews, just picked album in order of artwork.... Ten was actually the last album I bought in late 2001, and prb explains why its my least fav PJam album
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  • F5AgainstOneF5AgainstOne New Hampshire, USAPosts: 1,462
    In summer 1993, when i was 23' I had a cassette Walkman that I took with me backpacking through Europe. I had my 2 favorite albums with me... Ten and RHCP Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Listened to both non stop. After I returned to the states, vs. was released about a month later. Hearing "Go" for the first time sealed it for me.
    I remember hitting the stop button as soon as Go finished for the first time. I knew I needed to get situated and really prepare myself for the experience of hearing the rest of that album for the first time. Funny... I remember it so well, but it seems sooooo long ago.

    I recently had a similar experience with Blunderbuss. I wonder if I'll look back 20 years from now and remember what it was like to hear that for the first time.
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  • ryangbryangb Posts: 4
    The first album I bought was VS. I walked into the Virgin Megastore in Darling Harbour, Sydney and grabbed one off the wall. I was pretty young at the time and only really listened to top 40 on the local radio station but I was drawn to the cd by the artwork. I got it home and put it on straight away and it changed my life. The next day I put Ten in my collection and the rest is history. :D
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