Dark Matter - Out Now



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    NamiNami Newfoundland Posts: 5,992
    Amazing piece of work... 
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    mshnaydermshnayder Posts: 83
    Really just coming in to say what an unbelievable album this is. It's hard to rank albums. I know Ten, Yield, and Vs. will always be my top 3 with the order changing depending on the day. But I legitimately think this album has an argument to being their 4th best which is such an accomplishment over 30 years and 12 albums into their career. 

    This album has no skips for me and some of the songs are just complete headbangers. Waiting for Stevie and Scared of Fear might be two of my favorite pearl jam songs in the last 25 years. 

    Bravo to the band. I'm going to soak in every show on this tour as much as possible.
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    benlw86benlw86 Posts: 18
    I think this is a good ranking. Perhaps No Code and Vitalogy peaks higher, but overall I am currently putting Dark Matter 4th.
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    Johnny AbruzzoJohnny Abruzzo Philly Posts: 10,731
    I finally got my vinyl and speakers all reconnected (it's been out of commission for a while waiting for the kids to get a little older). It sounds majestic!
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