Do you think Vedders solo dates will be recorded?

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Wouldnt that be great?
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    Whether it be "official" or not, I need copies of all perfomances; someone with a smooth operation needs to sneak in some good DAT equiptment and go to town. :D
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  • pdalowskypdalowsky Doncaster,UKPosts: 13,583
    good point, but a soundboard recording would be mega....
  • Definitely need to hear at least one good recording....a soundboard would definitely be great. Maybe down the road there will be a dvd or something, who knows
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    I could see a $10 boot happening
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  • i'd say that since they've never had a problem with taping before, especially Ed, that these shows will be available for download. Remember that when the 10 club shut down the bootleg sales through Basecamp they said "stay tuned for the next phase of bootlegs". maybe this will be the test run for the new download offerings. we can hope maybe for possible dvd downloads or sales too. maybe some kind of "radiohead package" test. get download first, then maybe a vinyl/dvd/booklet/cd(or some combo of these) can always hope. just seems weird that no equipment is allowed
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    pdalowsky wrote:
    Wouldnt that be great?
    I bet he (they) record everything.
    The question is whether or not these recordings will be made available to us some day.
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  • i'm sure they'll put something on the Into the Wild special edition dvd
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    I still say they release the boots for downloads and the proceeds go to the WM3
  • I still say they release the boots for downloads and the proceeds go to the WM3

    That makes sense, and the fact that you cannot bring recording equipment in, leads me to believe they'll be made available.
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    pdalowsky wrote:
    Wouldnt that be great?

    Ed is known for recording ANYTHING and EVERYTHING he does, whether in the studio or live...
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