Mike Patton Appreciation Thread!!!



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    nicknyr15 said:
    Bungle playing Welcome to Rockville next May.

    Looks like they aren't calling it a day just yet. I'll see them again if they swing through the Northeast. They were great in September. 
    Secretly always hoping for FNM. Even if it’s not in my country! Just to see the clips. 
    That would be nice.

    While we’re here, when the hell is Tomahawk going to tour for TI??? Stanier told me they had plans to promote it in the fall of 2020, but then FNM booked shows w/ Korn… (& we all know how that turned out) 

    I would love to see them again too. 
  • Merkin BallerMerkin Baller Posts: 9,640

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